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Please note that these rules apply everywhere on this Forum.
For more information on specific Rules for each section, please check out the Posting Guidelines for each individual section or the General Description which is written out in the Board Index.

The Wolfhome Administration no longer accepts requests for account deletion or Permanent Bans.
If you wish to leave, we ask that you put it upon yourself, as a mature user, to care for your wish.

Much of what is stated here is in our Chat Rules as well.

Be Sure to Read Over the Rules in Full

Similar to the Wolfhome Chat, "But I didn't know!" is not an acceptable excuse on this Forum. As soon as you have registered, you have agreed to be subject to these Rules as well as our Terms of Service. Before you register or participate in this site in any manner, you should read the rules all the way through to ensure you will abide by them. Also bear in mind that you are responsible for whatever happens on your account so keep your password a secret. If someone uses your account and gets banned, this ban will count towards you in the future - no exceptions. This includes allowing others to use your e-mail account(s) to gain access to Wolfhome and the Wolfhome Forum. Bans can be as short as 24 hours or as long as forever depending on your behavior and counting strikes. We typically go by the 3-Strikes Rule, but depending on how serious the issue is, a Permanent Ban may be given. For more information on Forum banning, please see the The Forum Ban Ladder & How It Works!. Also please note that our Forum is based in the United States and follows US Laws.

Age Requirement

As of January 1, 2023, Wolfhome is only accessible to users aged 16 and older, making our rating 16+. If you are under 16, please discontinue using this website immediately. By using or attempting to use Wolfhome, you certify that you are at least the minimum age and meet any other eligibility requirements. If you are below the minimum age, your account may be permanently banned without notice regardless of parental consent. Members may return after turning 16 by submitting a Problem Ticket to appeal their ban.

When registering for Wolfhome, it is important to provide your actual date of birth. Falsifying your age to be more or less than your genuine age may lead to an account removal or a permanent ban if you refuse to adjust it appropriately or are found using the Mature section of the forum. Please go here to submit a Problem Ticket.

Inappropriate Content
Disturbing the Peace
Administrator Harassment
False Reports
Multiple Accounts
Safety Threats
Hack & Virus Threats
Propositioning Minors
Art Theft
Profile Content
Posting Guidelines


All Rules below follow the regular Ban Ladder unless otherwise noted after the Rule in italics; however, if the situation is deemed serious enough or a user continuously breaks a single rule, their punishment may skip rungs in the ladder (even after their ladder is reset).All Rules are also open to discussion for action taken.

1.) Inappropriate Content

Wolfhome, as a reminder, has a 16+ age rating. We take seriously the safety and comfort of any minors that may use our site. Inappropriate content defines any material we consider unsuitable for members who are not 18+. This content, as such, is prohibited in general public rooms, though may be permitted within our 18+ rooms, which have rules separate from this list that are documented in depth here

  • The following guidelines are under the jurisdiction of this rule:
  • Swearing. There are no limitations on general swearing, but you are expected to treat other community members with respect. Disrespectful or otherwise unwarranted profanity towards another member without consent may result in disciplinary action.
  • Poses. Uploaded poses may have sheaths on ferals or “bulges” on anthros, but must be nondescript. “Bulges” must be smooth/rounded and phallic indications or details are prohibited. Nipples are permitted on feral poses as well as anthros that are not feminine-presenting or otherwise non-flat. Under no circumstances are poses in general public rooms allowed to be overtly sexualized. For more information on our pose regulations, see [here].
  • Explicit Sexual Discussion. All X-rated discussion or discussion otherwise considered NSFW (Not Safe For Work) should be taken to an appropriate 18+ room, private room, or direct message/whisper.
  • Prohibited Third Party Content. Sharing shock sites, pornography, pirated software, or other potentially harmful websites, including those that could trigger epilepsy, will result in an immediate and permanent ban from all of Chatlands.
  • Controlled or Illegal Substances. Wolfhome is under Wunderwood LLC, a US-based company. As such, our regulation on substances is in tandem with US federal law. Discussion of controlled or illegal substances (such as prescription medications and illegal drugs) is permitted when done in an educational (e.g. medical or otherwise constructive) manner. Members under the age of 21 are not allowed to discuss the personal usage of alcohol or drugs, including announcing that they are under the influence of said substances. Pressuring others to try substances or glorifying their use is not allowed.

