Raising the KB size in Avatars and Signatures

Old announcement of past promotion rounds and updates to Wolfhome.
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Sat Dec 05, 2015 1:22 pm

Hey Wolfhome,

The Administration has been discussing the chance of changing the KB size limits in signatures and avatars. It is currently set at 300KB as stated in our rules (Rule 15), and we are looking to test out raising the limit to 500KB to see how you, the users, fair with the raised size. We felt that, with an updating time and technology, that most people have a faster internet speed that can handle a higher size in content. The rule will be updated for the time being and if you're seeing a spike in lag, this could be the issue. Please let an administrator know as soon as possible if you note that .gifs in signatures and avatars are giving you any trouble. If we deem that the raised limit is more of a hinderance, it will be lowered back down to 300KB.

Thanks Everyone!
The Wolfhome Administration
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Sat Dec 05, 2015 1:37 pm

I also have some advice if you have an oversized gif that you want to use!

These instructions only work for Photoshop, sorry.
You will want to open the gif (gif layers are preserved when saved). Then you will go to file -> save for web. This will bring up web options to optimize the gif. There's an option called Lossy at the top right that you will want to change depending on your preference. This will help bring the size down. It does affect the quality of the gif but most of the time it's OK.
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