✭Spooktacular Game Nights✭ (Done!)

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Mon Oct 09, 2017 7:24 pm

Two days away!

As a heads up, all prizes will be made after all game nights are over! I hope that is okay with everyone!
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It might be a little while, but maybe we'll realign soon. Made to reassign, but find me a little time too.
Half euphoric, fixing the ratios. Teleport me, I've been pushing the envelope.
All ironic, given the way she slowed. You're iconic, given the way you froze.
Call me out, stay platonic; I'll find a chaperone. Wait around, forget mnemonics, I'll regret it years ago.
Spare me all the ceremony, dialing in all your pheromones. To cite a life in histrionics; the way you left was apropos.

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Event Committee
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Wed Oct 11, 2017 5:59 pm

This is starting NOW because I am a little late (sorry guys!)
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It might be a little while, but maybe we'll realign soon. Made to reassign, but find me a little time too.
Half euphoric, fixing the ratios. Teleport me, I've been pushing the envelope.
All ironic, given the way she slowed. You're iconic, given the way you froze.
Call me out, stay platonic; I'll find a chaperone. Wait around, forget mnemonics, I'll regret it years ago.
Spare me all the ceremony, dialing in all your pheromones. To cite a life in histrionics; the way you left was apropos.

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Event Committee
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Wed Oct 11, 2017 6:48 pm

And here's the scoreboard from tonight!

TwistedIllusions: 1
Nia: 1
AT-AT: 1
KryWinchester: 1
Splotch: 1
plunk: 2
Tavern: 3
Epilepsy: 5

Congratulations, Epilepsy!
Spoiler! :
Chatwitch Chat Engine © wunderwood, LLC
All Rights Reserved
Welcome to Wolfhome
You have entered: Haunted Hollows
You are user 8 of 15 in the room
Tak: just entered
Tavern: just entered
LateRegret: just entered
Nia: just entered
Epilepsy: just entered
KryWinchester: just entered
coyote: just entered
plunk: just entered
plunk: RIP
coyote: look what the fox drug in
coyote: uh huh
Nia: u FOR G O T !!!
coyote: suuuuuuuuuuuure
Epilepsy: YOU FORGOT
coyote: she forgot about us, she doesn't like us guys
coyote: ://
Epilepsy: MOM............................
coyote: we're not important
plunk: :'(
Epilepsy: MOM...
Epilepsy: MOM.........
Tak: LISTEN...
coyote: u know what I hear?
coyote: The sound of being forgotten
Tak: i'm going to give it a few minutes since I just bumped the topic
Epilepsy: LFMASGO
Tavern: lmaoo
Epilepsy: DID YOU SAY
coyote: they should do a broadcast 4 these game nights
Hmf: just entered
Tak: Im drawing my characters in their halloween costumes...
Tak: hello!
coyote: I need 2 see this
Hmf: hihihi
Tak: WELL I DIDNT FINISH, I just got started on the sketches
Tak: are you here for game night??
Tak: i will take that silence as a YES I'M TOTALLY HERE FOR GAME NIGHT
Epilepsy: im not here for game night
Epilepsy: im here for being forgotten
Tak: okay well i didnt ask you epilepsy
Hmf: LOL sorry i was on another tab
Nia: z snaps
Tak: we'll start in 2 mins
GalaxyXx: just entered
Hmf: helloo
Tak: hello!
Tavern: Aye
GalaxyXx: ello
GalaxyXx: aaaand tugged
GalaxyXx: :I
GalaxyXx: just left
Hmf: !howl absolum
Tak: mr speedy
Hmf: ouch
Tak: its okay
Tak: it happens to all of us
Hmf: dont look at that guys
Tak: OKAY, so tonight we are playing guess who
coyote: looks at it w/ my beady eyes
TwistedIllusions: just entered
coyote: helloo
Hmf: ih8u>
Tak: i give three hints about something halloween, autumn, nature or wolfhome themed
TwistedIllusions: hio
Hmf: ^sounds goood
Tak: and with those three hints, you need to guess what it is! the person to get the most right gets a prize!
Tak: hi!!
plunk: ooh
plunk: sounds fun
Nia: no haley
plunk: LMFAO
Hmf: deaaaaaaaaaaad
coyote: it's only like 3 sentences scroll up u goon
Epilepsy: oh ok
Tak: 1.) this activity is also known as "dooking" 2.) it involves a large basin 3.) its origins are Celtic
Epilepsy: what the fuck is dooking
TwistedIllusions: bobbing for apples?
Tak: YES, twisted got it
plunk: OOh
Epilepsy: oh it started
plunk: SNAP!
TwistedIllusions: :D
plunk: nice one :D
Epilepsy: i wasnt ready
plunk: u best get ready epi its GAME ON!!!
coyote: https://media1.popsugar-assets.com/file ... h-snap.gif
Epilepsy: no
plunk: well then frick u!
Nia: hold up let me do a thing real quick
Tak: 1.) these creatures glisten in the sun, depending on your interpretation of them 2.) they have the ability to turn into another creature 3.) they don't have good taste in food (but they have a nice fashion sense ;P )
Epilepsy: VAMPIRE?
coyote: vampire
Tak: YES
Tak: epi got it
coyote: HASLEY
Epilepsy: :eyes:
plunk: OMFG
Tavern forgot to hit the chat bar rip
coyote: :aggressive_eyes:
Epilepsy: SHES MAD AT ME
Rayna: just entered
coyote: helloo rayna
TwistedIllusions: hhaah i was like what glitters?
plunk: hi rayna!!
coyote: the cullens
coyote: I saw glitter and figured out twilight
Epilepsy: can i give it to my girlfriend i feel like im gonna get bit
coyote: no you're fine jeesh
Epilepsy: LMAO
Rayna: Hihihi
coyote: I was just kidding
Nia: i return
Epilepsy: i know
Nia: i needed a picture of the sunset
Tak: 1.) this person just recently joined the relations team 2.) their main character for a very long time was bright orange 3.) howie day would LOVE their username
Epilepsy: collide
Epilepsy: suspria
Tak: epi got it! it was collide
Rayna: o.o
Epilepsy: LMFAOGS
TwistedIllusions: o.o
Rayna: :D
Hmf: stuccck
Epilepsy: i was just guessing
Epilepsy: goodbye
Tak: no one knows the howie day song, collide?
Epilepsy: no
coyote: I don't know people's previous characters woops
Epilepsy: i dont either
coyote: no
Epilepsy: i just know they both joined recently
Tak: goobers
coyote: says the woman who forgot about us
plunk: OOH
Epilepsy: :eyes:
Tak: i didnt forget, i wasnt watching the clock lol
Epilepsy: you forgot
coyote: I am kidding but I'm not letting u live it down
Tak: 1.) he is well known for painting landscapes 2.) all trees are happy trees 3.) he served in the airforce
Nia: bob ross
TwistedIllusions: bob ross
Tavern: Bob ross
Epilepsy: HSLKDGJ
plunk: BOB ROSS
TwistedIllusions: lfmao
Nia: my babe
Splotch: just entered
Tak: nia got it!
TwistedIllusions: ugh!
Nia: YES
Nia: Im watching him rn
plunk: lmfaoo everyone screams it
Tak: ooo, are you?
Nia: ye
Nia: chill with bob ross
Tak: i hope he is painting some happy clouds
plunk: love that man..
Tak: alright, this one will be tricky
Epilepsy: the answer is me
Nia: is it
Epilepsy: yes
Epilepsy: wh user epilepsy
AT-AT: just entered
plunk: ayyy
AT-AT: k wut's this thing all about?
Tak: it is guess who!
AT-AT: oic
Tak: i give three hints and the first person to say who it is, wins that round
Splotch: found waldo
Tak: whoever wins the most rounds, wins the game
Tak: 1.) he was a beloved character, but played by 5 different creatures 2.) he cannot speak, but was given a voice actor 3.) he is named after a bone
Epilepsy: mr skelebones
Epilepsy: i totally didnt just make that up
Tak: nope
Epilepsy: elbow
Epilepsy: leg
plunk: wishbone?
Epilepsy: arm
Epilepsy: skull
Tak: yes
Tak: wishbone
plunk: YAY
Epilepsy: :/
Suspria: just entered
Splotch: damn
Nia: rip haley
Tak: good job!
TwistedIllusions: oh the dog character
AT-AT: wishbone isn't a bone.
plunk: it was the only character i could think of that named after a bone
Tak: it is in a turkey
plunk: yes it is
Splotch: i never got to make the wish on at that
Epilepsy: The furcula ("little fork" in Latin) or wishbone is a forked bone found in birds and some dinosaurs, and is formed by the fusion of the two clavicles. In birds, its primary function is in the strengthening of the thoracic skeleton to withstand the rigors of flight.
coyote: ya you break with w/ one of your fam, and the one w/ the longer piece is supposed to have their wish granted
Tak: thank you wikipedia, i mean, epi
Suspria: laughed
Hmf: just left
Tak: 1.) this candy is associated to halloween, but there are many variations for other holidays, such as christmas 2.) in the 1950s, you could buy 1 pound of these for 25 cents 3.) isaradia has a character that resembles this
Epilepsy: candy corn?
Tavern: candy corn?
AT-AT: candy corn
Tak: epi got it!
Suspria: idk why but i was thinking peeps
Splotch: im over here thinking its a trick question
Suspria: fml
plunk: same lmfao
plunk: @splotch i thought candy corn was too obvious
Nia: tbh i didnt know there were variations of it
TwistedIllusions: oh i missed that one..i was watching baseball
Splotch: im over here like is it a cookie...
TwistedIllusions: i.e. crying
Epilepsy: those holiday cookies
Epilepsy: omg
plunk: i thought reeses for some reason?? LMFAO
Nia: sAME
Splotch: that would count too though
Suspria: ya reeses too
Suspria: mmmmmmmm
plunk: i just love reeses
Suspria: those are so good
Splotch: they make different seasonal reeses lol
Splotch: pumpkins, bunnies, trees
plunk: YEAH thats why i thought of it splotch
Splotch: lol
Suspria: oop baby
Splotch: mmm reeses
Suspria: i'll be back
plunk: i love the seasonal ones cuz zo much peanut butter
plunk: so much*
Tavern: Heck now I want some of the Christmas ones
plunk: ikrr
Splotch: that reeses craving is real
plunk: dont they have pumpkins or something for halloween
Tavern: Yeah
Splotch: yep
Tak: 1.) these creatures are at the very beginning of the scooby doo intro 2.) they eat lots of different things, including mosquitos 3.) they can also be pollinators
plunk: >:) imma get me some of those later lmfao
Epilepsy: bats......
plunk: moth man
AT-AT: frogs
AT-AT: oh ya bats
Splotch: bats
Tak: epi got it!
plunk: LMFAO
Splotch: dag nabbit
Rayna: Sus <3
KryWinchester: Ugh I'm already missing it
Nia: even if I dont win this, im satisfied i got bob ross
Nia: that's what matters
KryWinchester: Is it too late to join?
Tak: no! its most definitely not too late
Splotch: i think its a join as you come thing lol
plunk: why would a moth man eat mosquitos what am i thinkin
Epilepsy: wh user epilepsy needs to Stop
KryWinchester: Oh okay good hah I was downstairs and forgot all about this hah
vice: just entered
Nia: wolfhome bully !!!
coyote: ew
plunk: ayyyyy
coyote: <333333333
vice: HI
vice: <33333
plunk: <333
vice: semi folding laundry
plunk: >:) moon side e x p o s e d
plunk: gettin spooky in here
vice: should i take all my garbage out before i leave
Tak: 1.) there are approximately 43 million of these on halloween 2.) they can range drastically in size 3.) they are always on the move
shadyguyisshady: just entered
vice: yeah
vice: i should
plunk: yes
vice: BATS
AT-AT: trick or treaters
Tavern: kids
Tavern: .
plunk: kids
Tak: at got it!
vice: oh
plunk: dang it!!!
vice: i quit
KryWinchester: I was gonna say black cats xD
vice: can we just answer out loud
plunk: i have a feeling im only gonna have the 1 point LMAO
vice: or do we have to enroll
Tak: yes! you answer out loud
vice: in the game
vice: OK
shadyguyisshady: just left
Nia: im satisfied with my 1 point
plunk: same im happy i got even 1
Nia: tbh
coyote: remember to keep your pets, especially cats w/ black markings, inside this weekend + on halloween folksies
TwistedIllusions: lol yeah im just happy i got the 1st one
coyote: this has been a psa from ur friendly animal lover
KryWinchester: << VERY important
Rayna: Yes
Nia: ^
plunk: yea twisted u swoosed right in
Tak: 1.) this day never falls on halloween, but they go hand-in-hand 2.) this day does not happen every year, but it is happening this year 3.) tis when the spooky scary stories come out
coyote: oct13th
KryWinchester: friday the 13th
Tavern: full moon?
Tavern: idk
plunk: FRICK
AT-AT: all souls day
Tavern: oh right
Tak: kry got it!
KryWinchester: WOO
Tak: technically coyote's answer is not correct
Epilepsy: :EYES:
coyote: no I said october, they wanted friday,
Tak: october 13th happens every year
coyote: I was right but I didn't say friday
Epilepsy: you tried
AT-AT: oh friday the 13th
Epilepsy: you were close
coyote: october 13th is just my fav day
Epilepsy: specifically october
AT-AT: I think we get one this year.
Bigger: just entered
KryWinchester: Yep we do. It's this friday
coyote: I love the number 13 in general but yes I always tend to have good luck on october 13th
plunk: spooookyyy
KryWinchester: spoop year
Epilepsy: im dreading friday
Epilepsy: sobs
plunk: nah i like friday the 13th bc my mom told me its just the number of change which can be good too
TwistedIllusions: i'm going to a ghost tour this friday =]
Nia: the number 3 is my favorite
plunk: idk if thats true or not but u kno
Rayna: I'm running a ghost tour on Sunday B)
coyote: I hate change rip me
coyote: I just love the number
TwistedIllusions: oh nice
Epilepsy: im going on a ghost tour sometime this month
KryWinchester: I think i've heard it before, Plunk
Tak: 1.) they start as a solid, turn to a liquid, and then become solid once more 2.) we were dependent on them in earlier years 3.) they sometimes omit a smell, other times, not so much!
Tavern: candles
plunk: yeah thats common lol which is prolly why it considered bad luck
Tak: tavern got it!
Tavern: woo
plunk: but i think it can be gud
Epilepsy: i read that as they sometimes omit salt
plunk: DANG u were fast tavern
KryWinchester: ooh quick one Tavern
Epilepsy: i was like "what the fuck"
Tak: candles are salty
AT-AT: Freakin' yankee candles.
KryWinchester: Ugh your name reminds me of Red Robin xD
coyote: I am lagging 2 muchto play rip nichole
plunk: i want red robin smh
KryWinchester: <.< Same...
Epilepsy: brb
coyote: I want KFC
KryWinchester: His name reminds me of the Red's Tavern burgers
Epilepsy: niKKI
coyote: but the closest KFC is an hour away :(
KryWinchester: mouthwatering goodness
Epilepsy: NIKKI.........
Tak: 1.) candied skulls commemorate this holiday 2.) it sometimes falls on halloween, sometimes it does not! 3.) it is a time to honor those who we have loved who have passed away
Splotch: halloween
coyote: cinco de mayo
Splotch: all hallows eve
AT-AT: dia de los muertos
KryWinchester: dia delos mortos?
Tak: plunk got it!
KryWinchester: AH I think i spelled it wrong anyways cx
Nia: i completely missed that question
Epilepsy: ok now ill be right back
plunk: muertos i think
plunk: not sure either tho
plunk: i just went with the english cuz it easier lmfao
KryWinchester: I was going for speed, not accuracy xD
plunk: fair >:D
KryWinchester: HONESTLY, I always forget the english translation because I'm so used to the original
plunk: yea lmfao it does sound better tbh
Tak: 1.) this is a mascot for wolfhome 2.) they were recently announced and come onto the chat for holiday events! 3.) they have (salty) candles on their back
plunk: WOLF MAN
plunk: LMFAO
AT-AT: mr bun bun
TwistedIllusions: werewolves
plunk: idk its name frick
Splotch: pumpkin
Splotch: 8l
KryWinchester: Guardians? lmfao
Nia: guardian ?
TwistedIllusions: oh
Tavern: ohh crap I know this
plunk: does the grey were wolf count as an answer LMAO
Tak: no one has gotten it yet
KryWinchester: AH
Nia: yikes
plunk: uhhhh
Tak: you can use the forum!
Epilepsy: celebria
Epilepsy: fayete
coyote: i'm gonna say faereae/ or we/
coyote: fayete
Tak: epi got it!
Tak: it is celebria
coyote: I don't keep track of the mascots
plunk: oooh
plunk: i never knew it had a name
Tavern: Same
coyote: there's 3 now
KryWinchester: Me either xD
plunk: whattt
TwistedIllusions: no clue
TwistedIllusions: o.o;
coyote: yeah shrug emoji
AT-AT: the ghost of mr bun bun
Splotch: cant even
plunk: 3 mascots or 3 names?
TwistedIllusions: i'm out of the loop
Tak: nailed it, at
coyote: 3mascots
coyote: for events
plunk: ooh
coyote: fayete, eventful, and celeib-whatever
KryWinchester: I just got back into wolfhome like last week. Give me a break xD
plunk: damb
coyote: nah ur cool LOL Im just explaining
plunk: its ok kry ive been here for years and im like what mascots
KryWinchester: LOL okay that makes me feel better.
Rayna: just left
plunk: i only know the grey werewolf mascot on the log in screen
KryWinchester: technically, I've been here for 8 years just very off and on.
KryWinchester: Yep hah cx
Nia: same
AT-AT: Guardian is the only wolfhomer allowed to have nipples.
KryWinchester: LOL
plunk: LMFAO
Tak: three more for the night! then guess who is over!
Epilepsy: they took his nipples away
plunk: OOOH
Epilepsy: pepperoni nips
plunk: i feel so competitive
KryWinchester: They were jealous
plunk: im on the EDGE OF MY SEAT
coyote: nipple conversation isn't allowed:eyes:
Epilepsy: SKLJGE
coyote: i'm still drained from the huge argument on the forums 2 years ago
Epilepsy: im sorry
plunk: nipples are banned i wasnt allowed to have a side account with that name
Epilepsy: it was only last year
Epilepsy: pats
coyote: it's fine i let u off w/ this warning
Tak: 1.) he often wears red and white 2.) you look and look, but he is nearly impossible to find 3.) cane you believe that many people dress as him, but you would never know because of how well he is hidden?
Tavern: waldo
TwistedIllusions: santa
plunk: WALDO
Nia: waldo
AT-AT: waldo
TwistedIllusions: ladksnd;oakbd;af'
Tak: tavern got it!
TwistedIllusions: oh never
Nia: fric k
TwistedIllusions: midna
plunk: FRICK
TwistedIllusions: lol i just saw red and white lmfao
KryWinchester: There was a dispute over nips? what?
Epilepsy: i just thought of something and i cant stop laughing
TwistedIllusions: just left
Nia: i saw red and white and i was like
Nia: taka?
plunk: lmfaoo
Tak: lol
Tak: 1.) when the moon is full, they come out to play 2.) the opposite of edward 3.) there is a new set dedicated to them!
Tavern: werewolf
Nia: were weolf
KryWinchester: vampires
AT-AT: vampires
KryWinchester: OOH
AT-AT: oh.
Tak: tavern got it!
KryWinchester: OPPOSITE
plunk: dang itt
Splotch: totally have a slow connection
Nia: I was struggling to spell
AT-AT: Twilight sucks.
Nia: ugh
Splotch: 8l making excuses here
Bigger: just left
Tak: last one!!! i'll make it a tricky one
coyote: yet, it makes millions, so it didn't suck to some people ig
Epilepsy: "who forgot about ggame night"
Tavern: lmao
Tak: hilarious
AT-AT: *sprinkles glitter on coyote*
coyote: get that shit away, it never comes off of anything and it is permanently in the house,
Epilepsy: she doesnt need glitter she is already gorgeous enough
Nia: haley slidin in them dms
Tak: 1.) when you smell smoke, these creatures may be around 2.) every 2 in 3 people believes these creatures exist 3.) some fear these creatures, while others believe they are harmless
Splotch: ghost
Tak: splotch got it!
Splotch: BOOM
Brutus: just entered
KryWinchester: AH
Splotch: comin in clutch
plunk: aw mannn
Tavern: dang the smoke thing threw me
plunk: good game tho that was so fun
KryWinchester: I was thinking a fairy for some reason
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It might be a little while, but maybe we'll realign soon. Made to reassign, but find me a little time too.
Half euphoric, fixing the ratios. Teleport me, I've been pushing the envelope.
All ironic, given the way she slowed. You're iconic, given the way you froze.
Call me out, stay platonic; I'll find a chaperone. Wait around, forget mnemonics, I'll regret it years ago.
Spare me all the ceremony, dialing in all your pheromones. To cite a life in histrionics; the way you left was apropos.

