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Event Committee
Event Committee
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Mon Oct 09, 2017 7:24 pm

Two days away!

As a heads up, all prizes will be made after all game nights are over! I hope that is okay with everyone!
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This is a brand new story, or maybe one that’s super old
Well either way, I suppose that it’s one I never told
A kid who fell in love with story books and literature
Worlds that weren’t his own, and in his head
And then he would picture her.

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Event Committee
Event Committee
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Wed Oct 11, 2017 5:59 pm

This is starting NOW because I am a little late (sorry guys!)
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This is a brand new story, or maybe one that’s super old
Well either way, I suppose that it’s one I never told
A kid who fell in love with story books and literature
Worlds that weren’t his own, and in his head
And then he would picture her.

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Event Committee
Event Committee
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Gender: XX ♀
Species: Fox

Wed Oct 11, 2017 6:48 pm

And here's the scoreboard from tonight!

TwistedIllusions: 1
Nia: 1
AT-AT: 1
KryWinchester: 1
Splotch: 1
plunk: 2
Tavern: 3
Epilepsy: 5

Congratulations, Epilepsy!
Spoiler! :
Chatwitch Chat Engine © wunderwood, LLC
All Rights Reserved
Welcome to Wolfhome
You have entered: Haunted Hollows
You are user 8 of 15 in the room
Tak: just entered
Tavern: just entered
LateRegret: just entered
Nia: just entered
Epilepsy: just entered
KryWinchester: just entered
coyote: just entered
plunk: just entered
plunk: RIP
coyote: look what the fox drug in
coyote: uh huh
Nia: u FOR G O T !!!
coyote: suuuuuuuuuuuure
Epilepsy: YOU FORGOT
coyote: she forgot about us, she doesn't like us guys
coyote: ://
Epilepsy: MOM............................
coyote: we're not important
plunk: :'(
Epilepsy: MOM...
Epilepsy: MOM.........
Tak: LISTEN...
coyote: u know what I hear?
coyote: The sound of being forgotten
Tak: i'm going to give it a few minutes since I just bumped the topic
Epilepsy: LFMASGO
Tavern: lmaoo
Epilepsy: DID YOU SAY
coyote: they should do a broadcast 4 these game nights
Hmf: just entered
Tak: Im drawing my characters in their halloween costumes...
Tak: hello!
coyote: I need 2 see this
Hmf: hihihi
Tak: WELL I DIDNT FINISH, I just got started on the sketches
Tak: are you here for game night??
Tak: i will take that silence as a YES I'M TOTALLY HERE FOR GAME NIGHT
Epilepsy: im not here for game night
Epilepsy: im here for being forgotten
Tak: okay well i didnt ask you epilepsy
Hmf: LOL sorry i was on another tab
Nia: z snaps
Tak: we'll start in 2 mins
GalaxyXx: just entered
Hmf: helloo
Tak: hello!
Tavern: Aye
GalaxyXx: ello
GalaxyXx: aaaand tugged
GalaxyXx: :I
GalaxyXx: just left
Hmf: !howl absolum
Tak: mr speedy
Hmf: ouch
Tak: its okay
Tak: it happens to all of us
Hmf: dont look at that guys
Tak: OKAY, so tonight we are playing guess who
coyote: looks at it w/ my beady eyes
TwistedIllusions: just entered
coyote: helloo
Hmf: ih8u>
Tak: i give three hints about something halloween, autumn, nature or wolfhome themed
TwistedIllusions: hio
Hmf: ^sounds goood
Tak: and with those three hints, you need to guess what it is! the person to get the most right gets a prize!
Tak: hi!!
plunk: ooh
plunk: sounds fun
Nia: no haley
plunk: LMFAO
Hmf: deaaaaaaaaaaad
coyote: it's only like 3 sentences scroll up u goon
Epilepsy: oh ok
Tak: 1.) this activity is also known as "dooking" 2.) it involves a large basin 3.) its origins are Celtic
Epilepsy: what the fuck is dooking
TwistedIllusions: bobbing for apples?
Tak: YES, twisted got it
plunk: OOh
Epilepsy: oh it started
