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Thu May 14, 2020 7:36 am

SO I've decided to take a lot of my older characters and revamp their references.
I'm working on an agender canine named Novaea. I'm not very good at stories or the whole detail shabam.
I wanted their markings to be intricate and nebula inspired.
I have yet to get commissioned references for my main ocs, but I have started to love Novaea and the idea of them.

Here is their original idea from so long ago l o l
Spoiler! :

Here is what I have so far worked on (using base from deviant art)
Spoiler! :

My idea was to make the eyes and side gills glow. The tail is a wip nebula that I have yet to make better and add stars.
I just want more bodily markings like on back or maybe something different facial marking. I thought maybe eventually adding a purple tide galaxy that gradients out from the eye stripe. Just give me any and all ideas you would think fit.

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