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Event Committee
Event Committee
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Sun Oct 15, 2017 8:28 am

3 days away from mafia!!
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It might be a little while, but maybe we'll realign soon. Made to reassign, but find me a little time too.
Half euphoric, fixing the ratios. Teleport me, I've been pushing the envelope.
All ironic, given the way she slowed. You're iconic, given the way you froze.
Call me out, stay platonic; I'll find a chaperone. Wait around, forget mnemonics, I'll regret it years ago.
Spare me all the ceremony, dialing in all your pheromones. To cite a life in histrionics; the way you left was apropos.

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Event Committee
Event Committee
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Mon Oct 16, 2017 9:08 pm

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It might be a little while, but maybe we'll realign soon. Made to reassign, but find me a little time too.
Half euphoric, fixing the ratios. Teleport me, I've been pushing the envelope.
All ironic, given the way she slowed. You're iconic, given the way you froze.
Call me out, stay platonic; I'll find a chaperone. Wait around, forget mnemonics, I'll regret it years ago.
Spare me all the ceremony, dialing in all your pheromones. To cite a life in histrionics; the way you left was apropos.

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Event Committee
Event Committee
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Wed Oct 18, 2017 4:25 pm

This is happening tonight! I may run a few minutes late because it is my night to make dinner, but I will be there to host by 8 at latest, I promise!
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It might be a little while, but maybe we'll realign soon. Made to reassign, but find me a little time too.
Half euphoric, fixing the ratios. Teleport me, I've been pushing the envelope.
All ironic, given the way she slowed. You're iconic, given the way you froze.
Call me out, stay platonic; I'll find a chaperone. Wait around, forget mnemonics, I'll regret it years ago.
Spare me all the ceremony, dialing in all your pheromones. To cite a life in histrionics; the way you left was apropos.

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Event Committee
Event Committee
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Wed Oct 18, 2017 6:10 pm

I ended up being too busy with cooking. I'll postpone this game night to tomorrow at 8 in case anyone wants to still play mafia!
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It might be a little while, but maybe we'll realign soon. Made to reassign, but find me a little time too.
Half euphoric, fixing the ratios. Teleport me, I've been pushing the envelope.
All ironic, given the way she slowed. You're iconic, given the way you froze.
Call me out, stay platonic; I'll find a chaperone. Wait around, forget mnemonics, I'll regret it years ago.
Spare me all the ceremony, dialing in all your pheromones. To cite a life in histrionics; the way you left was apropos.

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Event Committee
Event Committee
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Tue Oct 24, 2017 6:25 pm

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It might be a little while, but maybe we'll realign soon. Made to reassign, but find me a little time too.
Half euphoric, fixing the ratios. Teleport me, I've been pushing the envelope.
All ironic, given the way she slowed. You're iconic, given the way you froze.
Call me out, stay platonic; I'll find a chaperone. Wait around, forget mnemonics, I'll regret it years ago.
Spare me all the ceremony, dialing in all your pheromones. To cite a life in histrionics; the way you left was apropos.

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Alpha - Head of Art Review Team
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Tue Oct 24, 2017 6:52 pm

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And God said unto John "Come forth and you will receive eternal life"
But John came in fifth and won a toaster.