plunk: SNAP!
TwistedIllusions: :D
plunk: nice one :D
Epilepsy: i wasnt ready
plunk: u best get ready epi its GAME ON!!!
coyote: https://media1.popsugar-assets.com/file ... h-snap.gif
Epilepsy: no
plunk: well then frick u!
Nia: hold up let me do a thing real quick
Tak: 1.) these creatures glisten in the sun, depending on your interpretation of them 2.) they have the ability to turn into another creature 3.) they don't have good taste in food (but they have a nice fashion sense ;P )
Epilepsy: VAMPIRE?
coyote: vampire
Tak: YES
Tak: epi got it
coyote: HASLEY
Epilepsy: :eyes:
plunk: OMFG
Tavern forgot to hit the chat bar rip
coyote: :aggressive_eyes:
Epilepsy: SHES MAD AT ME
Rayna: just entered
coyote: helloo rayna
TwistedIllusions: hhaah i was like what glitters?
plunk: hi rayna!!
coyote: the cullens
coyote: I saw glitter and figured out twilight
Epilepsy: can i give it to my girlfriend i feel like im gonna get bit
coyote: no you're fine jeesh
Epilepsy: LMAO
Rayna: Hihihi
coyote: I was just kidding
Nia: i return
Epilepsy: i know
Nia: i needed a picture of the sunset
Tak: 1.) this person just recently joined the relations team 2.) their main character for a very long time was bright orange 3.) howie day would LOVE their username
Epilepsy: collide
Epilepsy: suspria
Tak: epi got it! it was collide
Rayna: o.o
Epilepsy: LMFAOGS
TwistedIllusions: o.o
Rayna: :D
Hmf: stuccck
Epilepsy: i was just guessing
Epilepsy: goodbye
Tak: no one knows the howie day song, collide?
Epilepsy: no
coyote: I don't know people's previous characters woops
Epilepsy: i dont either
coyote: no
Epilepsy: i just know they both joined recently
Tak: goobers
coyote: says the woman who forgot about us
plunk: OOH
Epilepsy: :eyes:
Tak: i didnt forget, i wasnt watching the clock lol
Epilepsy: you forgot
coyote: I am kidding but I'm not letting u live it down
Tak: 1.) he is well known for painting landscapes 2.) all trees are happy trees 3.) he served in the airforce
Nia: bob ross
TwistedIllusions: bob ross
Tavern: Bob ross
Epilepsy: HSLKDGJ
plunk: BOB ROSS
TwistedIllusions: lfmao
Nia: my babe
Splotch: just entered
Tak: nia got it!
TwistedIllusions: ugh!
Nia: YES
Nia: Im watching him rn
plunk: lmfaoo everyone screams it
Tak: ooo, are you?
Nia: ye
Nia: chill with bob ross
Tak: i hope he is painting some happy clouds
plunk: love that man..
Tak: alright, this one will be tricky
Epilepsy: the answer is me
Nia: is it
Epilepsy: yes
Epilepsy: wh user epilepsy
AT-AT: just entered
plunk: ayyy
AT-AT: k wut's this thing all about?
Tak: it is guess who!
AT-AT: oic
Tak: i give three hints and the first person to say who it is, wins that round
Splotch: found waldo
Tak: whoever wins the most rounds, wins the game
Tak: 1.) he was a beloved character, but played by 5 different creatures 2.) he cannot speak, but was given a voice actor 3.) he is named after a bone
Epilepsy: mr skelebones
Epilepsy: i totally didnt just make that up
Tak: nope
Epilepsy: elbow
Epilepsy: leg
plunk: wishbone?
Epilepsy: arm
Epilepsy: skull
Tak: yes
Tak: wishbone
plunk: YAY
Epilepsy: :/
Suspria: just entered
Splotch: damn
Nia: rip haley
Tak: good job!
TwistedIllusions: oh the dog character
AT-AT: wishbone isn't a bone.
plunk: it was the only character i could think of that named after a bone
Tak: it is in a turkey
plunk: yes it is
Splotch: i never got to make the wish on at that
Epilepsy: The furcula ("little fork" in Latin) or wishbone is a forked bone found in birds and some dinosaurs, and is formed by the fusion of the two clavicles. In birds, its primary function is in the strengthening of the thoracic skeleton to withstand the rigors of flight.
coyote: ya you break with w/ one of your fam, and the one w/ the longer piece is supposed to have their wish granted
Tak: thank you wikipedia, i mean, epi
Suspria: laughed
Hmf: just left
