How do I get an avatar?? Here's your answer! *

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Thu Aug 26, 2010 5:16 pm

Excuse me if there is already a tutorial on getting one (I'm highly sure there is), but here's a fresh new one for newer users here on the forum.
Step one.
On the very top right of your screen you will see the words "User Control Panel", click it!
Step two.
On the left side of your screen, you will see an "Options" menu, look down to the fifth link displayed, "Profile", and click it!
Step three.
Next, a list of commands will appear under "Profile", click the third link on the list, "Edit Avatar"!
Step four.
In the "Link off-site" section, paste your link you would like to be your avatar. You can host your image on a free image sharing website like or!
Step five.
-After- you add your link to your new avatar, take a look at the "Avatar dimensions" section, if your avatar is larger than 200 x 200, then it will not be accepted, -but- you can fix this problem! You can type 200 in both boxes and it will automatically resize it for you (or you can type any numbers in under 200)! -Or- if your avatar is -under- 200 x 200, then you can leave the boxes blank.
Press submit and enjoy your new avatar!
I am aware that it might be common sense to some people on how to add an avatar, but to some new forum users they may have no idea how to function around here. :)
I hope this tutorial was helpful!
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