Regarding AFK Poses and Copy/Pasted Textures

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Mon Feb 27, 2017 6:56 pm

Hello Wolfhome Community,

Wolfhome's ART team would like to inform you of a slight change to our art guidelines. As of now, AFK poses will be required to be in their appropriate categories, regardless if the pose says "afk" on it. We have made this decision to be more consistent across the board with how we accept poses. No one will be allowed to use inanimate objects in public rooms, which is a change from the past. Also, current AFK poses that were accepted in categories different than the species they are will be changed into their appropriate categories within the next few days.

In addition to this, the Wolfhome ART team would like to clarify our view on copy and pasted textures that are occasionally used in poses. While we do allow copy and pasted textures, you must provide proof that it is of free use whilst uploading.

The link provided would simply have to show the pattern and prove that said pattern is of free use. This is the only way these poses containing copy and pasted images and patterns will be acceptable.

If you have any questions or concerns about these guidelines, please feel free to contact any available member of the ART team.

Thank you,
Wolfhome ART team
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