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Event Committee
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Wed Oct 25, 2017 5:32 pm

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It might be a little while, but maybe we'll realign soon. Made to reassign, but find me a little time too.
Half euphoric, fixing the ratios. Teleport me, I've been pushing the envelope.
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Wed Oct 25, 2017 7:44 pm

Spoiler! :
LUX: just entered
Tak: i whispered like 15 people
Tak: people BEST BE COMIN
KoiFish: just entered
RavenDarkstar: Oh gods
LUX: !
Tak: we are going to be having game night here in 4 mins!
KoiFish: What is the idle time on this
KoiFish: like cause im cooking
LUX: So I saw its Mafia--- like the card game Mafia?
RavenDarkstar: Oh~
KoiFish: and dont wanna be kicked
Tak: 2 mins of inactivity will result in a boot from the game
Tak: but you can stay in the room
Tak: mafia as in the card game, yes
KoiFish: i meant the game but okay
LUX: sweet!
Shiro: just entered
Tak: well, sort of. minus the cards
Shiro: woohs
Tak: hello! welcome
Tak: easy solution: why study when you dont have to study
Shiro: ^
Mars (dMarsh:1): OOO
KoiFish: owo
LUX: I already had a test this week, so no studying for me. throws confetti
Epilepsy: but i do have to study
Epilepsy: sobs
KoiFish: How do we play mafia
RavenDarkstar: I like games, but I have the dumbs.
KoiFish: i saw the forum rules
KoiFish: but i forgot it
Tak: viewtopic.php?f=109&t=197476 i recommend reading here to refresh!
LUX: clicks
Tak: one person is the mafia, one person is the healer/aid
Tak: everyone else is a villager
Misaki: just entered
Misaki: skids in
Tak: you have to guess who the mafia is
Tak: welcome!
RavenDarkstar: Screaming
Misaki: rubs hands together
Misaki: what we doin
kaiser: just entered
KoiFish: owo
Misaki: Koi
Tak: welcome! we are going to be playing mafia!
Misaki: ur dead
Misaki: i didnt authorize that
KoiFish: i am dead
Misaki: I
Misaki: didnt...
Misaki: authorize that
KoiFish: WELL
Tak: rubs hands together evily
Misaki: ...OH GOD
KoiFish: Tak....as in Takatia or
Tak: we will wait a few mins to see if anyone else shows up >
Misaki: when tak rubs her hands like that
Misaki: we gon die
Misaki: yeah Tak is Taka butt
Tak: i am takatia
kaiser: what is mafia?
KoiFish: im already dead
Misaki: the smelly ass-- I mean admin
Tak: viewtopic.php?f=109&t=197476 i recommend giving this a read!
RavenDarkstar: The Tacotia
KoiFish: tak why no admin
Tak: no one in here is an admin on wh lol
Tak: tak no admin because tak has no time to admin
KoiFish: o
RavenDarkstar: Do you even have time to breathe?
KoiFish: ^
Tak: only on tuesdays
Misaki: sounds complicated...
KoiFish: mood
KoiFish: .
Tak: its only complicated if you make it complicated
kaiser: thanks tak.
LUX: do you need to do something special to show you are dead? (like be in an afk pose or something). Just curious how we keep track of whose dead.
Misaki: th ANK S
Tak: we will form a circle!
KoiFish: how do we get our 'cards'
Tak: anyone who is dead will be removed from the circle
Tak: i put everyone in a randomizer
LUX: ooo
Shiro: im prob gonna pass out soon so im gonna woosh to another room so i dont take up space when i pass out
LUX: gotcha
Tak: which will determine who is who
Hocus: just entered
Misaki: so like...
LUX: feels like kindergarten all over again
Misaki: will you whisper who is who?
Tak: "1" is mafia "2" is healer
Tak: i will whisper who is who
Misaki: o ok
kaiser: yeah im still alittle confused as to how this will work
Shiro: just left
RavenDarkstar: Same, so I may just watch.
kaiser: same<
Tak: we can play a practice round!
Misaki: ok good
LUX: that would be great >
Tak: and i will explain as we go
Tak: so everyone form a circle!
Misaki: lmao because wow is this a little confusing, not to be the stupid one
Misaki: all villagers can hide in my gourds and pumpkins
RavenDarkstar: Snorts~
Misaki: i shall keep thee safe
KoiFish: mood
kaiser: laughs
Tak: okay
Tak: everyone in the circle is who is playing, so if you want to join, please enter the circle!
Misaki: nobody shall har--
Misaki: what the fuck Lisa I SAID **I** WAS MAKING DINNER
Misaki: GOD-- damnit. oh well...
Misaki: her tacos are.. okay.
Tak: Using randomizer now to determine who is mafia and who is the aid!
LUX: 1 is maf and 2 is aid?
Misaki: so whoever isnt the mafia or the healer is just a villager?
Tak: 1 mafia 1 aid
Tak: yes >
kaiser: just peasants lol
Misaki: puts on my 1400's villager outfit
KoiFish: same
RavenDarkstar: Silly hobo's.
Misaki: gets my sheep and cattle
kaiser: lol
KoiFish: wait are we gonna have a pre round
Misaki: waves around a cane screaming
kaiser: yes>
KoiFish: so we all understand
Tak: Congratulations, blue savior, you have been chosen by the heavens to aid this village.
LUX: thumbs up
Tak: You have been cursed, young coyote. You are the plague that destroys this village. You are the mafia.
Tak: The aid and mafia have been chosen. They know who they are
KoiFish: ok
Misaki: holy shit she's cutting onions on the other side of the house and my EYES ARE BURNING
kaiser: ok. lets get this started
LUX: One question, can aid heal themself once at some point?
Tak: Now villagers, you may close your eyes.. but perhaps, you may not wake up in the morning >
LUX: sort of like in TOS
Tak: yes, they can heal themself
Misaki: opens arms wide
Misaki: take me
LUX: only once or more than once?
KoiFish: mood
Tak: Mafia, please whisper me as to who you would like to kill
kaiser: koi
Tak: as many times as you'd like
Tak: Aid, who would you like to save?
LUX: Kaiser
Tak: Okay villagers
Tak: It is morning, you can wake up
LUX: yawnss
kaiser: stretches
Tak: Late last night, Koifish's flesh was ripped from her body. She is no longer with us
KoiFish: oh wow
Misaki: well that's already been done
Misaki: so
KoiFish: LMAO
kaiser: (;
kaiser: );
kaiser: *
kaiser: koi noo
RavenDarkstar: I mean yeah.
RavenDarkstar: It is
Tak: Kaiser also took a fall while running away, but somehow managed to save themselves at the last minute
Misaki: hands out bandaids for skinned knees
kaiser: sorry i didnt help..
Tak: Now then.. villagers
kaiser: thank you thank you
Tak: You must decide in five minutes, together
LUX: can we just not lynch?
Tak: Who you wish to banish from the village
LUX: is that a thing
KoiFish: mood
Misaki: hang them all
Misaki: screw guessing
Misaki: whoever gets away was innocent
LUX: so kidding
LUX: .
Misaki: damn how did you know
kaiser: lol who do we ban?
Misaki: JIK
Misaki: JKJK
kaiser: do we just say or?
RavenDarkstar: Awe , but who will feed my goats.
Misaki: Helga
Misaki: I will call
Tak: Yeah, say who you think the mafia is
Misaki: o
Misaki: uh
kaiser: o h
Mars: just entered
Misaki: I think Raven is
kaiser: i say raven
kaiser: LOL WOW
Misaki: daaamn son
RavenDarkstar: internal screaming~
kaiser: harsh
Misaki: roasted
Tak: Oh man, it looks like Raven was voted by the majority as being the mafia
Mars: i'm sorry
kaiser: );
Misaki: mars get your ass in here and be the murderer
kaiser: sorry dood
RavenDarkstar: ;n;
Tak: The group decides to banish Raven to the depths of hell
Misaki: o-- OH...
kaiser: waves sadly
Mars: rip
KoiFish: join me raven
Tak: As Raven screams into, she confesses she was in fact, not the mafia
Misaki: JESUS
LUX: again kidding
Misaki: ...................
RavenDarkstar: Awe but they kicked me out of hell for being late on rent just last month.
LUX: damn
Misaki: oops/
LUX: :c
Misaki: my landlords.
Tak: Raven, please leave the circle you've been killed
kaiser: o h wow.
RavenDarkstar: I am the dead now
LUX: can maf kill you narrator tak?
Tak: nope! i'm not a villager
Tak: Villagers, close your eyes
RavenDarkstar: Plots revenge~
Misaki: o
Misaki: oshit
Misaki: uh
LUX: >>
Tak: Mafia, who would you like to kill?
LUX: stares
Misaki: hides in my gourds
Tak: and Aid, who would you like to save?
kaiser: lux
LUX: Myself
LUX: i just figured out something really funn
LUX: y
kaiser: farts in my sleep
Misaki: my life?
Tak: Alright, villagers, wakey-wakey!
Misaki: my will to live?
Misaki: YAAWWWN yodels
Tak: LUX was chased down a dark alley late last night
Misaki: kinky
kaiser: s e x y
RavenDarkstar: Such spoops
LUX: uh oh
RavenDarkstar: Oh well then
Tak: Somehow, they escaped the grasp of the mafia, just narrowly finding shelter in a local tavern
Misaki: hands Lux a beer bc they deserve it
LUX: life saver man
Tak: So then, villagers, who do you believe is the mafia?
LUX: idk
LUX: aint me
kaiser: lux
kaiser: LOL
Misaki: but lux was chased.
kaiser: o h
Misaki: LUX
KoiFish: chants kaiser
KoiFish: .
Misaki: nojk
Misaki: Kaiser man forget u, you killer
kaiser: wow roodee
kaiser: )):
Tak: The village must come to a majority vote within 5 minutes
Misaki: prepares a rope with Kaiser's name engraved on it
Tak: Or else the voting period ends, and night falls once more
LUX: kaiser you voted me? :c
Misaki: Kaiser gtfo
kaiser: i just dont wanna die yo
kaiser: thats all
LUX: which one of you is aid? that'll make this easy
Misaki: we all dont wanna die
kaiser: MISAKI WOW
LUX: Which one of you is aid
LUX: then we can lynch the other
kaiser: ??we cant tell
Misaki: i dont think we can reveil that?
kaiser: misaki is it you?
LUX: wha really
KoiFish: ill be back in 5
kaiser: i think its you
Misaki: Taka I vote Kai
Misaki: wait
LUX: lynch kaiser
Tak: 2 for kaiser, one for lux
Misaki: wait are people who are in Hell still 'playing' as an aid or mafia?
kaiser: r o d e
Misaki: or are they ded dead
kaiser: ro o d
LUX: im trying to be tactful here.
Squirrel: just entered
kaiser: m h mm
Misaki: aye join in fam
kaiser: i ssee how this goes
LUX: 2 for kaiser so dont they get lynched
LUX: ?
Misaki: help us hide from the mafia
Tak: once the aid is dead, they are dead for good
Squirrel: ??
Misaki: we're playing Mafia
Tak: The villagers have chosen to banish Kaiser from the village
Misaki: JEEZ
kaiser: WOW
Tak: It was a good decision. Because kaiser was the mafia. Congratulations, villagers!
Misaki: throws gourds at
kaiser: <lucky bastards LOL
LUX: I was aid
LUX: : )
Misaki: well there's only 3 of us, so it's a simple guess.
Tak: lux was trying to mislead yall
RavenDarkstar: <.<
Mars: ooo
Tak: that was just a practice round
Tak: is everyone ready for the real deal!?
Misaki: Koi get your ass back in here and join me
Squirrel: >_>
kaiser: yes!!
LUX: I wasss I knew if someone was like "i bet ur aid" that would mean they are technically admitting to being maf.
RavenDarkstar: Burps~
Squirrel: *nibblescandy
LUX: : o
RavenDarkstar: .o.
Tak: mars get ur butt in here
Misaki: Lux ur so totally the mafia confess already
RavenDarkstar: Buttscoots
LUX: shit youre right...
Squirrel: WHAT
Misaki: im always right
Misaki: even when im wrong
Misaki: im right
RavenDarkstar: >>
Squirrel: I dont know what is happening
Tak: we are playing mafia!
KoiFish: BACK
Misaki: we;re playing Mafia
Squirrel: I just came for raver's corns
RavenDarkstar: <.<
Mars: koi come play
kaiser: SORRY LUX
Tak: join the circle!
kaiser: SO NICE
RavenDarkstar: My goodness
Squirrel: winkwonk
Tak: i will be determining who is the mafia and who is the aid now
Tak: Prepare yourself, villagers. The mafia will show no mercy
KoiFish: i knew kaiser was it
kaiser: >
KoiFish: bc when i died
Misaki: oh my god dude these onions that my mom's friend is cutting are making my eyes BURN
RavenDarkstar: Pets the Walnut~
KoiFish: they went (;
KoiFish: .
kaiser: i didnt mean that
kaiser: actuallllyyy
KoiFish: MHM
Squirrel: *murs
kaiser: i can kill you with something else??
Misaki: someone give me a tissue before the game starts pls
kaiser: coughs
LUX: shakes hocus and epilepsy
Misaki: my eyes are burning
Squirrel: *throws tp roll at mis
LUX: I wish we could have a vig
Misaki: bless u
LUX: hhh
Tak: Congratulations, small woodland creature, you have been chosen by the heavens to aid this village. You are allowed to heal villagers you feel may be targeted by the mafia.
KoiFish: wtf kaiser you're beaitiful
kaiser: ?
KoiFish: you're sniff
KoiFish: wow i cant spell
Squirrel: oh *is now a wizard*
kaiser: thank you dear.
Tak: Congratulations, blue warrior. You have been given a sword stronger than diamond. But unfortunately for you, you use this sword for evil. You are the mafia.
WendigoWolf: just entered
Tak: The mafia and aid know who they are.
kaiser lux you really saved me first round ily
Tak: Villagers, it is time for you to catch some sleep . I hope you make it to the morning.
Tak wendi <3
WendigoWolf: <3
Misaki: boards up my windows
KoiFish: dies in sleep
Misaki: goodnight
LUX no i did bad thing healing u :[
kaiser: fats agn
Tak: Mafia. Please whisper me who you would like to kill. Aid, please whisper me who you would like to save.
RavenDarkstar: Holds teddy~
Misaki: Mita save me
KoiFish: lol
LUX: squirrel
kaiser im sorry.
kaiser never again friend
