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Sat Aug 27, 2011 10:35 pm

How to make a new post?

First and foremost please read before posting.
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1a, first you need to select were you want to make your post, for this example we are
choosing the “General Questions for the Administration” once clicked, you will open to a new thread


1b, once the page has opened you will see at the top of the page a “newtopic” button,
click on this button if you want to start/make a new topic or new thread. The examples
point to the “newtopic” button. To add comments to an existing post you will see the
“postreply” button this will open the same type of form page however, the subject line
will be filled out for you!


2, once the new topic form page opens you can name you post in the subject line! Example number (2)
“How do I post” was added to the subject line. Works much the same way as writting email!

3, once you have named your topic you are now ready to add text to the message box. This works
much like adding text in the body of an email! Example number (3) “Your message is typed in here”


4, you are ready to post your topic, you have four choices and they are “Preview”, “Submit”,
“Save” or “Cancel”

Preview gives you an opportunity to see what your post will look like before it is submitted
so you can make changes. When the preview box opens you will have the form text box on bottom
and the preview on the top of the screen so scroll down if you want to do additional editing. You will have to hit preview to see
any changes or you can submit the finished message.

Submit publishes your post to the selected thread you have chosen!

Save holds your post without posting!

Cancel is straight forward, once clicked it bring you back to the forum thread without saving your post!
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