Trigger Warnings - the Administration Team's Stance.

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Sun Nov 11, 2012 3:02 pm

The wolfhome administration team has noticed an increase in posts being reported for not having trigger warnings. Trigger warnings are deemed to be a courtesy and are not required by our rules. Several posts which do not violate any rule at all and have been said in a lighthearted or joking tone have been reported, and thus it was felt a post like this is needed.

We have rules in place already for subjects which may be sensitive. If subjects are brought up which violate our OFFICIAL RULES please feel free to report it. See here our rules for more information:" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;

However we do not wish to censor further the content of the forum. Therefore we must ask the Wolfhome community is courteous in two ways:

Please try to recognise that some things may trigger an upset with others.
Please also recognise that many users will post things which they do not feel are triggers and that their posts may be intended to be "joking" or "Lighthearted" without meaning to be offensive.

We all have different experiences through life and it is impossible to censor everything to make everyone happy, as always we ask that everyone is concious of what they post and takes a little time to think through what they are saying. Wolfhome is a very sheltered website in its content and has a very close community. As WH is only a PG-13 rating, and we do not wish to further censor content, we ask the community to be more self-aware of posting, to learn to tolerate each other's posts and thoughts. We aim to allow for a degree of freedom of speech without the fear of being censored (Of course we must censor to a pg-13 level).

If a post does not have a trigger warning and it upsets you we advise you speak to a professional about your problems or that you navigate away from the post.
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