Those Stinky Photobucket Watermarks

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IT'S OVER 2 9000'S!
IT'S OVER 2 9000'S!
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Sat Nov 12, 2022 8:15 pm

I saw this trick on here somewhere and I think it needs to be shared.

A lot of poses now have a watermark on it when it's posted here. I'm referring to the Photobucket links specifically, not anything artists have watermarked!! But I think it's useful to know there is a loophole around it so you don't have to ask around for the poses again and again.

We have this pose here as an example! You can see the teeny Photobucket watermark on it.

Right click the pose. You're gonna select "open image in a new tab."

It's gonna open it and it's gonna look like this. no watermark!

and you'll see the LINK ends in .png, which is what we want.

But this will not save this way! When you save it, it will try to save it as a webp, which will not open in photoshop or any program.

idk why it does this. BUT.

you'll save it as a webp, because this site will convert it into a png for you. it isnt an image hosting site so you'll need to save the file before doing another.
to my understanding there is a limit per day to how many you can upload unless you pay for a subscription, but it's quick and easy if you need something done fast.

thought i'd share, i know a lot of freebies and premades were uploaded to photobucket and got the watermark thing.

alo if this isnt in the right spot, pls move it thank u!
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