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Old announcement of past promotion rounds and updates to Wolfhome.
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Sat Aug 24, 2019 8:06 pm trolls!

Greetings everyone!

The Administration has decided, after a lengthy discussion to crack down harder on the users who come onto our site to troll.
Previously, users who were deemed trolls were banned across all chatlands for a minimum of 1 week.
Our new protocol, effective immediately, concerning trolling users will be a permanent ban across all chats.
If a user has no intent on being here to be civil and an upstanding member of our community, then they have absolutely no business on our site, period.
Please note, trolling is a different offense than Disturbing The Peace (DTP). Trolls typically join the same day, log in, and immediately start acting out. (Dropping slurs and other inappropriate behavior- we all have witnessed this in some form, unfortunately!)

We define trolling as intentionally coming onto the chat to cause as much grief and disruption as possible.
Cases of trolling typically include one or more of the following:
  • Racial slurs
    Harsh remarks against/towards the LGBT community
    Repetitive drug solicitation
    Inappropriate content of a sexual nature against/towards others or children
    Exclamatory rape remarks
    Consistently trying to stir the pot through starting arguments or furthering on-going arguments for the fun of it
Whereas, DTP offenses are something that are less random and can come from anybody. We're all human! We all have a lapse of judgement calls and let our emotions get the better of us.
DTP cases typically are the following:
  • Impersonation
    Faking your own or somebody else's trauma. (Ex: Faking your own death, faking a car accident..etc.)
    Subjecting other's to triggering images or content. (Ex: discussion of rape, self-harm, suicide, hate group propaganda, extremist speech..etc.)
    Creating unnecessary drama to intentionally disturb another user. (This includes misrepresenting administrative action and falsifying administrative statements.)
    Posting public blacklists. *Note, you may note an administrator should you wish to blacklist a user; it will go in our own private boards, and we can effectively prevent inappropriate usage/theft of your work/characters.
As always, please post below and voice any concerns or questions you guys may have.

We hope you're all having a lovely weekend, and we look forward to encouraging a safer and welcoming environment on Wolfhome!

-The Wolfhome Administration
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