Important Note About Screenshots - Please Read!

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Sat Mar 26, 2011 7:51 am

The Art Review Team would like to make an announcement regarding the use of screenshots as proof of purchase for premade poses.

We all know that it may sometimes take a bit a time for artists to update their permission list. And that's fine! Furthermore, you are more than welcome to provide us with a screenshot as proof of payment along with a link to the thread in which the pose was purchased.

However! The ART will no long be accepting screenshots of the delta transfer email as proof of purchase. This is due to the fact that a user could just as easily not click the link inside the email, and not send the deltas.

Instead, we ask that you please screenshot your delta statement!

You can get to the statement by clicking "My Account" on the map, then "Show My Deltas" :


This will open up a new, smaller window that will list all of your recent transactions. Make sure that you have the affiliated transaction visible in your screenshot!

If you would like instructions on how to take and save a screenshot, please see the tutorials below!



Thanks for your understanding!
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IT'S OVER 2 9000'S!
IT'S OVER 2 9000'S!
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Sat Feb 18, 2012 1:45 pm

I just want to nudge this because this is something that doesn't always get done properly. I want to remind everyone that the only screenshots we will accept are either an actual screenshot of your delta statement (showing the deltas sent to the artist), or a screenshot of the paypal transaction - notes with details about it help greatly! also, it's always a plus to include a link to the post on the original topic where you have commented about purchasing the pose. this way, we can keep track of how many poses people are buying/the date, so that people can't try re-using screenshots.

remember that we aren't going to accept screenshots of the delta transfer e-mail or just screenshots of the post where you commented about buying the pose. you need to show actual proof that you paid and the artist received their money so that no one is getting jipped.

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