Squirrel: uhmmm. I save the fishies
LUX its okay!
Tak: Villagers, open your eyes. The sun has risen.
kaiser lies
LUX: yawnss
kaiser: yells
KoiFish: rises from dead
LUX: maf: pushes out window
Misaki: yodels goodmorning
Tak: Unfortunately, late last night. Squirrel took a fall. Right onto the blade of a sword. Accident? Perhaps... but perhaps not.
RavenDarkstar: Falls out of bed~
Misaki: ouch
Squirrel: OH NO
Mars: rip
RavenDarkstar: Oh
Squirrel: *isded*
Misaki: damn kid you got horrible luck
kaiser: dode ouch
KoiFish: rip squirrel
LUX: rip
kaiser: rip
Misaki: gives a hello kitty bandaid
Tak: Koifish took a stumble too, but grabbed ahold of the ledge just before falling.
RavenDarkstar: Silly Walnut, the floor is not for sharp things.
KoiFish: AYE
Tak: Squirrel, you have been killed. Please exit the circle.
LUX: cleans up the blood and gives proper burial
Squirrel: ;-; I was so shiney tho
RavenDarkstar: >>
Misaki: shiny like a brand new toy
Misaki: oh well
LUX: shiney shimmering splendid....
Tak: Villagers. There is a killer among you. You must find them and kill them before they kill you.
Misaki: hides in my gourds
Tak: Who do you believe this killer is?
Mars: well
KoiFish: looks at lux
kaiser: <
Squirrel: stabby stabby knifey knifey
LUX: looks at koi
Mars: looks at lux
kaiser: looks at lux
LUX: looks at mars
Misaki: stARES AT LUX
kaiser: growls at lux
LUX: what i do
RavenDarkstar: Looks at own foot~
Misaki: throws a gourd @ Lux
Mars: where were u last night
KoiFish: lux lux
LUX: sleeping
RavenDarkstar: I'm not good at pointing fingers.
Squirrel flops on sword
kaiser: ??yeah where
WendigoWolf: just left
LUX: like regular people do
Mars: dont lie you were on wh
Mars: they can't be trusted
kaiser: disGusted
LUX: oh true i was on here
Tak: Villagers, you have four minutes to come to a conclusion.
Mars: oh so u changed ur story
RavenDarkstar: <.<
Misaki: I vote mars because you cant trust a Jordashian
LUX: omg misaki
Mars: wow
Mars: I am a saint
Mars: i am insulted
Misaki: bullshit
LUX: misaki you are quick to blame
Mars: I vote LUX
Misaki: I vote Jordashian
Squirrel: It was totally the quiet one.
KoiFish: vote lux
LUX: why me
kaiser: lux im sorry
RavenDarkstar: Vote LUX.
RavenDarkstar: <.<
kaiser: i vote for lux
Squirrel flops more
LUX: just a villager
Tak: The majority has ruled that LUX is the mafia.
KoiFish: grabs pitchfork
Misaki: just a villager doin my villager things
RavenDarkstar: You are the butt stabber
LUX: rip. one more villagar dead
RavenDarkstar: Don't lie/
Misaki: the butt stabber ok
Tak: They use the sword that killed Squirrel to kill LUX, avenging her death.
LUX: :[ bad choice guys
Tak: Because, after all, LUX was the mafia. Congratulations, villagers!
kaiser: OHYEAH
Mars: misa
LUX: b o o
kaiser: WASSUP
Mars: how dare you
Misaki: . . . . . .
Misaki: scoots
Squirrel: Lux, you're so mean. Why you kill the cute squirrel
KoiFish: AYE
RavenDarkstar: I hath avenged my fallen Walnut.
Squirrel: <3
KoiFish: chants
Misaki: next round?
Misaki: or does it restart
Tak: Alright! randomizing now to see who are lucky mafia is
Squirrel: I saved the fishies. ^_^
kaiser: I like this
Tak: and yes!
LUX: who was aid
Misaki: lmao this is fun
LUX: last round
LUX: ?
Tak: squirrel was the aid haha
Mars: LMFao
Misaki: we get to blame our friends for shit they may or may not have done
RavenDarkstar: ...
kaiser: ):
KoiFish: Aw thanks squirrel
RavenDarkstar: Ironic.
LUX: im a good killer ;]
Squirrel: lmfao
KoiFish: <<
KoiFish: Not good enough
KoiFish: I caught you
KoiFish: on the first round
kaiser: atleast i killed like
kaiser: two
LUX: yall only chose me cause i was aid last round ;[ BE HONEST
kaiser: or one idec
Misaki: koi even tho ur not the mafia i think ur the mafia get outta here
Tak: You have gained wings, my tiny fox friend. You are the help this village so desperately needs.
KoiFish: oh ok
LUX: i have a feeling whoever if maf this round is gonna attack me... sweats
Misaki: wHIMPERS and rings the heavenly chimes
KoiFish: GOOD
LUX: :c
kaiser: koi ouch
kaiser: roode
KoiFish: lmao
LUX: kokoro is brokoro
Mars: mmn playing mafia and listening to gorillaz
Mars: its a good night
Tak: Fate has chosen you, once more. To guide this village to the depths of hell. You, my friend, are the mafia.
Squirrel: Yeah. Woodland creature no likely, Lux any more
Misaki: strangely im laughing my butt off with this game but im listening to depressing rap
RavenDarkstar: << >>
Squirrel: *licks toes
LUX: sorry squirrel. i always go after the cute ones first
kaiser: sounds goood
kaiser: wow
KoiFish: goes to bomb bunker
Misaki: throws gourds at everyone even tho they're innocent
RavenDarkstar: YES MOM
kaiser: yes master
RavenDarkstar: GAWD
Squirrel: *uses raven blanket*
Misaki: i will send mita out to check on y'all YOU BETTER BE IN BED
Tak: Mafia! Aid! Who would you like to safe and or kill!
KoiFish: to safe
kaiser: misaki
Squirrel: *save
Squirrel: <3
Mars: safe
Mars: to safe or not to safe
Tak: You are some sassy villagers
Misaki: Id like to save LUX bc damn fam we've been blaming them hardcore LMAO
LUX: puts koi in a safe
Squirrel: lmfao
Mars: sassier then my ex husband ricardo
Squirrel: All the sass
kaiser: o
KoiFish: lmfao
Tak: Villagers, wake up. Except Mars *shoves Mars out of bed myself*
Misaki: sassy children goodness
Misaki: oH
Misaki: WWOW
KoiFish: Oh wow
kaiser: LoL
Misaki: lmao
Tak: You are safe.... for now.
LUX: <<
Tak: Rejoin the circle.
KoiFish: oooooooooo
Misaki: poor mars just stay in bed with taka
Mars: you're so mean to me
Tak: However, Misaki was not as lucky.
Misaki: ..............................HUH.
Mars: get rekt
RavenDarkstar: DUN DUN DUN
LUX: oh shit
Squirrel: Ouch. poor Saki
kaiser: DAMN
KoiFish: DAMN
Misaki: whiNES?
Tak: Misaki. You were burned in a firepit late last night.
LUX: misaki you better not have been aid
Misaki: ....
kaiser: witches?
Tak: It was too late to save you.
Misaki: goes to get my Rawst Berries to heal the burn
RavenDarkstar: I sad song just came on on my playlist.
RavenDarkstar: Awe
Squirrel: I bet it was the Planet
KoiFish: looks at squirrel
Mars: i wish it was me
kaiser: >
LUX: Im voting Mars.
RavenDarkstar: >>
Mars: i'd love ot have claimed that one
Misaki: okay I may not be burned but just PRETEND
LUX: just saying it righ now
Tak: LUX reached in to save you, their arm burning in the process. But it was too late. LUX sustains injuries, but was saved.
Squirrel: LOL saki
KoiFish: im voting squirrel
RavenDarkstar: :o
Tak: Villagers, who is the mafia?
Squirrel: Ouch. my feels <<
Mars: i think its lux
LUX: voting mars
Misaki: whispers to Lux
KoiFish: <3
Misaki: avenge meeee................
LUX: i shall
Mars: but squirrel was pretty
KoiFish: voting squirrel
Mars: quick to point fingers
Misaki: just heal that arm tho man thats gotta hurt
LUX: mars why would you vote someone whose innocent--
Tak: You must come to a majority vote within 5 minutes
Squirrel: LOL well, you're wrong.
LUX: votes mars
Squirrel: Planet
RavenDarkstar: I vote Koi, never trust something dead that still talks.
KoiFish: looks at kaiser
Mars: but you know raven and kaiser are quiet
RavenDarkstar: <w<
KoiFish: he's been quiet
Mars: i vote Koi
kaiser: im currently eating ramen
Squirrel: oh dang
Squirrel: Fishies is a good idea
Mars is away: koi
KoiFish: i vote raven
Squirrel: lmfao
LUX: m a r s
RavenDarkstar: Is it cause I'm ugly?
KoiFish: yes
Squirrel: i think everyone is blaming people who blame them
Tak: Vote for Raven, Mars and Koi
RavenDarkstar: Nailed it
kaiser: mars?
LUX: !
Squirrel: It was totes Planet.
Tak: Other villagers, speak your mind. If you cannot cme to a majority vote, the mafia lives on.
RavenDarkstar: I know right
KoiFish: raven
LUX: m a r s
KoiFish: i vote raven
Misaki: raven that just makes you look more guilty
kaiser: i vote mars with lux
Squirrel: 3 for planet
LUX: yee
Mars: ty
RavenDarkstar: I know
Squirrel: you're winning
Tak: Alright
Mars: i will majoras mask you guys in my grave
Squirrel: shh
RavenDarkstar: I look insane.
Misaki: LMFAO
Tak: The majority is Mars
RavenDarkstar: Sucks
kaiser: gotchu lux
LUX: thumbs up
Tak: Mars, the villagers have thrown you into the fire where Misaki burned just the night before.
Misaki: yeah asshat get burned
LUX: Im gonna laugh if my vote was for nothing
Misaki: nojk
KoiFish: LMAO
kaiser: LOL same
Tak: Mars burns up. But not with guilt. Because they are not the mafia.
Mars: you could say
Mars: my death was lit
Squirrel: Awh
LUX: bet maf will attack me tonight
kaiser: GOD
Misaki: mars get the fuck out
Misaki: get out
LUX: bring it maf
Misaki: right now
LUX: im ready
Mars: nah fam
Tak: Villagers, it is time for some shut eye
Squirrel: who dun it
Mars: we in it
Mars: to win it
Mars: ashes to ashes
KoiFish: goes to mars..the planet
Misaki: dust to dust
Misaki: brb taco time
kaiser: i stg lux why u do this
Tak: Mafia, Aid, who would you like to save and or kill?
kaiser made me guess wrong
LUX: idk i got issues man
kaiser: raven
LUX: im paranoid. always looking over my shoulder
LUX: everyone is quiet right now--- suspicious. EVERYONE IS MAF
Tak: Villagers, the rooster has awoken you.
LUX: eye twitch
Squirrel: yo mama is maf
KoiFish: licks rooster
kaiser: stupid chicken
RavenDarkstar: Screams back at it~
Tak: The rooster lives, but the raven has died.
RavenDarkstar: ..
LUX: oh shit
kaiser: amoootth
LUX: that was deep tak
Squirrel: SCREAMS
kaiser: smooth*
RavenDarkstar: Please tell me I died like a boss.
Tak: Late last night, Raven was caged. The cage attached to a brick, all of which was thrown into the ocean. She drowned slowly.
Squirrel: >:{
RavenDarkstar: Oh
KoiFish: :c
Squirrel: WHO DUN IT
Tak: Villagers. Who is the mafia among you?
KoiFish: I vote kaiser
LUX: I think maf is Kaiser, you buddied up with me quickly when I voted, to make yourself look innocent.
Squirrel: hmmmmmmmm
Squirrel: >:{
RavenDarkstar: Glub glubs angerly!
kaiser: i vote koi bc shes quick to vote
Tak: You must come to a majority vote within 5 minutse
Tak: minutes*
WildFlower: just entered
doolin: just entered
LUX: Nah koi is inno
hiddickington: just entered
LUX: I can tell
kaiser: how sway?
LUX: that sixth sense
kaiser: lux are you the maf?
Tak: welcome!
Squirrel: fishie or kaiser.. who to blame.
LUX: no i got attacked
WildFlower: helloo
doolin: y'all i just joined a pack :\\\
LUX: kaiser it you
Squirrel: imma go with kaiser just cause imma lose anyways
kaiser: but you can be saved by aid
WildFlower: congrats<
doolin: thank you.
Tak: Kaiser, the village has chosen to banish you.
KoiFish: RIchard<3
kaiser: R U D E AGAIN
Tak: They throw bricks at you until you can no longer move.
LUX: lol
RavenDarkstar: Wow
moon: just entered
RavenDarkstar: Brutak
Squirrel: thats harsh
RavenDarkstar: Oh
Tak: Wise choice, really. Kaiser was the mafia.
hiddickington: syd !!!!!! sydalicious
kaiser: ya'll are good
KoiFish: AYE
Squirrel: YEAH
doolin: HANS!!!!!
LUX: kaiser: sits there getting hit with bricks
KoiFish: <333333
Squirrel: BOOOOOOI
LUX: ;]
Squirrel: AVENGED
LUX: ayeee
kaiser: lux h8 u
LUX: ;]
KoiFish: I gotta sit out the next few rounds
Tak: okay!
KoiFish: eating
LUX: wink
moon: are yal playing cah
KoiFish is away: Eating time
Tak: we are playing mafia!
kaiser: u smart i like u
LUX: Ive played enough TOS in my day to catch a killer
Tak: come form a circle if you would like to play!
moon: whats that
moon: idk what im doin but ok
Tak: one person is a killer
kaiser: ew lux dont touch me evil
Tak: one person is a healer
Squirrel: yesyes
LUX: ;[
Tak: you have to figure out who is who
doolin: legs......
Tak: you are part of a village, and someone is killed each night
WildFlower: ive never played, wat are the rules :3
Squirrel: *revives ravers with magics*
moon: ohhhh is this like that game salem
LUX: wow if im ever aid again im not healing kaiser
Malice: just entered
Tak: viewtopic.php?f=109&t=197476 theres more information here!
kaiser: WOW
hiddickington: daddy long legs
Tak: and yes!
doolin: god i wish that were me
Tak: some people call it mafia
Malice: omg people talking
moon: ok i gotchu
Malice: its real
Tak: we can play a practice round if you guys would like
moon: ok sweet
WildFlower: yes ple
LUX: get in the circle yall
Tak: okay
LUX: tug
Mars: just left
Tak: let me just update my randomizer to see who is going to be mafia and who is going to be the aid
Misaki: i swear to god if i 'fall' into another fire pit, im coming back to haunt ALL of you
WildFlower: hehehe
winnie: just entered
Squirrel: but i didnt do it ;-;
Squirrel: woodland creature no likely hauntings
Squirrel: *likey
moon: "was killed by a butterfly" me
Tak: Young flower! You have been chosen to aid this village! Please heal those you believe need the extra assistance!
LUX: ^
winnie: just left
WildFlower: okie :3
Misaki: randomly falls into a hole only to be devoured by prairie dogs
