Updates to the Administration Code of Conduct

Old announcement of past promotion rounds and updates to Wolfhome.
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Mon Sep 05, 2022 4:11 pm

We have recently made changes to our Code of Conduct, adding in or adjusting the following: (Highlights are adjustments)

Fraternization & Nepotism - An Administrator's S/O(s) or family member(s)/sibling(s) are not permitted to be a member of the Administration Team if their partner or family is already an Administrator. This Rule is in place to prevent any favoritism or "ganging up" of Team Members in a relationship or family relationship vs others. Should your significant other or family member/sibling apply at a later date, their Application would be disqualified. Should the Administration find out later that you and your partner sibling(s), or family member(s) applied, were accepted, and have become full-fledged Administrators, we require that you deliberate among yourselves to decide which one of you steps down.
Hate Speech - Wolfhome has 0 tolerance for racism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, or any type of cultural appropriation on the Wolfhome Administration. If Wolfhome Administrators become aware that you are a part of any hate groups/statements made pertaining to any of the above you will be terminated of your administration position. Wolfhome strives to have a diverse community that includes different cultures, races, as well as LGBTQ+ community.
By signing the Code of Conduct you are acknowledging that if demoted, your demotion will be shared with the team, as well as the public community. The team will get full details as to why you were demoted, specific evidence may be included, and a full reason will be written up. The demotion information will be released to the public by an Alpha and posted on the topic of demotions and resignations, the only information that will be posted for the public will be the rule or code of conduct section that was broken. Alphas may not give full details as to why an admin was demoted such as "sharing private logs" or "stealing art from Loki".

When resigning, an alpha will post on the topic stating you have resigned and will not give out information as to why as that is personal to you. Only alphas may post on this topic, if you are found posting on this topic it will be promptly removed.

Upon signing this, you also agree to not share demotion details if posted, if a user asks you why an admin was demoted you can only share the information on the public topic and nothing that was shared via the administration boards.
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