Looking Artists for Wolfhome and other Chatlands sites.

Old announcement of past promotion rounds and updates to Wolfhome.
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Fri Aug 12, 2011 4:57 pm

I am looking to get rooms and possibly avatar collections (pose sets) for Wolfhome and other Chatlands sites. I'll be paying in Deltas.

I'd like to have people send me rooms that are drawn similar to the ones you see on Adventure Quest and other comparable sites. In other words, I want simple line art with flood or pattern fills (go take a look at AQ for ideas of what I am talking about). The artwork needs to be clean and professional looking.

I'd like to see samples of what you can do, along with some expectations for price, which, as I said, I intend to pay in Deltas. The final artwork needs to be large format - say over 1500 x 1000 pixels with layers for the various parts of the scene so it can be split and rearranged if need be. The artwork becomes the property of Wunderwood LLC (this is work for hire), but I am interested in giving credit in terms of an unobtrusive signature on the artwork or other ways of promoting your accomplishments on Wolfhome.

Send artwork and price expectations to:

Bill Underwood (underdog)


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