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This section is for updates or announcements made in regards to Wolfhome! Any announcements or updates to Wolfhome and the community will be posted here by an administrator.
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The Wolfhome Administration Team


Chat Owner
I am underdog. I am the original author of the program that became Wolfhome. I am a gray-bearded old guy (well ok so nowadays 48 doesn't seem too old but y'all think it is so I will play along).. I like working on programming both day and night. I breath new technology and I am having a hard time picturing a day when new technology is overwhelming but I figure that day is somewhere out there. My goal is to provide an interesting site where people can chat and have fun. My other goal is to find a way to turn the reins over to the users so that they can run the site without running wild all over it. But I digress.. Anyway, thanks for reading and ttfn.

Programming Partner

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Hi! I'm Bo, previously known as Imajique. I've been coming on WH on and off since the dawn of time. Some of my hobbies include drawing, sewing, fishkeeping, watching movies, and playing video games.
I'm pretty open and love to talk and meet new people, so don't be afraid to say hi!

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Hello, world! :} I am Kiersten - an eighteen year old lady with humongous dreams that resides in a small town in the middle of nowhere.
I'm practically always online, and I promise I don't bite - feel free to strike up a conversation! <3

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I'm your angry neighborhood grandpa. I have a degree in physics and I can make a mean cappuccino. I collect spiders and dumb cats. Someday I'm going to get a corgi and name it Potato.


Event Committee Leader; Forum Moderator
Hey there Im Ava, local Coffee/Tea Fox. I'm 37 years old and located on the East Coast, though I do spend quite a bit of time in Delaware. Im in a long term relationship, my boyfriend has two boys. Kids are definitely a handful! Im a very happy furmom of two cats, Cleo and Riddick. I love my fur babies so much! I enjoy coffee and tea :) I gotta have my coffee in the morning or there is no functioning. I can also be found feeding the squirrel’s & birds. Currently enjoying watching the show’s Schitt’s Creek, The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, Grey’s Anatomy, Lucifer and some others. Always watching stuff. I'm always open to chat, so always feel welcome to say hello :)

Relations Team; Art Staff; Forum Moderator
Heya! My name is Loup/Ash and I go by so many nicknames that people come up with lol, so call me whatever you'd like! I am currently in High School, and living in Canada. I have always had such a love for animals. I'm not exactly sure what I want to do in the future, but I know I would like to work with animals in some way. My only hobbie really is art. I loooove metal and most genres around it. I also like old rap/hip hop. Please don't hesitate to talk to me, I love making new friends!!

Forum Administrator; Event Committee; Art Staff
Hello! I am Refresh, or Izack. I am from Ireland and have been on Wolfhome since 2018. Video games are a huge part of my life, so you'll often see me on chat playing osu or Overwatch. I also draw when I can. I'm always open to talk about anything, it's hard to shut me up!

Art Staff
Hello! I'm Spellbound! I'm a 21-year old hobby artist that is going to Uni for medicine!! Let's hope I make it! Anyway, I've been on wolfhome for as long as I can remember, it's been a big part of my internet life that can't remember a time I wasn't on here! I'm a real big fan of the Warrior Cat series and anything Fantasy related, it's where I draw my biggest inspiration ( oh hey a pun!) Though I'm busy with University and Art; I always can manage time for everything I do! So I'm never too busy to chat! I'm always there to say 'Hello!' <3


Hello! I’m Devaska but feel free to call me Dev, Deva, Ali or choose a fun nickname! I was previously known as Deadly. I live in Canada with my rescue doggo, Harley, and grumpy cat, Kitty! I’ve been on and off WolfHome since around 2000 and took a hiatus around 2008 before returning. WolfHome has grown to be another home for me and I’m grateful to be connecting with so many great people. Some of my hobbies include art, photography (mostly landscape & animal photography), travel, animals, reading, music, and trying all different flavors of tea & food! I’m always up for a chat so feel free to strike up a conversation!

