Forum Clean Up: January 2016

Old announcement of past promotion rounds and updates to Wolfhome.
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Tue Jan 05, 2016 11:21 pm

Ittttttttttt's time for another forum clean up! The Forum Department will be archiving threads that haven't been commented on for over a year. These threads are still accessible, but will be in their respective archive section. If your thread was moved to the archives and you want it out of the archives, it can be moved out via request; just message a forum department member with a link and ask for it to be moved back!

For a list of where threads will be archived, please check out the spoiler below. If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.
Spoiler! :
I want my thread(s) out of the archives? But I'm not sure where to look. Help?

If your thread you are looking for was posted in:
  • ~General Questions for the Administration, you will find the thread in General Questions for the Administration Archive
    -Questions for the Art Review Team, you will find the thread in Questions for the Art Review Team Archive
    ~Chat & Forum Technical Support, you will find the thread in Chat & Forum Technical Support Archive
    ~Suggestions for Wolfhome, you will find the thread in Suggestions for Wolfhome Archive
    -General Wolfhome Discussion, you will find the thread in General Wolfhome Discussion Archive
    ~Critter Chatter, you will find the thread in Critter Chatter Archive
    -Community Announcements, you will find the thread in Community Announcements Archive
    -Games!, you will find the thread in Game Archive
    ~Websites, you will find the thread in Websites Archive
    ~The Art Gallery, Writing & Photography Gallery, User Hosted Contests, , you will find the thread in Artwork Archives
    ~Art Related Resources , you will find the thread in Art Related Resources Archive
    ~Artist Market, Premade Market, Service Section, Other Market, Wanted Items and Services, Character Market, or Prospective Market, you will find the thread in Wolfhome Markets Archive
    -Trades, you will find the thread in Trades Archive

There's a lot of threads in this section though, and I'm also not 100% sure which specific section I put my thread in. I don't even know where to begin to try and find mine. Help?
  • Do you remember any keywords from that you had on your thread? For example, the title of the thread, or words/phrases/URLs you may have had? If you do, follow the steps below!

    1.) First, go to your Profile (or a different user who posted the thread if it wasn't you). Then click "Search user’s posts".
    2.) Then type in the keywords that you remember into "Search these results:"
    3.) Then you just scroll through the options until you find your thread.

    If you don't remember the author of the thread, then follow these steps:

    1.) Click the "Search" button.
    2.) Then type in the information you know in the text boxes. If you know part of the author's name, you can use the wildcard feature (as explained below the textbox). If you know the specific section, you can also select that as well.
    Then click the "Search" button at the bottom and scroll through the options.
Great! So I found my thread... now what?
  • Send a message to someone on the Forum Department and they can move it out of the archives. Be sure to include the URL to the thread when you are sending the message as well!
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