RavenDarkstar: Big Werewoofer protek smol fuzzbutt of the trees~
Tak: Small, gray, bushy tailed creature. You are the mafia. You chew on villagers like you chew upon your acorns.
Squirrel: *wigglesfuzzbutt*
LUX: this is fun
Squirrel: >:D YES YES YES
Tak: VILLAGERS! Time to sleep! No time to goof around!
hiddickington: https://78.media.tumblr.com/22b9f0ee699 ... o2_540.gif
Tak: There's a killer among you.
Squirrel: *drools all over ravers
hiddickington: ellen is calling me straight
Misaki: takes a whole bottle of Zquil
LUX: puts whipcream in kaizers hand when they sleeping
hiddickington: im filing a report as we speak
kaiser: farts at lux
Tak: Aid. whisper me who you would like to save. Mafia. Whisper me who you would like to kill.
LUX: lux died by kaisers farts. rip
kaiser: misaki seduce the maf
WildFlower: save kaiser
Misaki: wiggles
Squirrel: Kaiser. They murdered my poor Raven last round. >:{ munchmunch
RavenDarkstar: Oh my
kaiser: ):
Squirrel: ohyou
LUX: kaiser is confirmed maf
kaiser: lmaoo
RavenDarkstar: I left the tab and then I just see that
Tak: Villagers! Its time to riseeee and shineeeee
Misaki: confirmed mafi kill the imposter
Tak: Kaiser confirmed to have died. Kaiser also confirmed to have been saved.
kaiser: burps at lux
Squirrel: lol
LUX: w h y
Misaki: dAMN
kaiser: SMA
Tak: Misaki was making smores late last night. And left the fire burning.
WildFlower: xD
Squirrel: wow
RavenDarkstar: <.<
LUX: "and they were jsut fine"
Tak: Kaiser walked by. Getting stuck in the fluff goop left behind.
kaiser: o m g
Misaki: o
RavenDarkstar: Here it comes.
Misaki: my bad Kaiser
Tak: Fortunately, there was still a stick nearby, which they used to free themself as the fire raged on
LUX: and lux came along and pushed kaizer into the fire
kaiser: wow i actually liked u
Tak: Villagers, who is the mafia among you?
Misaki: and I burned the entire fucking village THE END
Squirrel: LOL Saki
LUX: wait so aid saved someone
LUX: ?
kaiser: yeah, me.
Tak: Who fanned the fire on and attempted to kill Kaiser?
LUX: gotcha
moon: i vote blue wolf i cant see ur name sorry
Misaki: LUX <
LUX: well we know kaiser isnt maf then
kaiser: i vote moon
LUX: moon
moon: yall idek what i am
kaiser: LMFAO
WildFlower: i vote blue guy
Misaki: I vote Raven
Squirrel: it was totes the Flower
WildFlower: <w<
WildFlower: >w>
RavenDarkstar: Gasp~
Vivacious: just entered
moon: wait how am i supposed to know
Tak: We have a few votse so far. Raven, Flower, Moon and LUX
WildFlower: guess
Squirrel: *screams* you leave her alone
moon: if im the mafia or not
Tak: did i miss any?
Misaki: Wild did you guess?
RavenDarkstar: I can't pick.
WildFlower: yes
Misaki: o ok
Tak: I whisper the mafia to let them know who they are
WildFlower: blue>
LUX: mo o n
moon: OH ok
moon: yes lux?
Misaki: so if you didnt get a whisper, you're a lowly peasant
Tak: Villagers, you must reach a majority within 4 minutes
Squirrel: Pick the Flower. They make me sneeze
LUX: No im voting you moon
moon: oh
kaiser: i vote moon.
Vivacious: just left
Misaki: I still vote Dark
LUX: im not falling for it
WildFlower: oh man xD
RavenDarkstar: Screaming~
Malice: it was colonel mustard with the candle stick in the kitchen
Tak: So far the majority is moon
moon: i vote lux
Tak: If no one else votes, moon will be the one who is killed
Squirrel: goodbye moon
cronaa: just entered
RavenDarkstar: ;.;
LUX: helloo
cronaa: hello
moon: wait nvm i vote raven
WildFlower: let call it 4, i vote moon as well :x sorry </3
Misaki: brb need to PEE
RavenDarkstar: I can't pick. Seems it won't matter much anyhow.
Tak: The majority is still moon
Squirrel: >:{ Why everyone wanna kill my birdie
WildFlower: ^-^"
RavenDarkstar: I'm evil looking.
RavenDarkstar: Maybe?
Squirrel: pft
WildFlower: u r....
WildFlower: >->
kaiser: stares at lux
moon: eye eye
cronaa: just left
Tak: Moon, I am sorry. This village believes you are the mafia.
RavenDarkstar: Stares into your soul~
moon: ok
Tak: They poke you to death with a stick.
LUX: stares at kaiser
RavenDarkstar: <.<
moon: wonderful
Tak: After you try to convince them over and over again, that you were not the mafia.
RavenDarkstar: Lmfaoooo
RavenDarkstar: Damn
LUX: 10/10 death. reminds me of that youtube video
Tak: You've been killed, please leave the circle
kaiser: the suspense
WildFlower: SOBS
Tak: The mafia lives on.
kaiser: daMN
moon: i told yal
RavenDarkstar: I never thought I would see that pose again.
moon: smh
Tak: Villagers, please close your eyes.
kaiser: no.
RavenDarkstar: Didn't Salo draw that for you?
Splotch: just entered
Squirrel: I don't remember who did it x_x
Squirrel: Hey Splooches
Tak: The moon is out tonight. But it will never be full now that moon (the user) has left us.
kaiser: smooooth
Tak: Mafia, aid. Who do you want to kill/save?
Splotch: hey
WildFlower: hehee
RavenDarkstar: She srew me a dead body pose, and you were poking it with the stick. It was a set/puzzle.
RavenDarkstar: drew*
WildFlower: save squirrel
Squirrel: Saki for being so wreckless with the smores
Squirrel: hm
Tak: It is morning. For most of you, but not all of you.
LUX: i didnt not read that right
WildFlower: ,o,
moon: so u did read it right
Misaki: who got votes out
Misaki: voted*
Tak: Misaki, I am sorry. The remainders of the smores turned into a monster after a magical "come to life" serum was poured on them.
moon: me
Misaki: gOD DAMNIT
Tak: It quickly devoured you.
Squirrel: Stay puft marshmallow man!
kaiser: Hhah
RavenDarkstar: ouo
Misaki: god damnit harry potter
Squirrel: its an episode of ghostbusters now
Tak: Squirrel valiantly tried to defeat the monster with a pale and mop, but fell short.
Tak: They walked away with minor bruises, but ended up being safe.
Squirrel: aw I tried.
RavenDarkstar: You tried to clean it to death?
Misaki: its ok man u tried
Tak: Villagers, who is the mafia?
Squirrel: Yes ;-;
RavenDarkstar: GG
RavenDarkstar: gkdn
RavenDarkstar: Pleb
Squirrel: i am sorry I failed you Saki
Misaki: use alcohol next time, it tends to disolve marshmallows quicker
kaiser: i vote flower.
Squirrel: it does?
LUX: I vote Raven, because Misaki voted them and now they are dead.
WildFlower: i vote raven
Misaki: yeah
kaiser: oh
RavenDarkstar: Oh
Squirrel: Imma still say the Flower
Tak: The majority believes it was Raven
Squirrel: nooooooooooo
RavenDarkstar: BRING IT ON!
Tak: Now it is split between Flower and Raven
Splotch: marshmallows in alcohol?
Splotch: what are you even talking about
RavenDarkstar: I vote Flower though, you are very quiet. <n<
WildFlower: -squints at-
RavenDarkstar: That didn't help
Squirrel: it's always the quiet ones
moon: she said alcohol dissolves marshmellows fster
LUX: I still think raven
WildFlower: ditto
Splotch: 8l why would you do that to a marshmallow
Misaki: apparently i was eaten by marshmallow man
Tak: The majority now appears to be in favor of Flower being the mafia
Misaki: and Squirrel tried to wet mop them to death
LUX: wait when
Squirrel: MY MOP OF DOOM
WildFlower: youll damn yourselves
Tak: kaiser is for flower
Tak: raven is for flower
RavenDarkstar: Fite me
Tak: you are for raven
Tak: Squirrel, have you voted?
Splotch: 8l what are you voting on
Squirrel: Flower
Tak: Alright
Misaki: we're playing Mafia..
WildFlower: you FOOLS
Splotch: ohh
Squirrel: Them wild ones are fiesty
Tak: Flower, the village believes you are the mafia.
Malice: on who to poke with a stick
Misaki: Flower get your butt in Hell with the rest of us
WildFlower: a crying shame
Tak: They hang you up like a pinata and hit you over and over again with a mop.
Misaki: LMAO
RavenDarkstar: Oh my
Misaki: the mop of justice
Splotch: a WET mop
Squirrel: Janitors of Justice
Misaki: LMAO
Tak: There was no justice today. Flower was in fact, not the mafia.
Misaki: the JJ's
LUX: yep its raven
RavenDarkstar: We done goofed
Squirrel: oh
Squirrel: ops ;-;
WildFlower: smh xD
Tak: Flower, please leave the circle
moon: i still think its lux
Tak: Villagers, time for some shut eye
RavenDarkstar: Plants flowers for Flower.
Squirrel: zzzzz
Misaki: haunts you all in your dreams
RavenDarkstar: You expect me to sleep.
Tak: Mafia, aid. Who would you like to kill/save?
WildFlower: ganna be a blood bath
LUX: welp im gonna be dead tonight lol
Squirrel: kaiser roll
Splotch: oh shit
Squirrel: shh you sleep
kaiser: Lol
Squirrel: *pets*
Tak: Alright villagers, you wake up to the smell of sushi. That must mean victory, right?
moon: we haunt u
Squirrel: mmmmmm sushi
RavenDarkstar: Oh
Misaki: i may or may not have slipped something in the Sushi
Squirrel: Wait.. does sushi mean victory?
Tak: Wrong. Kaiser was chopped up and added to sushi rolls late last night.
Splotch: or a lte night out
Squirrel: EWH
kaiser: ..
WildFlower: spooooky
RavenDarkstar: ....
kaiser: w o w
Tak: Kaiser, you have been killed. No one heard your cries.
RavenDarkstar: Ew
LUX: its raven--- misaki voted them earlier and they died... ravens my vote.
Squirrel: well, it can only be Lux
kaiser: f u misaki
Tak: Villagers, who is the mafia among you?
LUX: squirel you are conspiring with raven
RavenDarkstar: Giggle snort
Misaki: ur welcome
RavenDarkstar: I vote LUX
Squirrel: LUX get outta here
LUX: slams fist down
Misaki: spoiler alert;
kaiser: lol they are a team
RavenDarkstar: Flips table~
Misaki: Kaiser sushi was delicious
Squirrel: why would I blame my Sweet Raven?
LUX: its r a v e n
kaiser: i know i taste good
Squirrel: shh no she's a good girl
Tak: Alright
Tak: The majority has spoken.
RavenDarkstar: Wags tail~
Squirrel: *pets
Splotch: it was me
Tak: The remaining villagers force LUX to eat the Kaiser sushi until LUX explodes from overeating.
Squirrel: lol Splooches
Squirrel: EWH
WildFlower: lmao
kaiser: ):
LUX: its raven
moon: no on has voted squirrel
Tak: LUX, sadly, was not the mafia.
RavenDarkstar: I am not cleaning that
Tak: Villagers... go to sleep .
WildFlower: >->
Misaki: Squirrel get your mop.
RavenDarkstar: ..
Misaki: wait who's left?????
Squirrel: someone did vote for me
RavenDarkstar: Wait what?
RavenDarkstar: Tak
Squirrel: wait.. lol how
RavenDarkstar: What you do..
Squirrel: NOooooo
RavenDarkstar: Why you do dis
WildFlower: raven and squirrle
Squirrel: *cries*
Tak: Mafia, who would you like to kill?
Tak: You may speak freely now.
Misaki: just stab 'em in the butt
Tak: No one can save them.
Squirrel: I kill myself
RavenDarkstar: .....
Splotch: oh
moon: LOL
WildFlower: fuck outta here
WildFlower: booo
WildFlower: xD
moon: thats a true friend
moon: id do that for u misa my aries sista
kaiser: mis your feet stinks
Tak: While trying to kill herself, the knife slips out of her hand and falls into Raven's leg
Misaki: wOW
WildFlower: hah!
Tak: Squirrel, the mafia. Has won.
moon: yay
kaiser: wow
Misaki: but im not Aries?
RavenDarkstar: Screams like guy from spongebob~ My LEg!
WildFlower: i was the aid xD
moon: gj squirrel
moon: UR NOT
moon: WHAT
kaiser: gj
Misaki: Im a pisces dude
moon: damn i thot u were
Misaki: oH
moon: yes
Misaki: ....................
Squirrel: wait if th eknife slipped.. did we both live?
RavenDarkstar: ...
Misaki: ok.......
moon: si
Tak: No, Raven died
moon: tagic
WildFlower: grrr if only i saved misaki and not squirrel
Squirrel: noooooooo
moon: i like that game
Squirrel: impossibru
Tak: do you guys want to play another round?
LUX: ooo u were aid wild
moon: si
Misaki: yes pls
LUX: yee
Misaki: this is actually kind of fun lmao
WildFlower: i shouldnt have second guessed xD
moon: it i
Tak: anyone is welcome to join!
moon: s
RavenDarkstar: I use to play games like you, but then I took a knife to the knee
Squirrel: lol well that was fun
RavenDarkstar: ...
Splotch: if i wasnt so engrossed in overwatch id be in
Squirrel: LOL
Squirrel: Ravers
LUX: >>
RavenDarkstar: No
kaiser: spread out more?
RavenDarkstar: I'm not sorry.
Squirrel: You shouldn't be.. That waws a good one
Squirrel: *was
LUX: perfect
Tak: okay! whispering the mafia and the aid now
Squirrel: I'm so glad I was able to fool you all. That was fun
RavenDarkstar: You are such a booger
Malice: never trust a squirrel
Squirrel: yep
Tak: Speak, wise raven. Speak! Your songs heal those who have been wounded
Squirrel: Psh. You can trust me. I didn't kill my bestie
Tak: You are the aid this village so desperately needs.
Squirrel: well. not on purpose
Malice: shoulda, no ragrats
Squirrel: shhh
Tak: From healer to killer. You seek vengeance for what has happened to you.
Splotch: but you did
Splotch: on accident
LUX: yawnyawn
Tak: You are the mafia.
WildFlower: MUAHAHAHAHA >:3
WildFlower: yessss
LUX: oh boy
Misaki: just left
LUX: o
Tak: But I WON'T turn on your night light.
Misaki: just entered
kaiser: );
Misaki: what the shit?
Squirrel: Night Lights are for PUSSIES
Tak: wb!
Splotch: i mean what
LUX: webaa
Squirrel: *swings mop around*
Tak: MAFIA! AID! Who would you like to kill and save!
Misaki: protect us Squirrel
Squirrel: I got chu
Misaki: use alcohol this time for any marshmallow demons
