How Do I Get Poses? (A Guide!) 2.0

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How do I Get Poses?
A guide created by Colossith and updated by Blackbird!

New members to Wolfhome ask this all the time "Where do I get poses?" or "How can I make poses?" At some point most of us have wondered this. So this is a quick guide to getting poses via WolfHome, if any part of this confuses you, post in this thread, I or someone else will be more than happy to help you :)!

This guide has several sections:
  • Summary of the rules of choosing/obtaining a pose
    Types of poses
    The difference between full coloured poses, grayscales and outlines.
    The way to distinguish if a pose is for you!
    The Wolfhome art FAQ - post standards
    Helpful links to get you started on making/colouring your own poses

Summary of the rules of choosing/obtaining a pose

1) Make sure you can use it.
2) Make sure it's allowed on Wolfhome.
3) Be polite! No one likes to be spammed or annoyed into making a pose. Constantly asking in Wolfhome rooms is not polite. Spamming or harassing users on the forums or in the chat can get you banned. You won't get much by asking "CAN SUM1 MAKE ME A POSE PLZ".

Types of poses
There is three main types of poses: freebies, premades, and customs.

Freebies can be used by anyone, they sometimes have restrictions on where you can use them. They usually come in "grayscale" or "outline" form. (These terms will be explained soon!) Premades
Premades are poses artists make and then sell, you can buy them with either deltas or real money (most artists accept USD - United States Dollar). Some artists limit where their premades may be used Customs
Customs are made especially for someone of their character. They usually cost either deltas or real money (most artists accept USD - United States Dollar). Only they can use the pose. Some artists limit where their custom poses may be used. The difference between full coloured poses, grayscales and outlines.
When you have found a pose you like it will usually be in one of three forms. Fully coloured, grayscale or outline. If you wish to make your own pose check the bottom of this post for some helpful links!

A fully coloured pose has shading and colours on it.
An example of a fully coloured pose:
(This pose is not for anyone's use but my own and is only here as an example!)
© Alien

A grayscale is a white pose with gray shading, the idea of a grayscale is that it can be coloured with any markings easily.
This is an example of a grayscale:
This pose is a premade, and may be purchased through the Wolfhome Fundraiser!
© Suspria, Blackbird, & Bedagi

An outline is a pose which only has the details on it, with no colour. They are usually in "black and white" and have no shading on them.
This is an example of an outline:
This pose is free and allowed on all chats!
© Callisto

The way to distinguish if a pose is for you!
If you look at the three poses above, in bold they have their permissions next to them, stating whether they are free or not, and where they can be used.

If a pose has someone's name beside/above/below it then that pose isn't for your use or if the word "free" isn't above/below/at the side of it then you can safely assume it is not for your use!

Here is some quick pointers on establishing if you can use a pose:
  • 1) Is this pose coloured in your colours and does it have your username beside it? If yes then this pose is usable by you!
    2) Is this pose uncoloured and it is stated next to the pose that it's free? If so then you can use this pose!
    3) Did you see the pose and send the maker of the pose the amount they asked for it? If so then yes you can use this pose!
If you are unsure, you can always PM the artist of a pose just to check. (Note that anything in the Freebie Emporium is indeed free so there is no need to PM anyone about a pose found there!) You can PM someone by pressing the PM button located at the bottom left of each post located next to the "profile" button.

Purchasing Premades
Artists like to make their lives easy by leaving clear instructions in their posts on how to get the poses! Always be sure to read all the information artists provide you, this will inform you as to how to go about things. If you are still unclear PMing artists is a good idea, even look through the thread to see if user comments help you gain an idea of what to do.

The most basic steps are:
  • *Find the pose you want.
    *Post on the thread, or PM the artist (if they ask for that specifically) about which poses you want to buy and who the permissions are for! So if you are buying for a friend remember to make that clear. As Siren said some artists don't accept deltas. Be sure they accept deltas if you want to use them.
    *Send the appropriate payment. Make it clear what the payment is for. On delta transfers you can add a comment describing what the payment is for. This helps artists a great deal. Do the same for paypal payments too ^^.
    *Screenshot your payment! This is encouraged for two reasons a) to prove you sent it and b) incase the artist doesn't add your name!
    *Save the pose. Only save it when the payment has definitely gone to the right person!
    *Colour it, either you or someone else can colour it for you.
    *When it is coloured you are ready to upload the pose!
    • - If the artist has added your name to their permissions, simply copy and paste the link to the thread into the comment box in the uploader.
      - If they haven't added you, link both your screenshot AND the thread you bought it from, plus your post about the permissions!
More help on screenshots can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=60404&p=869931&hili ... ts#p869931" onclick=";return false;
General help with the comment box can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=32020" onclick=";return false;

The Wolfhome art FAQ - post standards
Wolfhome has requirements for poses and rules around what you can and can't upload, the Wolfhome art FAQ is a guide to what will and won't be accepted. The Wolfhome Art FAQ - click here and read this through before uploading your first pose! It has a lot of information you should read and could save you a lot of time.

Helpful links to get you started on making/colouring your own poses
A list of art tutorials on how to make poses, art programs you can use and how to use them, and how to color poses can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=195706" onclick=";return false;
A big thank you to, Odiare, Avani & Timberwolf for your contributions to this list!

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