Tak: 1.) this candy is associated to halloween, but there are many variations for other holidays, such as christmas 2.) in the 1950s, you could buy 1 pound of these for 25 cents 3.) isaradia has a character that resembles this
Epilepsy: candy corn?
Tavern: candy corn?
AT-AT: candy corn
Tak: epi got it!
Suspria: idk why but i was thinking peeps
Splotch: im over here thinking its a trick question
Suspria: fml
plunk: same lmfao
plunk: @splotch i thought candy corn was too obvious
Nia: tbh i didnt know there were variations of it
TwistedIllusions: oh i missed that one..i was watching baseball
Splotch: im over here like is it a cookie...
TwistedIllusions: i.e. crying
Epilepsy: those holiday cookies
Epilepsy: omg
plunk: i thought reeses for some reason?? LMFAO
Nia: sAME
Splotch: that would count too though
Suspria: ya reeses too
Suspria: mmmmmmmm
plunk: i just love reeses
Suspria: those are so good
Splotch: they make different seasonal reeses lol
Splotch: pumpkins, bunnies, trees
plunk: YEAH thats why i thought of it splotch
Splotch: lol
Suspria: oop baby
Splotch: mmm reeses
Suspria: i'll be back
plunk: i love the seasonal ones cuz zo much peanut butter
plunk: so much*
Tavern: Heck now I want some of the Christmas ones
plunk: ikrr
Splotch: that reeses craving is real
plunk: dont they have pumpkins or something for halloween
Tavern: Yeah
Splotch: yep
Tak: 1.) these creatures are at the very beginning of the scooby doo intro 2.) they eat lots of different things, including mosquitos 3.) they can also be pollinators
plunk: >:) imma get me some of those later lmfao
Epilepsy: bats......
plunk: moth man
AT-AT: frogs
AT-AT: oh ya bats
Splotch: bats
Tak: epi got it!
plunk: LMFAO
Splotch: dag nabbit
Rayna: Sus <3
KryWinchester: Ugh I'm already missing it
Nia: even if I dont win this, im satisfied i got bob ross
Nia: that's what matters
KryWinchester: Is it too late to join?
Tak: no! its most definitely not too late
Splotch: i think its a join as you come thing lol
plunk: why would a moth man eat mosquitos what am i thinkin
Epilepsy: wh user epilepsy needs to Stop
KryWinchester: Oh okay good hah I was downstairs and forgot all about this hah
vice: just entered
Nia: wolfhome bully !!!
coyote: ew
plunk: ayyyyy
coyote: <333333333
vice: HI
vice: <33333
plunk: <333
vice: semi folding laundry
plunk: >:) moon side e x p o s e d
plunk: gettin spooky in here
vice: should i take all my garbage out before i leave
Tak: 1.) there are approximately 43 million of these on halloween 2.) they can range drastically in size 3.) they are always on the move
shadyguyisshady: just entered
vice: yeah
vice: i should
plunk: yes
vice: BATS
AT-AT: trick or treaters
Tavern: kids
Tavern: .
plunk: kids
Tak: at got it!
vice: oh
plunk: dang it!!!
vice: i quit
KryWinchester: I was gonna say black cats xD
vice: can we just answer out loud
plunk: i have a feeling im only gonna have the 1 point LMAO
vice: or do we have to enroll
Tak: yes! you answer out loud
vice: in the game
vice: OK
shadyguyisshady: just left
Nia: im satisfied with my 1 point
plunk: same im happy i got even 1
Nia: tbh
coyote: remember to keep your pets, especially cats w/ black markings, inside this weekend + on halloween folksies
TwistedIllusions: lol yeah im just happy i got the 1st one
coyote: this has been a psa from ur friendly animal lover
KryWinchester: << VERY important
Rayna: Yes
Nia: ^
plunk: yea twisted u swoosed right in
Tak: 1.) this day never falls on halloween, but they go hand-in-hand 2.) this day does not happen every year, but it is happening this year 3.) tis when the spooky scary stories come out
coyote: oct13th
KryWinchester: friday the 13th
Tavern: full moon?
Tavern: idk
plunk: FRICK
AT-AT: all souls day
Tavern: oh right
Tak: kry got it!
KryWinchester: WOO
Tak: technically coyote's answer is not correct
Epilepsy: :EYES:
coyote: no I said october, they wanted friday,
Tak: october 13th happens every year