LUX: omg
WildFlower: slaughter raven for conspiring against meee
Squirrel: Janitors of Justice!! UNITE
Squirrel: Okay
RavenDarkstar: Save: WildFlower
LUX: we got some quiet ones this round. hmmm
Tak: Alright, villagers. Some events unfolded last night
moon: im here
WildFlower: o my
LUX: stares at moon
Tak: I somehow saw them, from my vantage point. Despite there not being any night lights.
RavenDarkstar: Drawing is dard
RavenDarkstar: hard
Squirrel: Tak is a Wizard
LUX: "you're a wizard tak"
RavenDarkstar: Tak has seen some shit.
LUX: tak is confirmed lookout
WildFlower: youre a harry, wizard
Tak: The bird sings no more. Last night, Raven was tied to a rocket, aimed towards the darkest most part of the sky. They were unable to make it back, freezing in space as they struggled.
moon: hairy wizard
LUX: oh my
Misaki: jesus wow
WildFlower: le gasp :0
RavenDarkstar: Wow
Misaki: thats one sad death
Squirrel: ;-;
LUX: so kaizer, why so quiet
LUX: kaiser*
Tak: Wild saw the events unfold, and rushed to put out the rocket's flame with a pale filled with water and a mop that had been laying around.
Tak: But to no luck.
LUX: o
RavenDarkstar: Stop using the mop
LUX: wait wha
RavenDarkstar: It's a bad tool
WildFlower: i tried D;
Squirrel: Mop has only +1 one saving abilities
Tak: its a nice way of saying the aid spared wildflower
Tak: Raven, you have been killed. Please exit the circle.
RavenDarkstar: ;.;
LUX: gotcha
Misaki: I blame moon for their attempted space expidition
Tak: Villagers, who is the mafia?
moon: kaiser
LUX: well not wild
Squirrel: hmmm
LUX: kaiser?
LUX: poke
Squirrel: wait can aid save mafia? Lol
WildFlower: kaiser
Tak: The aid can save anyone
kaiser: sorry arguing with someone
Tak: Including themself
Squirrel: okay
Squirrel: WELL THEN
RavenDarkstar: Snort
Hocus: just left
LUX: yeah im confused how aid saved someone if maf killed someone
Splotch: that would be me as an aid
Squirrel: I'm still blaming Flower.
Misaki: lmao screw all y'all im saving my own skin
WildFlower: wish i woulda known that o-o
Misaki: like, the aid saved someone else from dying even tho the Mafia got who they wanted
LUX: oh
kaiser: i vote mis. the maf would want us to think they are the aid?
WildFlower: <o<
LUX: wait misaki you claimed aid?
Tak: I see votes for Flower and votes for Misaki
Misaki: lmfao when did I claim that?
Tak: Did I miss any votes?
moon: kaiser killed off raven, who they obv voted a lot last round
moon: i vote kaiser
Tak: And one for Kaiser
kaiser: didnt you just say you are gonna save yourself?
LUX: oh true
moon: she said that if she ever was the aid
Hocus: just entered
RavenDarkstar: You said something about saving your own skin, but that can reference next round.
Tak: You must reach a majority, villagers
WildFlower: i vote kaiser
moon: same
LUX: idk who to vote
Squirrel: wher edo the votes stand again?
kaiser: oh okay
Tak: Kaiser has the majority of the votes
WildFlower: ya too quite
Squirrel: oh
LUX: i dont think its kaiser--
Tak: There are also votes for Wild and Misa
LUX: im voting misaki
kaiser: istill vote mis
moon: im voting kaiser
WildFlower: 2-2 ?
Misaki: rip me
Tak: Squirrel, Misaki
Tak: What are your votes?
Squirrel: *panics*
Misaki: I said Moon
Tak: Squirrel?
Squirrel: *sweats*
Tak: If you cannot come to a majority vote
kaiser: come on squirrel
Tak: No one is killed.
kaiser: hurrry
Squirrel: SAKI
RavenDarkstar: Get a grip hun, you're fine.
Squirrel: lol.. sorry, gotta rule someone out
Splotch: that pressure though
Tak: Misaki, I am sorry. The sweat from Squirrel has drowned you.
RavenDarkstar: Damn
moon: LOL
Splotch: yes
RavenDarkstar: <.<
RavenDarkstar: Nasty
kaiser: nasssty
kaiser: i bet it stinks
Misaki: i aint saving ur ass
Squirrel: I literally did the thing when you cant decide.
LUX: "yah nastay" - raven
kaiser: LOL WOW
Squirrel: and do the my momma told me thing
moon: eenie meenie minni mo
Tak: Misaki was not the mafia, but now smells like they ran a marathon.
Squirrel: yes
Misaki: thanks guys
LUX: poop
WildFlower: lol
Tak: Villagers, time to sleep.
kaiser: well now ima die.
moon: zzz
Hocus: hm....how do i say this in a nice way...i wish my bf would appreciate me more
Tak: Aid, Mafia. Who would you like to kill/save?
RavenDarkstar: Sprays Misaki down with something nice.~
Misaki: squirrel im going to haunt your dreams with your smelly sweat
Squirrel: *pays for Saki's funeral*
RavenDarkstar: Don't stink up hell.
RavenDarkstar: It
Splotch: >>>i hope its more sweat
RavenDarkstar: 'is bad enough
WildFlower: kill moon
Nia: just entered
Misaki: no u drown in ur sweat that killed me
LUX: feels like kaiser could be maf now
Tak: The sun rises.
Tak: And the moon falls.
moon: zamn
kaiser: i feel like youre lux.
WildFlower: :0
Tak: From the sky. And shatters to a million pieces.
LUX: okayy
Misaki: nia help they killed me
Nia: hi moon <3
Tak: Too big to hold, no one can pick up what remains of you.
Squirrel: ;-; Im sorry
moon: hi nia mwuah
Tak: Villagers, who is the mafia among you?
RavenDarkstar: I told her to calm down.
moon: KAISER
kaiser: i vote lux
LUX: wait what
WildFlower: i vote lux as well
moon: it is kaiser
LUX: wait what happened last night
LUX: scrolls
Tak: moon was killed
LUX: oh gotcha
LUX: sorry
Squirrel: uhmm
Tak: LUX, Squirrel, what are your votes?
LUX: and i vote kaiser
Squirrel: Flower. I gotta stick with my guts
LUX: jk im going flower
moon: kaiser vote raven all last round, raven was killed. i voted against kaiser and i was killed
RavenDarkstar: <.<
WildFlower: xD
Tak: There is no majority
Tak: Villagers, speak now. Or the night falls.
kaiser: therefore no one is killed
Misaki: vote squirrel bc they killed me
moon: im 1000000% sure
kaiser: i vote lux still
LUX: kaiser your so sus
Tak: The night has fallen. No one was banished from the village. The mafia lives on.
LUX: you were so quiet the first day
Tak: Villagers, close your eyes.
LUX: welp imma die
WildFlower: -.-
LUX: rip
kaiser: rip rest in puss-
LUX: <<
Tak: Mafia, Aid. Who do you want to assist/kill
kaiser: >
WildFlower: kill kaiser
Tak: Something smells.... delicious
kaiser: the maf would be quick to say theyre gonna die. so they try to turn the vote on someone else. coughs
Tak: You know what that means!
RavenDarkstar: I farted
kaiser: o
RavenDarkstar: Sorry
Splotch: oh lord
kaiser: LOL
Squirrel: ewh>>
RavenDarkstar: My bad
LUX: de a th
moon: kaiser roll
Tak: The leftover kaiser sushi was made into a stew.
kaiser: ..
Splotch: TWIST
kaiser: ):
WildFlower: hah!
Tak: The villagers all ate it, believing it was nothing out of the ordinary.
Misaki: sorry guys I had to use my leftovers sooner or later
Splotch: you guys are some well fed villagers
kaiser: rememberi voted against lux
Tak: Kaiser, you have been killed.
kaiser: cough
Squirrel: Lux, It's so the Flower. Come on.
Tak: Which one of you created the stew?
WildFlower: >->
LUX: nah squirrel i think its you
LUX: : ]
Squirrel: *snorts*
WildFlower: likewise
LUX: you poin blame quickly
Tak: The majority has ruled that Squirrel is the stew maker.
Squirrel: uhm. No I just said I wasn't changing my vote lol
Misaki: vote squirrel im still bitter
Tak: You all must have some beef with her. Because she was not the mafia.
Squirrel: also i type at 90 words per minute so
Squirrel: suck it
LUX: falls over
Squirrel: youre slow????
Tak: Squirrel, you have been killed.
Misaki: HAH
kaiser: I TOLD U GUYS
Malice: tiny squirrel fingers reach the keys somehow
Tak: Mafia, you can speak freely
Tak: Who would you like to kill?
WildFlower: <w<
LUX: yeah im dead
Misaki: LMAO
kaiser: >
Squirrel: I told you, Lux.
WildFlower: lux
kaiser: o h no
LUX: im paranoid
Malice: rekt by a flower and a
Tak: Wild, the mafia, wins! By a wild margin!
Squirrel: I TOLD YOU
moon: i love this game
WildFlower: WEEEEE I WON
kaiser: WTF LUX
LUX: good game flower
Splotch: thats some good mafia
Misaki: this game is so fun lmao
WildFlower: i got my revenge >:3
Splotch: have the villagers won at all?
Squirrel: No one ever listens to me.
LUX: im sorry squirrel
Misaki: yeah we won once or twice
Splotch: >>>because you kiled them all last time
LUX: :c
Tak: does 2 more rounds work for you guys?
kaiser: ive gtg take a shower.
Misaki: yes pls
Tak: i have to make dinner after that!
LUX: can you forgive me
Squirrel: LOL. Not my cfault I'm so cute
kaiser: just left
Squirrel: no one suspected
Splotch: i suspected
LUX: ur cuteness is too much
Squirrel: wel you're smort
Tak: enter the circle if you would like to play!
moon: i can run the game afer u tak if u want
Tak: sure!
Splotch: 8l i will forever suspect you
Squirrel: Im blaming Splooch for everything. She's evil
moon: alright
Splotch: YESSS
Misaki: let me just get last year's halloween candy out
Splotch: thats 100% how i play this game
LUX: omg misaki
Tak: is everyone who wants to play in the circle?
LUX: hai!
moon: give me a reese's misa
Misaki: nis pls play
Misaki: gives a moldy reese's
Squirrel: *boops ravers
Tak: alright.. prepare for some whispers.. >
Splotch: ravers as in partiers i hope
LUX: oh boi
Tak: Splotches are what you will make as you kill your victims. You are the mafia.
Nia: shovels ramen in my mouth
Splotch: bwahahaha
Misaki: nia get in the circle
Nia: i dont know how to play so im good
WildFlower: who was the aid last round?
Misaki: ok then you get to watch me die
Tak: You have been chosen to gain wings once more. Help those who have fallen and those who cannot help themself, young fox.
Nia: im not mentally here enough rn to play anyways
LUX: can i be jester
Misaki: lmfao i would take the dick option and save myself but
LUX: :c
Tak: VILLAGERS, it is time to dream of being jesters for the night.
Misaki: watch as someone choses the option to save themselves LMAO
Tak: Because that's what you all want, I'm sure.
Tak: Mafia. Aid
Squirrel watches Lux fall on their face
LUX: i thought about doing that first time i was aid--- just iad myself every single time
Misaki: '____ runs into a pit then miraculously saves themselves wow!!!
Tak: You know what to do. Whisper me who you would like to kill/save
LUX: aid*
LUX yeah ill prob die
Splotch: down with the lux
LUX lol
Splotch: >>>best way to play
DarkVixen: just entered
LUX: helloo
Misaki: Ahhh Ill save... Sploosh
DarkVixen: helloo
Misaki: Dark <33
Tak: Wake up, jesters in training.
DarkVixen: tfw you love you ultimate that's free rn
Squirrel: Howdy Vix
DarkVixen: misaaa <33
WildFlower: yawnn
DarkVixen: and helloo squirrel
Misaki: excuse me i am a poor peasant i cant afford jester school
Squirrel: *honks nose
RavenDarkstar: ~Kisses the Squirrel on the cheek~ Who's a little cootie
Tak: Splotch and LUX both stumbled upon.. something unusual last night.
Splotch: we villagers have universal schooling
DarkVixen is away: semi~
LUX: ive been waiting my whole life to be a jester
Tak: Wild berries, to be exact.
Tak: Thinking they were blueberries, the two chowed down.
Splotch: i ate them
Splotch: didnt i
Misaki: dONT EAT THE BLUE---
Misaki: shit
Splotch: 8l
LUX rip
DarkVixen: blue shit
Tak: They were anything but. The poison crept into both of their systems.
Misaki: yes
Misaki: blue shit
DarkVixen: well that's not even appetizing
Misaki: too many blueberries
Tak: Splotch was quick to cough up the berries. They were saved.
DarkVixen: LMFao
Tak: LUX. I am sorry.
Splotch: YES
LUX: i knew it
Tak: You are as blue as the berries you ate.
Splotch: i mean
LUX: squirrel out to get me. MAF CONFIRMED
Splotch: sorry
Splotch: ?
Misaki: lux i will avenge u
LUX: plz d0
Squirrel: LOL
Tak: Who planted these berries?
moon: misaki
Misaki: im blue daba di daba die
LUX: no jk. squirrel is prob being framed
Tak: Who is the berry smart mafia among you?
Squirrel: Moon.
Misaki: Moon
Splotch: vvv well i beleived you
WildFlower: squirrel
moon: actually
moon: i change my bvote
moon: squireel
moon: eel
Tak: can we repeat our votes please
moon: it was the eels all along
Squirrel: I am not an EEL >:|
Tak: that all happened fast
Splotch: squirrel
WildFlower: squirrel
Squirrel: Moon.
Misaki: Moon
moon: squirrel
Splotch: 8l no youre a mafia
RavenDarkstar: Wow
Tak: Raven
Tak: Do you have any thoughts?
RavenDarkstar: Not really honestly.
Tak: Squirrel
Tak: The villagers force you to eat the remaining berries.
moon: damn thats dark
Misaki: and a moldy snickers bar
Splotch: theyre not that bad i promise
RavenDarkstar: I love you, but I really can't say
Misaki: LMFAO
RavenDarkstar: Oh
Tak: You too, are blue. Sad that the villagers turned upon you
Tak: You were innocent.
Misaki: yeah you would know Splotch you didnt die
moon: like when hollyleaf made leafpool eat deathberries
Tak: Villagers, time to sleep.
Splotch: 8l right
WildFlower: z z z
Splotch: i got to enjoy them
Tak: Mafia, Aid
Misaki: for .3 seconds
LUX: rip squirrel. gives them something good to eat.
Tak: Whispa into the night
Splotch: worth it
Squirrel: NO