Forum Moderator, Art Staff
Hi! I'm Astrology, your local sign loving bean. Pretty sure I will forever stay the youngest on this team, but I never act as young as I really am c: (just for assurance, I was born 3/8/02)! I am easily excitable and am usually in a very good mood but we all have our hard days. I'm a female pisces, I love soft colors like pink and white, I love to game on pretty much anything, I love anime and kdramas, and i'm a singer- though I may not be GREAT at it... Some info about myself is that I own 2 amazing cats, a little toyota celica, and i'm a pre-determined Biology B.S. major! I aspire to be either a Marine Biologist or a Ornithologist and pretty much am a science nerd. I also love to cook and bake, you'll find me talking about food for HOURS.... As you can tell i'm pretty passionate about most things. I take anything that I commit myself to very seriously and usually stick with it for as long as I can! I hope to create a wonderful future and become closely bonded with all of you


hello! i am ilos/ ash (anotha one who also goes by whatever nickname!). i have been off and on wolfhome since 2007-2008, right around the time my family moved to VA from NY. though we have lived all over, i consider NY my home state. i am a spiritual person who believes in the pagan ideals. some of the hobbies i enjoy are anything outdoorsy, reading, writing, cooking, doing crafts of all sorts, drawing, and playing video games. anime is my life as well. i cant wait to get to know you guys more!

Hello! My name is Kaitlynn; otherwise known as Raij or Amarakk. I am 23 years old. I live in Washington State with my beloved wife, Rooster. I enjoy travelling to new places, digital drawing, reading, video games, puns and dogs. If you'd like to strike up a conversation with me, any of those topics are great starters.

Forum Moderator
Hiya, I'm Sauce -- but you can call me Kelly! I was previously known as Apostle and I've been around the chats since 2007! I'm a twenty-six year old lass livin' it up in Central Florida with my two sassy kitties (Lila and Mohna) and my ball python (Dobi)! I'm currently working full time in patient care equipment assembly but I'm expanding my horizons to find something different! If I'm not on Red Dead Online or downtown playing with my local Pokemon Go group, I'm probably chilling around the house listening to comedy podcasts. Becoming friends with me is quite simple... offer me crab rangoons and show me pictures of your cats!

Hello! I'm Sjoukje. You're welcome to call me Sj or Sjo. I'm well aware of how difficult my wittle name can be for...well, everyone, lol.
I have been a member of the Wolf Home Community since New Years Eve 2000 (Y2K if you're old enough to recall). I did take a bit of a hiatus from 2008 to late 2019. The world of Gaming kind of kidnapped my soul for a while there.
These days I like to spend my free time casual gaming, watching various genres of movies/television, spending time with my loved ones, going on adventures with the goodest doggo, or relaxing at home online here. I am trying to get back into digital art, as I had just started to brush the surface of it before I went on my "little" hiatus.
I am passionate about animals, and currently I work as a Level 3 Veterinary Assistant for an emergency animal hospital. I am working toward obtaining my Veterinary Technician License, and will then work toward my VTS (Vet Tech Specialist). I am most interested in Dental, but I am also very curious about Radiology, Neurology, and Cardiology.
If you see me in chat, please don't hesitate to say hello! I am always up for conversation!
Happy chatting!

Art Staff; Forum Moderator; Event Committee
Greetings! I'm Sylvahnas, most call me Sylvah/Syl. I previously went by the names of Affirmed, Bagheera, and Admiral. I am very familiar around these parts as I've been here since 2010/2011. I have been an Administrator on Wolfhome previously, for years. I'm proudly Canadian, I was in the Canadian Armed Forces for almost 4 years, and released shortly after. I am now currently a stay at home mother for my son, and step daughter. I'm a fitness addict, and have been for a couple of years now, and workout on a regular/daily basis. I do digital artwork and commissions on the side as a hobby. I'm a huge gamer, and a World of Warcraft geek. I like to think I'm easily approachable, and feel free to strike up a conversation if you'd like, I'm really just a big ol' goofball.




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