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Old announcement of past promotion rounds and updates to Wolfhome.
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While we have implemented full transparency for Wolfhome, it will always be under discussion as it is a new thing being conducted and we are constantly reworking what we can be more transparent on; such as updating Trello and figuring out and having mutual agreements on what it is exactly the community wants for transparency. So, this will be a consistent work in progress as transparency can never just be done and forgotten. It needs to be an ongoing project so that way we are efficient with it and figure out what we are missing.

Introduced TRELLO

Announced our Transparency Topic

What activities each of the admins are working on
Can be viewed with trello, admins collaborate together, no admin works alone. There is no real way to tell what admin is working on what because we all take our part in helping each other out on different projects and discussions.

Nepotism Rule
Can be viewed here

Free friends list and free away messages
Basic and Standard subscriptions are set to free, indefinitely

Free 2-3 poses for users
Basic and Standard subscriptions are set to free, indefinitely

If enough community members are uncomfortable with an admin and information is brought forward that makes it seem like a cause for uncertainty demotion can be voted for by community
We essentially already have this implemented in a way, but it isn't a public vote. We currently offer an admin complaint form; these are taken VERY seriously. However, for these to be dealt with please keep in mind that it needs to include viable information such as chat logs, screenshots, etc.. Complaint form. If you are reporting an alpha, the other alphas will handle the situation and the alpha in question will NOT be involved.

Volunteer department leadership; assign a department leader and two interim leaders
We have something like this, within our EC-RT teams we do have a leader and co-leads, but we usually are able to get everything needing to be done as a team as these roles on Wolfhome are for everyone, so we all collaborate and help each other with or without a lead being around!

Skill training
This is going to be discussed, we really want to try some quick online lessons for soft skills for higher ranks. Most of the soft skills that are featured within training are skills that we definitely look for within our administrative team, they are usually learned based on experience. We brought up that perhaps maybe for an alpha role, it is mandatory to take soft skill lessons so we can be as efficient as possible, as alpha roles are major. (This is going to be put on a slow hiatus/backburner for now)

Collaborative meetings
Will implement/discuss with Project Tranquility. We really think this is a beautiful suggestion and works wonderfully with our goal of full transparency. The community voice matters when it comes to what we are doing with this site and how to project it the way our members crave it to be, having the community more involved is just another big step for success. Project Tranquility is in the drafting works and will be out (To be determined date) within time and it will give full details of what we are working on and the changes that you can expect for wolfhome's future.

Admins are too uptight regarding bans/blacklists and should be laxer
We have been going through unfair bans this year and unbanning everyone we deemed as unfairly done, as well as missed members who were banned for being underage who are in fact of age now. As this is being said, we are also going to rework our rules and the way we handle members to not be so harshly done. We are really trying to strive for people to be comfortable here and not have to worry constantly if they said something wrong or are going to get banned instantly.

Efficiency within the current administration
With our new project underway within the upcoming weeks, we are making our efficiency one of our main goals; within the way we rework projects, within the way we uphold the rules, our consistency with rules and art, we also are continuously trying to organize things a little more and learning different ways we can make sure our way of working on things for Wolfhome is more organized. More will be discussed regarding this and presented to you all.

Stronger presence for marginalized members
Along with our full transparency and fresh team, the presence of our community and the administrative team is important to us in many ways. We thrive off of the community and we NEED your voices to make this place the way it should be and should have been from the very beginning. We are all a team, and we are always welcome and immediately willing to discuss suggestions and feedback as soon as it is given. Along with that, we also keep up with our communities' ideas within chat and our discord server as well. No voice is getting silenced anymore, your voice matters to us.

Vision and identity
This is currently being discussed; and will be discussed more as well as presented to the member base to collaborate with on. You can always view status updates or ask regarding this topic at it is fresh and new in the works and will be implemented within Project Tranquility.

Channel on discord for admin name changes & RT run Wolfhome server
The WH server was completely redone; (Discord Invite). Channel for admin name changes will not be implemented, but instead will be under the general announcements section instead, just to reduce clutter and an excess number of channels.
The discord is run by members of the team (Admin, EC and or RT); based on if they want to help with it. Everyone has equal opportunity to help run it, not all of WH's administrative team helps with moderation.

Adjusting Admin:User Ratio
Admins needed this round for a balance of project load as well as overnight hours. With Project Tranquility on the way, we really need all the help with can get. You can view our public Trello for more insight on how much we are planning to do/already doing.

Rewarding volunteers
We volunteered for a reason. That reason is our love and passion for this website and the people in this community. We strive to make this place somewhere where you guys can be happy and comfortable. The reward is our friendships we make along the way, the reward is the success that we bring with our thought-out plans, we do not need to get paid as we knew we were volunteering to run this site in the first place. We did this out of our own dedication and feelings about WH.

Increase Roleplayer Scope
Increased roleplaying scope will not be implemented at this time due to the decrease in the amount of role-players coming into Chatlands. We have a role-player forum board (Here) that can be used, but roleplaying as whole is not very popular anymore, as people are moving towards discord to do role-playing. We are not against it, but we do not see the influx of want for roleplaying.

Admin applications we could have an input field that states something like (and this is just spit balling here) "Diversity is a core value of Chatlands. Is there anything you can tell us about your background that relates to this value"
This was slightly discussed; and we will not be implementing this as we believe, your ethnic background should not increase your chances for being on the team or for you to be accepted here. Everyone is welcome here and welcome to apply for the team. While having diversity is certainly an amazing thing to have in a community, we do not want to make it seem like we are strictly looking for diverse members to make ourselves look better. We welcome each and any person of any cultural background and ethnicities.

A vent/support room on chat and rant rooms
As a part of our new projects underway we will be offering/discussing a different way for our community to find support and venting zones within Wolfhome. Project Tranquility will be releasing more details about this topic, and this will be updated with the further update!