LUX: :c
Misaki: im still aid?
Tak: yes
Misaki: o ok
Misaki: uhhhh
Splotch: misaki
Misaki: Ill save myself and be an ass LMAO
Tak: Villagers
LUX: gives you a candy
Misaki: is it from last year
Tak: You have been spared.
LUX: maybe
Misaki: good thats the best kind
WildFlower: all of us?
Misaki: wait so nobody died?
Tak: Misaki almost fell victim to the popcorn monster
LUX: good job aid
RavenDarkstar: ...
Misaki: bARK
Tak: But popped her way out of his mouth, in the knick of time.
Splotch: at least it wasnt the candy from lux
RavenDarkstar: Man, snack foods really hate you.
LUX: so misaki is inno
LUX: wdym. i never gave out bad candy :c
Misaki: no, beware my candy
Tak: Villagers
Splotch: >-> can i have candy
Tak: Who is the popcorn fiend among you?
moon: raven
LUX: hands splotch my candy.
Splotch: 8l yesss
RavenDarkstar: o-o
Squirrel: I want candy, bubblegum and taffy. get in my way youre gonna get cha ass beat
Squirrel: nasty
Squirrel: .
WildFlower: splotch
Misaki: I blame Wild
RavenDarkstar: Moon >>
RavenDarkstar: Pfft
LUX: hands squirrel taffy and bubblegum
Splotch: >-> wild
Tak: Wild
WildFlower: <-<
Splotch: pointin fingers over here
Splotch: 8l
Tak: The majority has voted for your untimely demise.
Tak: I lay a flower on your grave. Because you were innocent.
Splotch: o h
LUX: :c
WildFlower: X-X
RavenDarkstar: For every one finger you point, four more point to you!
LUX: rip flower
moon: wild was the killer last time
Tak: Villagers, time to sleep.
Misaki: rip
WildFlower: exactly moon
WildFlower: ripple
Tak: Mafia and aid
LUX: but its randomly generated?
Tak: Now is the time for action
Splotch: moon
WildFlower: i got aid then mafia back to back last two rounds
Tak: aid and mafia are randomly generated, yes
Misaki: can i save myself again or is that against the rules?
Tak: you can
Misaki: lmao everyones gonna hate me rip
Splotch: do you have a generator for that?
LUX: same
Tak: yes
Misaki: sprinkles magic dust on myself
Malice: she is robot beepboop
Tak: your spot in the circle at the beginning determines your role
WildFlower: ya circle is looking a like triangley
Splotch: ...
WildFlower: <<
WildFlower: xD
WildFlower: taks at the top!
Splotch: it all suddenly makes sensevvv
WildFlower: hes the eye
WildFlower: she's?
Tak: raven is spot 1, if spot 1 is at the top of the list after being randomized, they would be mafia
Tak: make sense?
Splotch: illuminati
Tak: lol
Tak: Villagers
RavenDarkstar: Plays X-Files theme~
LUX: ty raven
RavenDarkstar: Welcome~
Tak: The moon will rise no more.
WildFlower is away: pizza time
Tak: You all believed it was made of cheese.
Tak: And couldn't help yourselves.
Tak: Misaki realized the error of your ways
Misaki: vomits up the moon
Tak: And tried to stop the remaining villagers from eating what remained.
moon: wait was i the mafia?
moon: LOL WHAT
Misaki: alright who poisoned the moon
Splotch: i dont know?
Tak: But she was pushed out of the way.
Splotch: oh
Splotch: no one, we just ate it lol
Tak: The mafia lives on
moon: oh
Tak: Who among you is this mafia?
Splotch: raven
Splotch: if misaki is trying to stop us
Splotch: 8l
RavenDarkstar: I say it's you Splotch. <<
RavenDarkstar: You are the butt stabber.
Misaki: I blame Raven
Tak: You must come to a majority vote
Splotch: i would never stab a butt
Tak: Or else no one is banished
Splotch: raven
Tak: Raven, I am sorry. But the village has spoken
WildFlower: its not pizza time yet >~<
WildFlower: fffff
Tak: Splotch and Misaki catch you in a Pokeball, and shatter the ball with a bat. You'll forever be stuck with Missing No
WildFlower is back
Splotch: that got morbid fast
Misaki: jESUS TAKA
Splotch: damn
WildFlower: damn o-o
RavenDarkstar: >>
WildFlower: thats brutal
RavenDarkstar: Sobs~
Misaki: thats a little dark man calm yourself
WildFlower: ruh rooooo
Misaki: stares @ Splotch <__________<
RavenDarkstar: I will crash all of your games.
Splotch: >____>
DarkVixen: stares at misa
Misaki: I swer 2 god if Raven is innocent...........
LUX: i hope we have an aid and maf left b/c draw. lol
Tak: Raven, was in fact, innocent.
RavenDarkstar: I have been since we started the whole game.
RavenDarkstar: Honestly.
moon: me too
RavenDarkstar: I never was mafia
RavenDarkstar: Not once.
LUX: misaki if youre aid cant you just heal yourself
Misaki: jumps off a bridge and dies
moon: i havent been the mafia or aid yet
RavenDarkstar: You are all a bunch of butts
Misaki: I did ;)
Squirrel: I told you guys, she's a good girl lol
RavenDarkstar: Wags tail~
LUX: but you can keep healing yourself--- forever
Misaki: and i aint healing myself today
Tak: It is a draw
Splotch: aid builds bunker
Misaki: *dies*
Splotch: never comes out
LUX: sweet. i love draws
WildFlower: twas splotch?
Splotch: 8l no it was misaki
Misaki: Splotch was the dick among the group
Tak: one more round! then i must make dinner
LUX: alrighty
Misaki: well sirree bob no more
moon: if yall wanna play more ill take over
Splotch: sorry squi lol
Splotch: totally got rid of you first
Misaki: around 8 or so Ill need to get off and help my boyfriend with homework and reading
Tak: I will be whispering the mafia and aid now
Misaki: yep and I just kept sprinkling that magic pixie dust alllll over me
Squirrel: Rude.
Tak: ;)
Tak: ;)
Splotch: 8l youll forgive me one day
Squirrel: nope
Splotch: well then
Tak: You are the savior this village needs. Please shine your light upon them.
Misaki: i still havent forgiven squirrel for drowning me in their PANIC SWEAT
Squirrel: lol
Splotch: at least lux got to go out eating
LUX: truu
Splotch: snores
RavenDarkstar: Five more minutes MA
Tak: Mafia! Aid! Who do you want to kill/save?
Misaki: downs a bottle of Zquil
Squirrel: *stays up all night playing video games anyways*
RavenDarkstar: I wannt beat this level
LUX: stays awake all night
Misaki: goodni ZZZZ
RavenDarkstar: GAWDS
moon: save misaki
RavenDarkstar: Table flip~
RavenDarkstar: FINE!
Misaki: Raven invite me to ur party
Misaki: we will play all night
Splotch: i want to go to a party
Tak: wakey-wakey!
Splotch: 8l
RavenDarkstar: Drunk Skyrim
WildFlower: a pizza party
LUX: falls asleep
Misaki: grumbles... 10 more minutes mom...
RavenDarkstar: It's my fave past time after work
Splotch: i dislike both of those things
Tak: You are right to stay asleep, LUX.
WildFlower: ,-,
WildFlower: u dont like pizza?
Tak: Because you have been killed.
Misaki: o
Splotch: i dont like skyrim
Splotch: or drinking lol
WildFlower: oh
Misaki: >:C
Splotch: also
Splotch: poor lux
LUX: someone has beef with me
Tak: You were suffocated by Misaki's pile of candy, which had been stolen in the night.
WildFlower: i like both
Misaki: wh- who stole my candy?!?!
Splotch: me
Tak: Misaki realized the candy was missing, and came to see where it had gone. And narrowly missed death themself.
Squirrel: Dang Saki, you kill everyone with your food
Splotch: >>
Misaki: <___________<
WildFlower: ripple LUX
Misaki: i will hurt u Sploosh
LUX: Tak is maf. They didnt want me sleeping in the daytime.
Splotch: 8l do iiit
Misaki: just like i should have not saved u
Tak: Villagers
Tak: Who among you is the mafia?
Squirrel: moon
LUX: more like who among everyone. Im watching you TAK
Misaki: I blame Raven
WildFlower: misa
Misaki: thanks
LUX: got eyes on
Splotch: raven
moon: raven
RavenDarkstar: What I do now?
Misaki: 3 for raven ooooo
Splotch: 8l killed lux
Misaki: stealing my candy how could you
Tak: Raven, I am sorry. But the village has spoken once more.
RavenDarkstar: Stop having Dots in there then
RavenDarkstar: Geez
LUX: rip
Misaki: you can take all the dots you want
Tak: Flap your wings and fly away
Misaki: but anything else is illegal
Tak: The village has banished you. But if you ever returned, you will be killed on sight.
Misaki: go play your DS in Hell
LUX: oh my
WildFlower: lol
Splotch: of all things to play in hell
RavenDarkstar: You guys really hate me
Tak: Villagers. The blood moon rises once more (Zelda reference).
RavenDarkstar: Damn
Splotch: so she was innocent
Misaki: get your Majora masks ready kiddos
RavenDarkstar: ;.;
Splotch: 8l
Tak: Mafia. Aid.
Misaki: bc we fighting the goblin king
Tak: You know what to do. I hope.
moon: save splotch
WildFlower: david bowie is the tru goblin king
RavenDarkstar: I hope you all get eaten by a giant pumpkin monster.
WildFlower: rest his fine soul
Tak: You may wake.
Splotch: >>>
RavenDarkstar: You helped kill me how many times?
Splotch: unmistakeable proof
Tak: This village seems... less colorful.
Tak: All the wild flowers... they seem to have. Wilted.
Misaki: <______<
Splotch: 8l
WildFlower: K.0
Splotch: rip
Malice: i need to shave so bad
Tak: A chemical spill has desolated the land.
Misaki: sorry guys that was my candy\
WildFlower: -shrivels up-
Splotch: is the spill me
moon: ur atomic poos
Splotch: because...im green
Tak: Splotch almost falls victim, but finds shelter in a tall tree.
moon: oops
Splotch: terrifiedofheights
moon: ur atomic poos misa
Splotch: diesanyways
Tak: Villagers
Misaki: burn the tree
Splotch: >_>
Tak: Who started the chemical spill?
Splotch: its misaki
moon: misa
Misaki: I vote Splotch
Misaki: you green gross thing
RavenDarkstar: I peed too much and flooded hell.
Tak: Squirrel?
Splotch: 8lim only a little gross
Squirrel: moon
Misaki: r I P ME
Tak: Misaki.
Tak: The pumpkin king has eaten you.
Misaki: my own husband
Misaki: damn that man
Splotch: good job jack
RavenDarkstar: Gays have acid pee...wait no it was acid blood.
Misaki: Damn you Jack.
RavenDarkstar: I forgot.
Tak: Villagers
Splotch: totalyl watching that
Splotch: btw
Tak: It is time to sleep.
WildFlower: scandalous :0
Splotch: WHAT
Misaki: my own pumpkin king husband killed me
Tak: Mafia. Aid.
Tak: *waves hand*
moon: myself
Tak: You know the deal
LUX: save moon tak
LUX: oops i forgot to whisper
Tak: LOL
WildFlower: xD
Squirrel: fail
Misaki: rIP
Tak: The dead do not speak, LUX
Splotch: whoops
LUX: oh right
WildFlower: wait aid can save even if they ded?
Misaki: wait so if the Aid dies, they cant save anyone?
Tak: It is time to wake up, villagers.
WildFlower: oh
Tak: I have prepared cereal for you all.
Splotch: how could a dead person save someone?
moon: yes misa
LUX: loo what i have started. im so sorry
hiddickington: just left
Splotch: >->
LUX: i am not aid
Tak: Cereal on a job well done. No one was killed.
WildFlower: xD
Misaki: damnit
Splotch: well
LUX: im being a turd
LUX: rip
Tak: Moon almost drowned in their own cereal, but was able to pick up their head. I guess they must be a little sleepy.
moon: hmm i wonder whomst is idle
Misaki: Taka managed to forget to put the poison in
Splotch: i vote squirrel
Splotch: vvvv
moon: me too
Squirrel: Splotch
Splotch: 8l you would
moon: squirrel
Tak: That was fast
Squirrel: I would
Splotch: how DARE
Tak: Squirrel. Your cereal has been taken from you.
Tak: But, don't worry.
RavenDarkstar: Join me in hell you vile forest rodant!
Tak: They give you a bath in boiling hot oatmeal.
RavenDarkstar: I love you
moon: toasty
Misaki: kinky
WildFlower: lol
Squirrel: <3
DarkVixen: awe misa you stole my joke
Misaki: i steal everyone's joke
Splotch: do i win or am i dead....
Splotch: >->
LUX: dont worry squirrel ill give you bran flakes in the afterlife. mmm
DarkVixen: ik you thief JEEZ
DarkVixen: no ily
moon: i saved u splotch like 100000 times
Splotch: my life story
Tak: > None of you will dream of being jesters tonight. As the jester has fooled you all. Tak has slipped poison into both of your cereals.
moon: NO
Tak: You should have listened to LUX.
moon: WHAT
Splotch: WHAT EVEN
Squirrel: lol I knew it was you Tak
WildFlower: WAT A TWIST
moon: damn
Misaki: oh my god Taka you plot twister.
Tak: mwahahahahaha
Splotch: 8l cant even
LUX: Seee I told you guys
WildFlower: evil evil evil
Misaki: Lux I shall now listen to you froever
RavenDarkstar: Meh
Tak: I hope you all had fun!
WildFlower: lots of fun thank you tak
Misaki: that was a lot of fun Tak
Splotch: i came here to have a good time
Misaki: lets do that again sometime!!
LUX: yes that was really fun! thank you so much tak!
Splotch: and im honestly feeling so attacked right now
Squirrel: poor ravers didn't get to kill anyone
Tak: no problem!
moon: if any of yall wanna play more ill do it
Tak: you are welcome to continue to play!
Misaki: good you SHOULD feel attacked bc you wanted to kill me
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It might be a little while, but maybe we'll realign soon. Made to reassign, but find me a little time too.
Half euphoric, fixing the ratios. Teleport me, I've been pushing the envelope.
All ironic, given the way she slowed. You're iconic, given the way you froze.
Call me out, stay platonic; I'll find a chaperone. Wait around, forget mnemonics, I'll regret it years ago.
Spare me all the ceremony, dialing in all your pheromones. To cite a life in histrionics; the way you left was apropos.

