Wolfhome Awards 2019 - Nominations!

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Well.....we're not really live from New York, but come on that's such a good introduction we just couldn't pass it up.

It's that time again folks, time for the annual Wolfhome Awards!

This topic indicates that it is time for you (the Esteemed Nominators) to send in the names of those you wish to win an award! After we receive all the names, a separate topic for voting will be posted and everyone can vote for who they wish to win for a particular category!

Please send all nominations to me, Eventful. You may send in as many nominations per category as you wish, but DO NOT post them here because that spoils the surprise!

ANYONE can be nominated - this includes all community members, Admins, Relations Team and Event Team members, PLUS you can even nominate yourself! Please send in all nominations by January 31st, 2019!


And now for the best part.....THE AWARD CATEGORIES!

Chat Addicts
Forum Addicts
Attached At the Hip
Most Likely to Be a Superhero
Best Shoulder to Lean On
Cutest Couples
Best Person to Be Stranded on an Island With
Most Likely to Take Over the World
Will Win the Lottery But Lose the Ticket
Most Likely to Be Famous
Best Nickname
Most Creative
Most Likely to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse
Reigning Social Butterfly
Most Likely to Show Up Late With Starbucks
Most Likely to Marry the Guardian/Guardianess
Most Colorful Character
Wolfhome Photographer
Wolfhome's Coffee Addict
Should've been a Comedian
Wolfhome's Meme Lord

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