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 Post subject: Forum Bans and Warnings (and how they work!)
PostPosted: Mon Feb 07, 2011 12:10 pm 
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The forum banning system works on a simple method: if you break the rules and end up getting too many warnings, you will be banned. We, in essence, "count" your forum offences, and, should you exceed what we deem as acceptable, you may be banned.

What is a forum warning?
Forum warnings come in the form of a forum PM or an email. They are sent if you violate any of the forum guidelines in accordance to the section in which your post is found, or in accordance to the general forum rules. For privacy reasons the administration does not warn users publically except for general statements to remain on topic/keep from arguing etc.

The basic Wolfhome posting guidelines can be found here. There is also this topic, which covers issues such as signature size. Sub-sections of the forums may have their own guidelines depending on their purpose. You should read any sticky topics regarding guidelines before posting in a forum section for the first time.

Every time you receive a warning, just like with a chat warning, it is recorded for us to refer back to. We usually operate a "3 strikes and you're out" policy, however, this is dependent on your offenses. Those who commit art theft may find themselves banned a lot quicker than someone who has a large signature or has broken the naming & shaming rule.

I just got a PM from an admin, what do I do?! Is it a warning?
Forum warnings will detail a guideline or guidelines you have broken and may state that you may be banned should your behavior continue. A forum warning will be from either a member of the Forum Department (a Forum Moderator or Forum Administrator), an Alpha, or a member of the Art Review Team.

Sometimes your threads may be moved, or a PM sent to you for another reason. In this case that will not count as a warning.

After you receive two or three warnings you may be banned. For instance, if you receive two warnings you may then get a ban should you break another rule. If you receive a ban and are confused as to why, contacting an admin or filling out a Problem Ticket is the appropriate action to take. Details of all warnings given (their date and reason) can be supplied to you upon request. As with the forums, complaining about your ban on chat is not tolerated. Should you be found complaining about your forum ban in chat you may find your chat account banned as well.

If you receive multiple bans they will increase in length. Your first ban will usually be 1 - 3 days, then growing in length as seen fit. We could end up banning you for a trivial offence should you repeatedly violate guidelines after being banned previously. It is up to you as a forum user to ensure this does not happen to you.

I have seen someone else breaking the same rule I did! Why aren't they banned or warned?
The forums are very large and expansive. We have almost 7,000 members and the forums themselves are fast paced, especially in sections like Games! and The Markets and galleries. Sadly our forum team cannot keep up with everyone. Like the chat it relies on you as a user to report anything you see that may be a violation of the guidelines. If you see something, you should report it!

Now that I'm banned, I cannot keep up with commissions or uploading poses!
The simple response to this is "Then don't break the rules." That is something you should consider before disrupting the forums. We will not unban someone because they have commissions to finish or pay, or because it is an inconvenience to them.

Please note:
As with the chat, it should be noted that some offences will not result in a warning and can immediately lead to a ban depending on their severity. This list is the same as the chat. Such offences include:
    Death threats
    Posting links to inappropriate content
    "Do Not Click" links
    Propositioning minors
    Offensive remarks in regards to someone's sexuality, gender, race, religion, etc.
    Posts with excessive cussing or cussing at others
    Posting content not appropriate for a PG-13 environment
    Being permanently banned from the chat will also result in your forum account being banned
    Allowing other users who are banned from the forums to use your forum account
    Ban hopping a forum ban (trying to get around the ban in some way) - As with the chat, this will lead to a longer ban than you originally had.

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 Post subject: Re: Forum Bans and Warnings (and how they work!)
PostPosted: Wed Jan 16, 2013 2:42 am 
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