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Event Committee
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Wed Oct 25, 2017 7:45 pm


I hope you all enjoyed these game nights! I know I certainly did!
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It might be a little while, but maybe we'll realign soon. Made to reassign, but find me a little time too.
Half euphoric, fixing the ratios. Teleport me, I've been pushing the envelope.
All ironic, given the way she slowed. You're iconic, given the way you froze.
Call me out, stay platonic; I'll find a chaperone. Wait around, forget mnemonics, I'll regret it years ago.
Spare me all the ceremony, dialing in all your pheromones. To cite a life in histrionics; the way you left was apropos.

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Event Committee
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Sun Oct 29, 2017 1:00 pm

Image Image Image

@Voidrae @Epilepsy @Coyfox

Everyone who participated will get a stamp for each day they played!
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It might be a little while, but maybe we'll realign soon. Made to reassign, but find me a little time too.
Half euphoric, fixing the ratios. Teleport me, I've been pushing the envelope.
All ironic, given the way she slowed. You're iconic, given the way you froze.
Call me out, stay platonic; I'll find a chaperone. Wait around, forget mnemonics, I'll regret it years ago.
Spare me all the ceremony, dialing in all your pheromones. To cite a life in histrionics; the way you left was apropos.

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Sun Oct 29, 2017 1:59 pm

Takatia wrote:
Sun Oct 29, 2017 1:00 pm
Image Image Image

@Voidrae @Epilepsy @Coyfox

Everyone who participated will get a stamp for each day they played!
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it's never going to stop
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Event Committee
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Sun Oct 29, 2017 2:00 pm

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It might be a little while, but maybe we'll realign soon. Made to reassign, but find me a little time too.
Half euphoric, fixing the ratios. Teleport me, I've been pushing the envelope.
All ironic, given the way she slowed. You're iconic, given the way you froze.
Call me out, stay platonic; I'll find a chaperone. Wait around, forget mnemonics, I'll regret it years ago.
Spare me all the ceremony, dialing in all your pheromones. To cite a life in histrionics; the way you left was apropos.

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