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This section is for updates or Announcements made in regards to Wolfhome! Any Announcements or updates to Wolfhome and the community will be posted here by an Administrator.
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This topic is used as a reference for users to see which Administrators are available or are on hiatus. You are welcome to use this topic to see which Administrators you can message or PM about issues.

Please remember that if there's an issue happening on chat, and no Administrators are online at the time, please make sure you send in a Problem Ticket with your report or PM an 'Available' Administrator through the Map Message System or Forum Message System.

Being Available - You are keeping up with basic responsibilities, department duties, as well as topics to discuss, chat monitoring, and answering any questions or concerns for the month.

Being Semi-Available - You are only able to keep up with some of the above listed tasks for the month. Chat monitoring is below requirement, but you are keeping up with discussions when you can.

Being On Hiatus - You are either not able to keep up with requirements for the month or you are taking a break.

Herb - Available
Kiko - Available

Tau - Available
Sol - Available

Enya - Available
holykitten - Available

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