The Wolfhome Markets & Negative Behavior

Old announcement of past promotion rounds and updates to Wolfhome.
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Portions of the Wolfhome Forum; The Wolfhome Markets as well as the Announcements (read only) is visible.

We've enabled the Wolfhome Markets so that artist would still be able to earn income, especially during this time of year and considering how some need this to make ends meet.

Negative post, comments, signatures unrelated to that mission are not permitted. There will be zero tolerance concerning slander, spreading lies and hostility towards Wolfhome and Chatlands. If found doing any of the above after this announcement, proper action will have to be taken against your account.

The Wolfhome Administration is actively working on improving the chat and forum for both user and admin. We want to move forward, but this continued anger and hostile exchanges are delaying what needs to be done.

We all let our emotions get the best of us, but we have to treat everyone with respect. We have heard your concerns and requests and are working through everything. What happened in the Chatlands Guardian Server is being investigated.

But for the artist and commissioners sake we would like everyone to stay on the subject related to art only.

We would also like to note, that we are actively working on everything, including a public Works in Progress, going through concerns and suggestions from the community and more. Unfortunately the holidays have slowed things down and the investigation is still in progress, so we can only do so much until that is complete.
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