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I am underdog. I am the original author of the program that became Wolfhome. I am a gray-bearded old guy. I like working on programming both day and night. I breath new technology and I am having a hard time picturing a day when new technology is overwhelming but I figure that day is somewhere out there. My goal is to provide an interesting site where people can chat and have fun. My other goal is to find a way to turn the reins over to the users so that they can run the site without running wild all over it. But I digress.. Anyway, thanks for reading and ttfn.

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Hey there Im Ava, local Coffee/Tea Fox. I'm 38 years old and located on the East Coast, though I do spend quite a bit of time in Delaware. I'm in a long term relationship, my boyfriend has two boys. Kids are definitely a handful! I'm a very happy furmom of two cats, Cleo and Riddick. I love my fur babies so much! I enjoy coffee and tea :) I gotta have my coffee in the morning or there is no functioning. I can also be found feeding the squirrel’s & birds. Currently enjoying watching the show’s The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, Grey’s Anatomy, Lucifer, Siren & The Handmaids Tale and some others. Always watching stuff. I'm always open to chat, so always feel welcome to say hello :)

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Greetings! I'm Sylvah, most call me Sylv/Syl. I previously went by the names of Affirmed, Bagheera, and Admiral. I am very familiar around these parts as I've been here since 2010/2011. I have been an Administrator on Wolfhome previously, for years. I'm proudly Canadian, I was in the Canadian Armed Forces for almost 4 years, and released shortly after. I am now currently a stay at home mother for my son, and step daughter. I'm a fitness addict, and have been for a couple of years now, and workout on a regular/daily basis. I do digital artwork and commissions on the side as a hobby. I'm a huge gamer, and a World of Warcraft geek. Avid Pokémon collector. I like to think I'm easily approachable, and feel free to strike up a conversation if you'd like, I'm really just a big ol' goofball. I love to meet new people, and make new friends! The more the merrier!

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I'm Totem! I've been around chats since around 2010. I was previously known as Epilepsy! I'm 23 years old and live in South Carolina with my fiance soon to be wife. I'm currently in school for computer science, and then I'll be going for my master's in cyber security! I have 2 cats and 2 dogs at this time, and tons of fish! I'm pretty easy to talk to and enjoy a good conversation! I enjoy talking about dogs as well as video games really anything!! I hope to see you around on chat!



Forum Moderator
Hi All! I'm Azriel, but feel free to call me Az, Azzy, whatever your hearts content! I was an admin of the past and back to serve the community. I am from San Diego, CA and love to be at the beach in my free time. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

Event Committee Leader; Forum Moderator
Hello! I am Bressa aka known as Bre or Brittany, or Brit! I have been on wolfhome #for about 11 years now. First starting on MR then moving to wolfhome and lupinar! I am 25 years old and is married. I work in health care as a receptionist for 3 years now. I have 5 animals, 2 obnoxious huskies named Atka and Octavia. Then 3 cats , named Smore,Marshmallow, onyx. I am a big animal lover! I spend most most of my time diamond painting, board games, video games, out doors and enjoying friends and family! Also always have an open door policy with everyone! If you need someone to talk to always there to do so!

ART; Forum Moderator; Relations Team
Hello! I’m Devaska but feel free to call me Dev, Deva, Ali or choose a fun nickname! I was previously known as Deadly. I live in Canada with my rescue doggo, Harley, and grumpy cat, Kitty! I’ve been on and off WolfHome since around 2000 and took a hiatus around 2008 before returning. WolfHome has grown to be another home for me and I’m grateful to be connecting with so many great people. Some of my hobbies include art, photography (mostly landscape & animal photography), travel, animals, reading, music, and trying all different flavors of tea & food! I’m always up for a chat so feel free to strike up a conversation!

ART; Forum Administrator
Hey there lovies! A lot of you know me under my previous usernames; Ilos & Ghrimelda! Been around here since about 2007ish.
My name is Ashleigh (HIGHLY prefer Ash)! I am a 26 year old mama to be living in Northern VA. I live with my lovely husband, my 13 year old dog, 2 cat boys, and a leopard gecko!
You can typically find me on chat working on some art projects or gaming! Come talk games, anime, and coffee with me!

Forum Moderator; ART
Hi! I'm Miuri, known previously as Siren. I've been around WH since 1999, so slightly archaic.
I am a canine educator and trainer, as well as working full time as a Benefits Advisor for a medical company. I doodle for fun and stress relief, and a gamer and always addicted to League of Legends (so if you want to ARAM, let me know!).
Otherwise, I'm pretty laid back and enjoy chit-chat so if we're in the same room please feel free to strike up a conversation!
P.S. Hi I R Coffee Fox Sister. This Will be FoxHome.

ART; Forum Moderator
Hi! My name is Amanda! I have been apart of the Wolfhome community since it was in beta testing (yes, I'm old). You may remember me as Bedagi or Allistarr from prior years. I reside in Ohio with my boyfriend and his two children. I have 3 cats (Lotus, Nacho and Jaspurr), a bunny (Finn) and a hedgehog (Button). I greatly enjoy making art, reading, spending time with my family and friends, and sleeping (lol)! I am obsessed with anything Coraline and Oogie Boogie, I collect animal skulls (all ethically sourced), and play Animal Crossing more than I should admit to. I am super outgoing and love to meet new people so if you see me online don't be afraid to say hi!



Forum Moderator
Hello, I am Herb, your local plant and I do have just about a trillion nicknames. I am 22 years old, and have a daughter named Sunniva, who is the light of my life! I am new to the wolfhome administration, but hope to bring a welcoming, warm vibe to you all and provide my insights on different topics to make this place great again! I am a new artist and love drawing every chance that I get as well as videogames, hiking, photography, herbalism, and much more! I always enjoy making new friends and chatting to any and everyone to crosses paths with me, so don't be afraid to strike up a conversation with me!

Relations Team Leader; Forum Moderator; Event Committee
Hey there! I'm Rhea, but you may call me Kelly if you'd like! I'm 25 years old, married and a mom of 2 kiddos! I'm a huge animal lover as well! I have 4 cats and 5 puppers. I'm currently residing in New Jersey, and in my free time I enjoy watching movies/tv shows or traveling! Who doesn't like to travel when they can! I joined Wolfhome back in 2012, I've been here for quite sometime and have made some wonderful friends throughout the years! I'm always open to having a conversation with anyone, feel free to say hello! =)

ART; Forum Moderator
Hi, I'm Mischa. I like to chat, play video games, and draw. I love deer, plants, and muted colors. Feel free to say hi sometime!



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