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The Wolfhome Administration Team


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I am underdog. I am the original author of the program that became Wolfhome. I am a gray-bearded old guy (well ok so nowadays 48 doesn't seem too old but y'all think it is so I will play along).. I like working on programming both day and night. I breath new technology and I am having a hard time picturing a day when new technology is overwhelming but I figure that day is somewhere out there. My goal is to provide an interesting site where people can chat and have fun. My other goal is to find a way to turn the reins over to the users so that they can run the site without running wild all over it. But I digress.. Anyway, thanks for reading and ttfn.

Programming Partner

Forum Administrator; Event Committee Leader; Tech Department
Hi!! I'm Aeolia, some of you may also know me as cocoa on other chats, I'm still relatively new and working my way back into the community after being gone for a very long time! I'm from Canada and am currently residing in Europe (which may be the reason we barely cross paths!), I'm studying Early Childhood Education and working part-time in my desired field while doing so and will hopefully be finished with my program in Feb 2018! I really like riding my bicycle around and to work, tinkering around with arts and crafts (traditionally), and spending time with my S/O and our little furbaby; A little black kitty cat named Bettler. Feel free to strike up a conversation with me, or come to me with problems if you need any help!

Forum Administrator; Art Staff; Relations Team Leader; Tech Department
Hello Wolfhome! I'm Akala, currently 19 years old and living in Australia. I'm an university student currently studying a Masters of Secondary Teaching and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Melbourne! My dream is to become a secondary school art teacher. I love drawing, watching movies and reading. I'm also a huge animal lover. I doodle up cartoons on my wacom tablet in my spare time as well as fill in my sketch pad if I have a pencil or pen at my disposal. I'm a huge LOTR fantic, love pokemon and marvel, and I'm also a movie nerd. I enjoy horror movies and playing games (especially pokemon!) and I love to travel. I don't bite so come and say hi sometime!

Forum Administrator; Art Staff; Relations Team Leader; Tech Department
GOOOOOD MORNING AMERICA! Just kidding, this is Wolfhomeland. My name is Heather and I am a 20 year old student working part time at UPS and studying Criminal Justice. I also have a part time job at the Clark County Jail (yes, the one on the show "60 Days In") as a Corrections Officer for Work Release. I really enjoy it - it's rewarding to be able to treat people in tough situations with respect. I do a lot of drawing (Jansither @ FA, Janscyther @ dA) and I love to help people with their art problems and questions. If you ever need help with anything (art releated or not), please don't be shy - send me a PM! I am big into cats (specifically snow leopards), green and brown, video games, and... Wolfhome. If you want to add me on Steam or, my usernames are Moondahlia and Jansither#1497 respectively. Have a good day!

Forum Administrator; Art Staff; Event Committee Leader; Tech Department
Hi guys, I'm Fik! I'm previously known as Dunbar (marzipan or kimi long ago in a far away place). I've recently returned to adminship after a short break. I've been around Chatlands and other 2D animal chat sites since 2004. My hobbies are many, I enjoy crocheting, knitting, drawing, reading, making jewelry, cooking, baking... the list goes on... I'm a huge dork, I love all things fantasy, video games and the like. I play D&D on occasions, and other tabletop RPGs. I currently work as an administrative assistant at Springbrook, a school for children with disabilities. I'm in a 9 year relationship with my best friend Mike. We have three animalsons (Jake the Dog, Gibson, and Buddy) who are all the loves of my life. I'm very open and love to chat about anything so please, chat me up, I'm lonely.

Forum Administrator; Art Staff; Relations Team Leader; Tech Department
Hey there! You may have seen me around in the past as Cardinal. I've been around the chats since 2007 and am a former Beta administrator of Lupinar and current Peacekeeper on Louloudia. I have been with Wolfhome Staff since 2015.
I am a college graduate with a degree in the Dramatic Arts. Offline, I work full time as a Production Manager for a professional theatre in my city. I absolutely love my job. On the side of that I work with birds of prey at a local rescue associated with the National Audubon Society. Many who know me personally know how obsessed I am with animals of all kinds, but particularly birds and reptiles. I share a home with my loving boyfriend, a boston terrier, a cat, a parakeet, two snakes, a leopard gecko, a uromastyx, and a betta fish. My place is a zoo and I couldn't be happier with my quirky little family. My interests primarily include science, philosophy, nature, camping, canoeing, piercings, tattoos, comic books, and classic sci-fi television. I am a huge X Files, Game of Thrones, Star Trek, and Lord of the Rings geek. Please don't be afraid to reach out to me on the site! I am always up for chatting and meeting new friends.