Acceptable: "I'm gonna go smoke a bowl, brb" or "Oh, I smoke sometimes to help me calm down"

Unacceptable: "Oh man, you should try getting high or drunk. It's absolutely amazing." or "You should try this, it's really good and will get you super high"

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2.) Spam

Spam, or flooding, is the act of sending irrelevant or nonsensical sustained messages to a group of people. Spam is not allowed on Wolfhome and can result in disciplinary action.

The following are considered spam on our chat site:
  • Rapid movement caused by excessive clicking on the screen.
  • Frequent pose changes.
  • Flooding the chat with unrelated text (e.g. song lyrics, random letters/numbers, emojis, unsustained chains of letters).
  • Intrusive or excessively long !away feature messages. When promoting sales using !away, it's important to show consideration for others by using a URL shortener like TinyURL and then labeling the link appropriately. For example: Commissions Open - TinyURL.

While not considered spam, it is also important to consider common text etiquette. Please be mindful of other people you share chat rooms with. For example, excessive caps can be considered “yelling” or otherwise disruptive.

3.) Disturbing the Peace

Disturbing the peace refers to actions that cause emotional distress and upset the community. Depending on the severity of the situation, the behaviors below may lead to a permanent ban.
Creating conflicts by deliberately spreading false information or misrepresenting administrative decisions to others.

  • Faking your or someone else's trauma, such as death or an accident.
  • Harmful discussions or content, including rape, self-harm, suicide, hate group propaganda, or extremist speech.
  • Impersonating someone else, regardless of the context.
  • Destructive criticism of any kind, no matter who it is directed towards.
  • The use of public blacklists or any form of Do Not Interact (DNI) lists. We suggest using the Ignore feature if there is a user you no longer wish to interact with.

4.) Trolling

We have a strict policy against trolling. Purposeful or excessive harassment, grieving, disruptive or malicious behavior, disturbance of peace, or vulgarity and will result in a permanent ban across all Chatlands sites.

Examples of this type of behavior can include:
  • Purposefully instigating or increasingly aggressive statements.
  • Shamelessly bashing a topic others are in favor of.
  • Deliberately making absurd or outrageous remarks solely to provoke or offend others.
  • Making use of racist or "hate speech" statements solely to elicit reactions.
  • Unwarranted insults or name-calling.
  • Spam-like acts.

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5.) Harassment

Harassment is defined as "any persistent, unwelcome behavior that may cause emotional distress." This sort of conduct is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to racism or xenophobia, cursing at others, sexual harassment, stalking, doxing, or begging for money. Further details can be found below:

  • Intentionally irritating, annoying, or tormenting others through personal attacks or criticism. This can include prejudice against another's race (such as using racial slurs), religion or spiritual beliefs, or expressing extremist points of view such as terrorism, xenophobia, and radical political ideologies. Please refrain from forcing your beliefs on others and respect everyone's right to their own opinions and perspectives.
  • Maliciously cursing at or against another member, including using images, emojis, or poses to flip someone off.
  • Sending unsolicited messages of a sexual nature, including the use of sexual innuendos or requests for nude photos/videos/livestreaming sexual acts. Hateful comments based on sex, gender identity, and/or sexual orientation.
  • Stalking members of this community or intentionally sharing or requesting with the intent to share personal information relating to someone's home address, identity, etc. (known as doxing).
  • Targeting someone you suspect has committed art theft. If you are suspicious about someone's work or the use of specific art on Wolfhome, please contact a member of the Art Review Team and allow them to handle the situation.
  • Publicly naming and shaming a member of the community based on who they are, how they act, what they did, etc.
  • Begging or soliciting. Any personal fundraisers must have a corresponding forum topic that is used for updating the community regarding your fundraiser and should be shared via the !away feature or your profile rather than repeatedly posting in chat.

