*How to Make Poses in Paint Tool SAI

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Its basically the same way as you would in photoshop, just with a few other steps.

1. So here's your pose. Its a circle in this case cause I'm lazy. Make sure you use a solid brush when drawing, not a soft one.

2. Select the area around the pose and invert as you normally would. (Use the magic wand tool then go under the selection menu.) Make a layer below that and color it a light shade of gray. Do not use any white for anything in this tutorial.

3. Shade it like you normally would. Again, don't use white.

4. Do not color until after the pose is saved. You'll have to color in a different program.

5. When you save, save as a PNG.

6. Open up the pose on this website. It makes the white transparent.
SET THE FUZZ TO 0%. Then select the background. If you need help with this, ask.

7. Save the pose. Your ready to color your pose.

Hope this helped.
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