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Old announcement of past promotion rounds and updates to Wolfhome.
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Thu Mar 03, 2022 12:29 pm


With Wolfhome coming back together and opening soon we want to give ourselves the best chance of creating a successful and smooth running Chat and Forum and we are currently looking for Beta Testers!

With the our To Do List rolling out and updates to Wolfhome coming into place, we feel we cannot officially launch without your feedback, insight, and input and there is still plenty of things to do! Plus its always great to have some extra eyes looking over things =)

Although the Wolfhome Administration has been working very hard and trying to go over everything best we can, we know that sometimes we cannot experience the communities point of view. Having multiple extra pairs of eyes is definitely needed to be able to publicly launch, which is where our Beta Testers come in! Our goal with Wolfhome is to bring back older roots and to create a safe environment for everyone. So your opinions, thoughts, feedback and more are important to us while we go through Beta Testing before we launch and open to the public.

The first stage of our Beta testing Launch will be for you to fill out a small Sign Up Application which can be found HERE. The Alphas will then process your Application to join the Chat!

With all that said, we look forward to seeing everyone back on Wolfhome!

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