To ensure everyone on Wolfhome has a safe and pleasant chatting experience, the use of certain cultural names may be considered offensive and is therefore not allowed. We welcome everyone, no matter their nationality, occupation, appearance, or gender/orientation, and we ask that everyone respects each other's preferences. If someone requests that you cease using a name/nickname/any other term towards them, including certain pronouns, you are expected to comply. It is important to note that Wolfhome is not responsible for offsite harassment, however, staff will intervene if a situation involves doxing or threats of assault (sexual, physical, or death) made by specific Chatlands members.

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6.) Administrator Harassment

Wolfhome strives to create a mutually respectful environment for everyone, including dedicated volunteer staff. To maintain this atmosphere, it is essential for community members to refrain from actions that may be detrimental to the community, such as:

  • Insulting a staff member or criticizing their job performance.
  • Harassing staff regarding pending poses, rooms, warnings, bans, kicks, or repeatedly asking how to become a staff member.
  • Continuously uploading a room or pose that was rejected without making the necessary corrections. If you need help or have questions about the rejection, please feel free to reach out to an Art Review Team member.
  • Although we welcome constructive feedback, we kindly request that you refrain from harassing any of our staff members. They have several duties to fulfill and may sometimes make mistakes. If you are not satisfied with the way a Wolfhome staff member has dealt with a situation or their conduct, please use the Problem Ticket system or get in touch with an Alpha.

If you have a problem with how a Wolfhome Administrator has handled a situation, or with some other aspect of their behavior, please fill out a Problem Ticket, or get in contact with an Alpha.

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7.) False Reports & Mini-Modding

You are encouraged to report suspicious activity but avoid falsely accusing others. Falsely reporting something is a serious matter that may lead to disciplinary action being taken against your account. Please be mindful of this and ensure that you report only truthful and accurate information. In addition, please refrain from taking on the role of a staff member (also known as mini-modding), as this may cause more harm than good. Instead, save logs of a situation and send them to a staff member.

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8.) Multiple Accounts

On this Forum, we have a "One Account Rule". We ask that you do not create a new account in order to "start over" ; instead, you can simply change your name. If you're not sure how to change your name please look here. If you have more than one account, those accounts will be merged.

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9.) Safety Threats

We do not tolerate any form of threatening behavior, including detailed or graphic descriptions relating to death/murder, rape, suicide, or self-harm. To protect those vulnerable to such topics, the public discussion of them is strictly prohibited and a professional or highly trusted adult should be contacted instead. Depending on severity, threats or discussions of this manner may be subject to a permanent ban.

In the context of role-play or among friends, death threats may be made but it is important to avoid using overly violent or graphic language as it may be considered gore, which is unacceptable in public rooms. Additionally, staff will only investigate reports of death threats made in private rooms if there is a genuine concern and a report has been filed.

It is the collective responsibility of our community to look out for one another. The Wolfhome Staff are dedicated to preserving the safety of our community by responding to suicide and self-harm threats with utmost seriousness. In the event that a sensitive topic such as this is brought to our attention, an email containing helpful resources will be sent, however, it is important to note that the team is not equipped nor qualified to offer any form of medical advice. Unfortunately, if a situation involving suicide or self-harm persists, warnings or bans may be issued and local authorities may be contacted.

**A Permanent Ban will be placed if the safety threat is deemed serious enough.**

Death Threats
Wolfhome has zero tolerance for death threats. Talk of killing, how to kill, threatening someone with murder or anything of the sort is not allowed. This rule applies to death threats made in joking manners and death threats made in relation to public. Despite this fact, if the death threat is deemed too serious/graphic or it is unclear that the threat was made in role-play, a ban can be placed on your account.

