Howloween 2017: Blackbird's Sniff Trivia! (Open!)

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Wed Oct 11, 2017 11:50 am

Howloween 2017: Trivia Contest!

Hello there and welcome to the Howloween Trivia Contest! This event is hosted by the Wolfhome Administration that begins on October 3rd. The purpose is to find Howloween related trivia questions located in XXXX Administrator's sniff, and upon finding the questions, to answer them and send them to me! (Blackbird) in a forum PM or chat message. However, there's a catch this year! Two questions are hidden in the sniffs of two mysterious Event Committee Members! Those who get the most correct, win! Please, do NOT post your answers on this topic!

Image Guidelines Image
-Be sure to state the question number or the actual question with your answer, as well as include the name of the administrator/EC Member who had the question in their sniff.
-You cannot enter more than once.
-Please do not cheat, and do not share your answers with other users! It makes the game not as fun!
-Do NOT post your answers on this topic!

Image The Prizes Image
First Place: 10 deltas
Second Place: 5 deltas
Third Place: 2.5 deltas
The deadline for this competition is October 31st.

Good luck and have a wonderful, fun, and safe, Halloween!

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