Forum Moderator; Art Staff
Hello There! I'm Affliction, I'm currently 21 years old, reside in the dry, desolate, high desert of California. and I've been part of the wolfhome community since 2008. I live with my perfectly amazing other half and have two fur babies Zelda (A Miniature American Eskimo) and Shelby (Shepherd/Sharpei mix). I’m a part time artist and a full time student studying to become a veterinarian technician and hopefully one day a veterinarian. When I have down time I’m usually either talking to Suspria, Bedagi, and Fik, playing video games, or annoying my dog… probably all three. I’ve been described as being a bit standoffish and quiet at times, but I promise I’m not a monster, just a little quirky and nerdy! Say hi!

Forum Administrator; Art Staff; Event Committee
Hiii! I'm a Buddhist Hippie in real life who currently resides in Ohio. I'm very relaxed and calm with a hyper side that periodically shows when I'm around close friends. I'm into movies, tv shows, and music. Some of my favorite movies would be Repo! The Genetic Opera, Crash, The Divergent series, Harry Potter series and the Star Wars series. When it comes to tv shows I'm a huge fan of Supernatural, The 100 and The Walking Dead. As for music my style can be all over the place but some of my all time favorites bands/singers would be Brand New, Halsey, Twenty One Pilots, Glassjaw and I Prevail. I'm an artist as well. I do mostly digital artwork but I'd like to expand my abilities into other medias soon/in the future. I'm a very easy going individual and enjoy meeting and getting to know new people so don't be shy if you see me around; say hi! =)

Forum Moderator
Hey there! I'm Blackbird (previously known as Akemi, and Kaliosa!) I'm 21 years old, I live in New York City and I'm a Veterinary Assistant at a rather well known and respected Animal Hospital. I've had a passion and love for animals since I was a child, and I only recently came to terms with the fact that I wish to pursue a career in which I get to interact with animals daily. I've recently gone Vegetarian and I'm always open to hearing different recipes and such other Vegetarians make! I have an adorable little Yorkshire Terrier who is my whole world, named Molly. I'm also a massive nerd for the shows, Glee, Naruto & The Good Doctor. I'm a bit more of a listener than a speaker, but once I get going I do tend to talk quite a bit. I enjoy meeting new people so if you see me around on the chat please feel free to say hello!

Forum Administrator; Art Staff

Forum Moderator
Hello, I'm Kuvi (previously Bonsai)!! I am 21 years old and am from Australia, so you'll likely see me around during the dead hours on Wolfhome, although I do get on at other hours here and there. I will be starting Uni in February doing Games Art and Design; I love classics like Pokemon, Mario, Spyro, and survival games!! I also love food, animals, and finding new movies and TV shows to watch, so mention anything of the sort and I'll come alive! For the most part I'm pretty shy but feel free to come talk to me. :)


Forum Moderator
Hi there! I’m Basil, a Canadian-born 18 year old living in good ol’ New Mexico in the southwestern region of the US. I’m currently a college student on my way to (hopefully) becoming an orthopedic nurse. My interests include art, video games, horror films, tattoos, biology, and travelling. My best friends are my two dogs and I won’t hesitate to talk your ears off about them, given the chance! I may be pretty quiet but I’m definitely friendly, so don’t be afraid to come say hi!

Tech Department
Hello. I'm one of the ancients around here with over half my life being spent as a member. My goal on here is to make the site a better for the community. I'm a pretty quiet person but rarely turn down a conversation. My favorite hobbies are reading and programming.

Forum Moderator
Hello all! I'm Sidekick (or Kayla) and I've been on Wolfhome for 5+ years. I live in the United States, specifically North Carolina. I love being helpful and am currently in college studying to become a Psychologist! My hobbies include: cooking, photography, scrapbooking, video gaming, reading, and Geocaching. I love all animals and all music! Some of my favorite things are: traveling, Harry Potter, Pokemon, mac and cheese, Studio Ghibli movies, Disney movies, mashed potatoes, Futurama, and Guardians of the Galaxy! I also love meeting new people and making puns, so please don't hesitate to come say hello!

Forum Moderator; Art Staff; Relations Team
Ayyy :D I'm Voidrae - you may have seen me around as... well, Voidrae, mostly. I derped around on Immer Treu from 2011 to 2013 ish, and have been floating around here since 2009. I'm 30 with a BS in physics trying to get into grad school in 2018. I have a derpy cat, a smart cat, two leopard geckos, a handful of backyard chickens, and an extremely spoiled betta fish who insists that his 20g is too small for him. The only animals that make me uncomfortable are dolphins and monkeys. In my spare time I draw, read, listen to music, bullet journal, eat copious amounts of goldfish crackers, spend money on my pets that I probably shouldn't, and tinker with chat bots for discord and IRC. I have been employed in everything from barista to animal care technician to dog groomer, and I volunteer in crisis management and wildlife rehabilitation. Do not let hawks hold your hand, they are lying and it will make you sad.

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