Suicide & Self-Harm Threats
As members of a community, we want to look out for one another and be sure that everyone is okay. The Wolfhome Administration does take suicide threats and self-harm threats very seriously, because we want to ensure that our users are safe and have access to help if they need it. Equally, we want to ensure that users who may be triggered are not negatively impacted by this type of talk, which is why we do not allow public discussion of suicide or self-harm threats. Talking about recent self-harm or talk of suicide, either on your behalf or the behalf of someone else on the site, will result in an e-mail being sent with helpful links. This is in order to make sure individuals get the help they need. If talk of suicide or self-harm persists, it will result in warnings or bans being given. The authorities or Internet Service Provider (ISP) may also be contacted if the case is severe.

Rape Threats
We also have zero tolerance for rape threats. Talking of raping, how to rape, or threatening someone with rape is not allowed. This applies to both serious, joking, and role-play contexts.

To further clarify, discussion of current or prior abuse, molestation, eating disorders, violence, etc should not take place on Wolfhome and should be instead taken to a professional or highly trusted adult.

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10.) Hack & Virus Threats

We have a zero-tolerance policy for any type of hacking threats, whether directed towards our members or Wolfhome itself. Please do not discuss or share tips, tricks, or links related to such activities. Any such behavior, even in jest, may result in severe consequences, including an immediate Permanent Ban from Chatlands.

  • Hack & virus threats almost always result in an immediate Permanent Ban across Chatlands.
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11.) Propositioning Minors

It is strictly prohibited to offer drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, sex, cybering, yiffing, or engage in any other inappropriate behavior with minors on Chatlands, even during role-play. Any accounts found to be involved in such activities will be permanently banned across all of Chatlands, and appropriate action will be taken against the offender. This includes reporting the incident to the relevant Internet Service Provider (ISP) and/or local legal authority. Any minor caught soliciting an adult will face similar consequences.

It is important to note that the Wolfhome Staff cannot monitor every chat room and private message on Chatlands. Therefore, as a member, it is your responsibility to report any suspicious activity to the team immediately. We will investigate all allegations as soon as possible and take appropriate action when necessary.

We strongly advise everyone not to disclose personal information such as phone numbers, street addresses, real names, or school names to anyone they meet online.

  • Offering minors drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, sex, cybering, yiffing.

**A Permanent Ban across Chatlands will be placed for any cases of propositioning a minor or a minor propositioning an adult.**

PLEASE REMEMBER: The Wolfhome Administration cannot be everywhere at once, so it is up to YOU, as a user, to report any suspicious activity to the Wolfhome Administration Team quickly. We will follow up all allegations as soon as we can, and we will take necessary and appropriate action as required.

As always, WE STRONGLY ADVISE everyone: Do not give out personal contact information such as phone numbers, street address, real life names or the name of your school, any information that helps someone else you met online locate you in real life. No exceptions. Further information can be found here.

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12.) Art Theft

Wolfhome has a zero-tolerance policy for art theft which is enforced on both our forum and chat. Art theft refers to the act of taking a piece of artwork, drawing, or photo and wrongfully claiming, selling, or using it as one's own personal work. For further explanation of art theft, please refer to the Wolfhome Art FAQ. For information regarding art theft forum offenses, please visit the Forum Rules #12

  • Tracing vs. Referencing image guideline gallery
  • Copyright infringement, which is defined as using and falsely claiming ownership of content that you do not own.
  • Using artwork that has been traced or heavily referenced and claiming it as your own work.
  • Selling or trading material that does not belong to you.
  • Using artwork without proper authorization from the original artist, such as not adhering to the artist's request for their work to be kept off of Wolfhome, modifying an image without permission, not properly paying for the artwork before its legal use, or otherwise stealing.
  • The visual below shows how our ban ladder works when it comes to repeat violations regarding art theft. Please note that longer bans may be imposed if deemed necessary, especially for those with previous offenses.

