A couple of changes to ART standards!

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Tue Jan 01, 2019 3:19 pm

Hi Wolfhome Community!

We've made a few changes to our ART standards when reviewing poses.

Starting from today, the Wolfhome ART staff will be abolishing the standard that poses must have forward facing text on both facing poses. We've acknowledged this rule as being too strict and rigid, as well as being troublesome in some circumstances when flipping poses or getting it fixed. This means, you are now free to have text on t-shirts, bubbles etc backwards, if you wish. Any poses that had backwards facing text before this announcement would have slipped through the cracks on accident, we apologize for that.

We also would like to inform you all of a change regarding alcohol on poses for users under 21. As it stood, cigarette poses were allowed to be used by everybody, where-as alcohol related poses were restricted. To stay consistent, we have changed this rule to allow everybody to use these poses (as long as it is not abused by the user), as the old rule was inconsistent. We understand that characters can be their own and do not necessarily reflect the person who owns or uses them.

Lastly, we have altered our rule with allowing solid black on poses. We understand there was interest in allowing complete solid black on poses. However, we would like to keep a standard when reviewing poses; having fully black poses blocks out details of the pose and is hard to make out. As it stood, we did not allow any amount solid black on poses at all. However, we have now changed this to allow a maximum of 30% of solid black. This means, poses can have a solid black hoodie, shirt, ears - as long as it is not more than 30% of the surface of the pose, and meets our other requirements, it will be deemed acceptable. This goes with both flat and shaded poses. Below are a few examples of what is acceptable:
(c) Fik

While this is now official, the ART FAQ will be updated in due time; the ART staff are currently working on revamping this FAQ which may take some time. Please let us know if you have any questions.

The Wolfhome ART staff.
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