Notice for Signatures, Avatars and Topic Bumping

Old announcement of past promotion rounds and updates to Wolfhome.
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Mon Jan 05, 2015 12:19 pm

Excessively large images, gifs, text, or other content in signatures can make it difficult for those with slower connections to load the page and the image may take up nearly the entire screen for someone with a lower screen resolution. Please make sure that your signature is no bigger than 600px (pixels) wide by 300px tall in total, including all images, spoilers (opened or closed) and text in your signature. The file size of your signature images should be roughly 300,000 bytes or less.

If a forum moderator or admin sees that your signature is too large, you will receive a PM asking you to change it and it may be removed by the admin.

To tell the size of your image, right-click it and choose "Properties" from the drop-down menu. A pop-up will come up that shows you the file size and the dimensions, among other things. To make your image smaller, you can use an art program on your computer to resize it. If file size is your problem, make sure the image is a .gif or .jpg. Decreasing the dimensions will also decrease the file size, as well as decreasing the number of colors.

EDIT 12/17/2008:

We have upped the number of characters (letters/numbers) your signature can have from 255 to 300. This is to help those with longer addresses for images. Please do not abuse the extra space by adding a bunch of stuff to your signature, making it larger.

The above rules on file sizes still apply

Please take a moment to read this announcement.

Bumping your topic, what does it mean?

When you make a topic and then someone else makes one after you, or their thread gets a reply, your topic will start going down to the bottom. When you reply on your own thread or you have a friend post, it literally 'bumps' it right back to the top again. We ask that you and your friends only do this when necessary, leaving the 24 hour gap before doing it at all. After 3-4 bumps with no reply, consider your topic dead. Please, use common sense when bumping topics. Do not do it minutes after it has been posted, or go around posting 'free bumps' only seconds/minutes/hours after it's been posted. 24 hours wait time is the courteous amount of time the staff is suggesting you abide by. Also, please have a legitimate reason to bump topics.

With that being said, this is also going to be a reminder to REUSE OLD ART TOPICS! There have been a lot of users creating new topics every single time they create new art, and some users have up to 6 or 7 art threads in the Art Gallery - that is just way too many! This is also going to apply to any threads you may have in the Temporary Artists Market thread. Please reuse the threads, edit them, ask for them to be cleaned if you like, but some of you also have 6 or 7 listings in that forum as well. Reusing threads will help the staff in the long run and make moderating them a lot easier.

Consequences for bumping your topic or creating an excessive amount of topics in the Art Gallery or the Artists Market are the same as breaking any of the other rules in the Forum Guidelines. If you break the rule(s), expect a warning, and if you continue to do so, you will be getting a PM from a forum admin/moderator, as well as a ban.
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