1st Offense (NG, Warning and education on Art Rules) > 2nd Offense (1 month ban and 30 day art probation) >3rd Offense (Permanent Ban)

Art Probation
If you are placed under a Art Probation you may not upload any artwork to any Wolfhome affiliated platforms (Forum, Chat, Wolfhome Community Discord) or you will move up your perspective ladder due to breaking your probationary period.

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13.) Profile Content

Wolfhome users are expected to have profile content (signatures, avatars, profile fields, etc.), both on the chat and forum, that abides by all Forum Rules as well as the following:

  • All signature content (i.e., images, text, spoilers that are opened, spoilers that are closed) must be no more than 300 pixels in height. Single elements, such as images, must be no more than 600 pixels in length. Text, multiple smaller images, and other content are allowed side by side as long as they fit our height requirement. For a visual representation of the 300x600 signature size limit, please see this image. Your signature should be no larger than the box in the image provided.
  • Avatars and signatures can be no more than 500kbs in file size. We also kindly ask that members of this community try not to have gif heavy avatars and signatures, as it can lag (otherwise known as slow down) other users.
  • Copyrights should always be added for images used in profile content, or on the image it's self. Users who are utilizing their own artwork in their profile content do not have to add copyrights.
  • We do not allow the usage of drug/paraphernalia usernames. If it is found that you have chosen something within that category, you will be promptly asked to change it within 24 hours.

Any content that is above these guidelines in profile content will be met with a reminder. If the content is not removed after the 24 hour period, and you have logged in after the Private Message has been sent and seen, you will be pushed up your ladder and the content be manually removed by a Forum Administrator. If the content is not removed within the 72 hour period, and you have not logged in after the Private Message has sent, it should not count against your ladder. The content will be removed by a Forum Administrator and you will notified as to why it has been removed with no action taken. After any three subsequent warnings on the forum, content in profiles that break these guidelines will result in a ban. Usernames that break these guidelines will be met with an private message warning or e-mail warning. If the username is not changed upon the next login, a ban will be placed.[/list]

**Please note that these are the General Rules of this board; this means they apply to all sections. Each sub forum has a sticky note that contains Rules respective to that section.**


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14.) Posting Guidelines for the Wolfhome Market Place

**Posting Guidelines for the Wolfhome Market Place

  • Black Lists
  • Art Theft & Naming & Shaming
  • Request Threads
  • Third Party Selling
  • Animal or Pet Transactions
  • Copyrights and Permissions for Character Transactions
  • etc
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15.) Scamming

Scamming is the act of deceiving others for personal gain and is not allowed on Wolfhome. This can take many different forms, including misuse of raised funds and character sales.

You must be honest regarding how you use funds, specifically when it comes to raising money for emergencies. Misleadingly claiming that certain funds are being used for a particular cause when they are not may result in disciplinary action being taken against your account, which could lead to a permanent ban. Additionally, there are similar offenses that can also result in a permanent ban, such as reselling a purchased character for a higher price without adding any additional artwork to enhance its value, or initiating a chargeback from a previous sale for exploitation. Prohibiting this type of behavior helps keep our community members safe from fraud.


These Rules may be updated as time goes on.
All changes will be reflected in this thread.

If you see something suspicious or that violates these Rules, please let us know! While we do our best to catch everything, sometimes things can slip. You can help by reporting the thread (you click the red "!" that is in the corner of the post or PM a member of the Administration directly.

If these rules are broken, we will be following a protocol which can be found on the The Forum Ban Ladder & How It Works!. Thread(s) and/or content may be removed as a result of violating these Rules as well.

Permanent Bans on Chat lead to Permanent Bans on the Forum as well.

*If you are at all confused by these Rules, feel free to ask a member of the Administration! Clarification is the best way to avoid issues in the future. Here is the list of the Wolfhome Administration. It is always up to date. In there is every Administrator up to this day and the Departments they are in.*

Updated 12/29/23
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