coyote: I was right but I didn't say friday
Epilepsy: you tried
AT-AT: oh friday the 13th
Epilepsy: you were close
coyote: october 13th is just my fav day
Epilepsy: specifically october
AT-AT: I think we get one this year.
Bigger: just entered
KryWinchester: Yep we do. It's this friday
coyote: I love the number 13 in general but yes I always tend to have good luck on october 13th
plunk: spooookyyy
KryWinchester: spoop year
Epilepsy: im dreading friday
Epilepsy: sobs
plunk: nah i like friday the 13th bc my mom told me its just the number of change which can be good too
TwistedIllusions: i'm going to a ghost tour this friday =]
Nia: the number 3 is my favorite
plunk: idk if thats true or not but u kno
Rayna: I'm running a ghost tour on Sunday B)
coyote: I hate change rip me
coyote: I just love the number
TwistedIllusions: oh nice
Epilepsy: im going on a ghost tour sometime this month
KryWinchester: I think i've heard it before, Plunk
Tak: 1.) they start as a solid, turn to a liquid, and then become solid once more 2.) we were dependent on them in earlier years 3.) they sometimes omit a smell, other times, not so much!
Tavern: candles
plunk: yeah thats common lol which is prolly why it considered bad luck
Tak: tavern got it!
Tavern: woo
plunk: but i think it can be gud
Epilepsy: i read that as they sometimes omit salt
plunk: DANG u were fast tavern
KryWinchester: ooh quick one Tavern
Epilepsy: i was like "what the fuck"
Tak: candles are salty
AT-AT: Freakin' yankee candles.
KryWinchester: Ugh your name reminds me of Red Robin xD
coyote: I am lagging 2 muchto play rip nichole
plunk: i want red robin smh
KryWinchester: <.< Same...
Epilepsy: brb
coyote: I want KFC
KryWinchester: His name reminds me of the Red's Tavern burgers
Epilepsy: niKKI
coyote: but the closest KFC is an hour away :(
KryWinchester: mouthwatering goodness
Epilepsy: NIKKI.........
Tak: 1.) candied skulls commemorate this holiday 2.) it sometimes falls on halloween, sometimes it does not! 3.) it is a time to honor those who we have loved who have passed away
Splotch: halloween
coyote: cinco de mayo
Splotch: all hallows eve
AT-AT: dia de los muertos
KryWinchester: dia delos mortos?
Tak: plunk got it!
KryWinchester: AH I think i spelled it wrong anyways cx
Nia: i completely missed that question
Epilepsy: ok now ill be right back
plunk: muertos i think
plunk: not sure either tho
plunk: i just went with the english cuz it easier lmfao
KryWinchester: I was going for speed, not accuracy xD
plunk: fair >:D
KryWinchester: HONESTLY, I always forget the english translation because I'm so used to the original
plunk: yea lmfao it does sound better tbh
Tak: 1.) this is a mascot for wolfhome 2.) they were recently announced and come onto the chat for holiday events! 3.) they have (salty) candles on their back
plunk: WOLF MAN
plunk: LMFAO
AT-AT: mr bun bun
TwistedIllusions: werewolves
plunk: idk its name frick
Splotch: pumpkin
Splotch: 8l
KryWinchester: Guardians? lmfao
Nia: guardian ?
TwistedIllusions: oh
Tavern: ohh crap I know this
plunk: does the grey were wolf count as an answer LMAO
Tak: no one has gotten it yet
KryWinchester: AH
Nia: yikes
plunk: uhhhh
Tak: you can use the forum!
Epilepsy: celebria
Epilepsy: fayete
coyote: i'm gonna say faereae/ or we/
coyote: fayete
Tak: epi got it!
Tak: it is celebria
coyote: I don't keep track of the mascots
plunk: oooh
plunk: i never knew it had a name
Tavern: Same
coyote: there's 3 now
KryWinchester: Me either xD
plunk: whattt
TwistedIllusions: no clue
TwistedIllusions: o.o;
coyote: yeah shrug emoji
AT-AT: the ghost of mr bun bun
Splotch: cant even
plunk: 3 mascots or 3 names?
TwistedIllusions: i'm out of the loop
Tak: nailed it, at
coyote: 3mascots
coyote: for events
plunk: ooh
coyote: fayete, eventful, and celeib-whatever
KryWinchester: I just got back into wolfhome like last week. Give me a break xD
