wacom ez tablet fix [windows]

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Mon Oct 21, 2019 5:48 pm

idk if someone has posted this before, but a lot of people have this problem w/ their tablet
if y'all have ever got the nice "TABLET DRIVER NOT RESPONDING" or this lovely fellow

do not fret for i am here to offer an easy solution, sadly only for windows/wacom.
this also works for loss of pen pressure!
i dont know if this works for other tablet services

Step 1. Right click the windows icon in the bottom left corner.
A list will pop up following doing so.

Step 2. Click 'Computer Management.'

Step 3. Services and Applications

Step 4. Services

Step 5. Scroll down and locate 'Wacom Professional Service'

Step 6. Stop the service and wait around 10 seconds.

Step 7. Start the service

If your Wacom Desktop Center opened, then congratulations, you fixed the problem!
This is the one way I've found to always fix my tablet problem that DOESN'T require a full computer restart : )
You might have to close your drawing application for it to function properly after doing this, make sure to save!

If it doesn't work, try checking if your driver is fully updated, that's usually another cause!
You can download the correct tablet from the Wacom site : - )

Hopefully this helps someone <3
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