Voting for administration roles after vetting is completed
We will not be implementing this at this time; with the current member base we have and the team that we have, we have zero tolerance to be biased. Each and every administration role is deeply discussed and reviewed to see who is good for the team. If sometime in the future we can implement this, we will need to discuss this more in depth and hear suggestions on how this will be beneficial to the community. If you have any questions or concerns about this; please don't hesitate to reach out to one of the team members as we would like to hear what you think on this.

Diversity training for administration
This IS implemented and not implemented all at once; we will not be offering or making it mandatory to go through this training. Diversity training can be separated into two categories: Awareness-Based Training which is the training of volunteers to understand the importance of diversity within a "workplace" and Skill-Based Training is training on how to communicate with people from different cultures, interpret cultural differences, and adapt naturally.
With our new project and new team, diversity and the acceptance of cultures is a TOP priority. We aim to do the research needed, get true insight on those from said cultures, and understand what is presented to us to the full extent. We will never not take cultures seriously, and we aim daily to not offend and or not understand things from different ethnic groups/cultures when they are presented on our chat. We are a COMMUNITY, and we will forever strive to understand each and every single member apart of Wolfhome and that starts with accepting who you are. We will always be training ourselves and studying when we need to!

what is the limit of your transparency? where does it stop and where does it end?
Quoting from our updated transparency announcement, which can be viewed here. "The standards for transparency will be everything to do with Wolfhome, including progress, future plans, administrative discussion topics, ban ladders, administrative ladders, demotions, and more. We will now be allowing full transparency unless it is an intended surprise for the user base."
"Wolfhome will always protect user information, however, in accordance with Chatlands Privacy Policy and the Chatlands Code of Conduct. We will not share IP addresses, emails, or logs of users, ignore lists, or passwords. We will also not share user infractions with the user base. We will only share these in the instance of authorities needing them for emergency situations, such as sexual assault, kidnapping, self-harm, child predators, or anything else that may arise that is deemed an emergency."
Keep in mind our transparency is relatively new and getting improved every minute we spend time allowing everyone to have their voice heard as it should have been from the start. We always are looking for suggestions as we CANNOT do this without our community and what they want to see! Please always feel free to suggest something, we will always need you!

what will you do in regard to administrative fear over being demoted when stating their own opinions? why are users being threatened into silence with bans when they voice opinions and silencing them by taking away the forums/chats?
No admin on the team will be silenced. We all have a voice, we all have a say, and each one of us is deserving to talk about what we need to talk about. Our administrative team is not fearful of being demoted over stated opinions, our team is a family, and we work together and LISTEN to each other! Members of our community will not be threatened with bans for voicing opinions, their opinions are immediately taken into the team and discussed. We will never be silencing another person apart of Wolfhome.

-what is the extent of control bismuth having over the admin team?
why is bismuth, who is failing to lead the relations team, a guardian?
Bismuth has not been apart of the Wolfhome admin team or any of the Wolfhome Community teams for quite some time now. They have zero say in the way Wolfhome is ran nor how relations team is run. We have a brand-new team! Our Wolfhome team also has zero say in anything Chatlands or Guardianship related, please contact Underdog or any of the chatlands guardians regarding this.

why was there nothing formally written and announced to us regarding a new guardian?
We are working solely for Wolfhome and the interest of Wolfhome; we will not have any say in who is guardian, nor making announcements pertaining to chatlands/guardians unless it effects Wolfhome. It is better for us to be only in charge of Wolfhome and nothing else.

why are slurs still getting through the system? chat and name wise?
As new and old slurs begin to surface we are taking action as quickly as we can. Some slurs need additional research done to ensure that they are handled properly. We will be discussing ways to 100% prevent slurs from being accepted or being looked over!

what is underdog going to do to be more active in the current community?
Underdog does not have a definitive role in Wolfhome's status due to events last year and we are able to make decisions for ourselves; only serious major changes go through him as he needs to approve or update codes. He is also working more on chatlands and other projects; so Wolfhome will be in our hands.

do you truly believe the administration is actually going to change their ways? history is repeating, why should we have faith that this is the time you're actually going to change
We need to. We are going to. We cannot control how you all feel about Wolfhome, but we are trying to set up ways for you all to see our true intentions for our community each day that we are surrounded by you all. We are making it a goal to not repeat history, we are making it our goal to learn from the past mistakes made. We will always be wanting to work and collab with the community and you all will have to decide for yourselves and help us make this the place you ever so loved, and we will uphold these goals to the fullest extent.

users should have a say in who gets promoted to guardian, especially considering this individual is watching over a chat site they exist in. they should be able to promote a certain individual and reject another
Again we are not partaking in any say with guardians or chatlands; our main focus is Wolfhome and things that will make better for Wolfhome. Any questions or concerns regarding guardians or chatlands should go to a guardian or UD!

Guardian PT system on chatlands front page
We do not have a say when this will be implemented on chatlands front page; but we will be making an easily accessible topic where you can find this information on Wolfhome forums.

CoC should: Protect user information, victims, the evidence of ideologically sensitive content (exploitative cases/abuse) from the eyes of the community for peace of mind Keep conversations between members and admins confidential, Keep reporters confidential
"Wolfhome will always protect user information, however, in accordance with Chatlands Privacy Policy and the Chatlands Code of Conduct. We will not share IP addresses, emails, or logs of users, ignore lists, or passwords. We will also not share user infractions with the user base. We will only share these in the instance of authorities needing them for emergency situations, such as sexual assault, kidnapping, self-harm, child predators, or anything else that may arise that is deemed an emergency."
Any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact someone of the administrative team!
Also please note; this is a never-ending topic and will constantly be changing based on newly incoming requests!
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