plunk: damb
coyote: nah ur cool LOL Im just explaining
plunk: its ok kry ive been here for years and im like what mascots
KryWinchester: LOL okay that makes me feel better.
Rayna: just left
plunk: i only know the grey werewolf mascot on the log in screen
KryWinchester: technically, I've been here for 8 years just very off and on.
KryWinchester: Yep hah cx
Nia: same
AT-AT: Guardian is the only wolfhomer allowed to have nipples.
KryWinchester: LOL
plunk: LMFAO
Tak: three more for the night! then guess who is over!
Epilepsy: they took his nipples away
plunk: OOOH
Epilepsy: pepperoni nips
plunk: i feel so competitive
KryWinchester: They were jealous
plunk: im on the EDGE OF MY SEAT
coyote: nipple conversation isn't allowed:eyes:
Epilepsy: SKLJGE
coyote: i'm still drained from the huge argument on the forums 2 years ago
Epilepsy: im sorry
plunk: nipples are banned i wasnt allowed to have a side account with that name
Epilepsy: it was only last year
Epilepsy: pats
coyote: it's fine i let u off w/ this warning
Tak: 1.) he often wears red and white 2.) you look and look, but he is nearly impossible to find 3.) cane you believe that many people dress as him, but you would never know because of how well he is hidden?
Tavern: waldo
TwistedIllusions: santa
plunk: WALDO
Nia: waldo
AT-AT: waldo
TwistedIllusions: ladksnd;oakbd;af'
Tak: tavern got it!
TwistedIllusions: oh never
Nia: fric k
TwistedIllusions: midna
plunk: FRICK
TwistedIllusions: lol i just saw red and white lmfao
KryWinchester: There was a dispute over nips? what?
Epilepsy: i just thought of something and i cant stop laughing
TwistedIllusions: just left
Nia: i saw red and white and i was like
Nia: taka?
plunk: lmfaoo
Tak: lol
Tak: 1.) when the moon is full, they come out to play 2.) the opposite of edward 3.) there is a new set dedicated to them!
Tavern: werewolf
Nia: were weolf
KryWinchester: vampires
AT-AT: vampires
KryWinchester: OOH
AT-AT: oh.
Tak: tavern got it!
KryWinchester: OPPOSITE
plunk: dang itt
Splotch: totally have a slow connection
Nia: I was struggling to spell
AT-AT: Twilight sucks.
Nia: ugh
Splotch: 8l making excuses here
Bigger: just left
Tak: last one!!! i'll make it a tricky one
coyote: yet, it makes millions, so it didn't suck to some people ig
Epilepsy: "who forgot about ggame night"
Tavern: lmao
Tak: hilarious
AT-AT: *sprinkles glitter on coyote*
coyote: get that shit away, it never comes off of anything and it is permanently in the house,
Epilepsy: she doesnt need glitter she is already gorgeous enough
Nia: haley slidin in them dms
Tak: 1.) when you smell smoke, these creatures may be around 2.) every 2 in 3 people believes these creatures exist 3.) some fear these creatures, while others believe they are harmless
Splotch: ghost
Tak: splotch got it!
Splotch: BOOM
Brutus: just entered
KryWinchester: AH
Splotch: comin in clutch
plunk: aw mannn
Tavern: dang the smoke thing threw me
plunk: good game tho that was so fun
KryWinchester: I was thinking a fairy for some reason
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This is a brand new story, or maybe one that’s super old
Well either way, I suppose that it’s one I never told
A kid who fell in love with story books and literature
Worlds that weren’t his own, and in his head
And then he would picture her.

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Event Committee
Event Committee
Posts: 57309
Joined: Fri Jul 17, 2009 4:36 pm
Gender: XX ♀
Species: Fox

Sun Oct 15, 2017 8:28 am

3 days away from mafia!!
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This is a brand new story, or maybe one that’s super old
Well either way, I suppose that it’s one I never told
A kid who fell in love with story books and literature
Worlds that weren’t his own, and in his head
And then he would picture her.

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