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pose uploader/forum link glitch

Posted: Tue Jan 12, 2021 8:06 pm
by Rayyne
i am experiencing some sort of glitch/error while trying to link a topic from the freebie emporium in the pose uploader. instead of being taken to the correct topic, the reviewer clicking the link is instead taken to either the previous or next topic. i had two poses rejected in the past 24 hours because the incorrect topics are showing. just a few days ago i was able to upload two other poses with no issue.

i was able to work out the first rejection with Fungi last night, who told me sometimes the links act funny and don’t work right. is there any way to correct this problem? or has anyone else experienced this? i use the current version of google chrome; i am not sure if that affects anything.

Re: pose uploader/forum link glitch

Posted: Fri Jan 15, 2021 4:09 am
by Fungi
Good morning!

When you are using the 'next topic' and 'previous topic' buttons, the "&view=next" and "&view=previous" sends you to the next or last topic posted in the forums. This is added into the URL of the topic so when you use it as permissions for a pose, I find that it'll just send the ART member to the next or previous topic as it is intended to. This is most likely why your poses are getting rejected for the permissions - because it is directing the ART member to the next or previous topic in the Freebie Emporium.

A good way to combat this and to ensure you're linking the proper topic is to click the date and time of the post above the content (link for reference: This is a clickable link and it directs you straight to the post or topic you want them to see! By using that link for your permissions, you'll be ensuring it is the correct link and you won't experience this issue with the naughty "&view=next" and "&view=previous" anymore. I hope this helps! :}