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Old announcement of past promotion rounds and updates to Wolfhome.
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Sat Feb 25, 2023 4:31 pm


This is a place to plan future Community Meetings!
Meetings will more than likely be held on Chat but can be hosted on the Wolfhome Discord if needed.

Community Meeting Date:

Topics to Discuss:

This topic will be locked only to post meeting logs below! They will be added here, in order and by date.

March 17th, 2023
Spoiler! :
Summary of March 17th, 2023

Project Tranquility
  • Discussed how we were taking admin training seriously, as well as making sure admins are upholding their duties. We have a list of duties that admins are supposed to uphold, if they cannot complete those duties, they will be demoted.
  • Looking for new admins while some are inactive was an agreed downside, but it was discussed that we have our numbers due to the balancing of workloads.
  • Admins have a time limit on activity (1 month, if longer hiatus is needed we ask that staff member to step down)
  • There is no “head” or “lead” alpha, they are a group that collectively work together as a team
  • It was discussed that posting under “Admin Availability |viewtopic.php?f=8&t=204170” updates to that thread would be beneficial with transparency when an admin needs to take a hiatus, is moving availability, and to also include expected return dates.
  • For site updates, members would appreciate a spot on the homepage and a chat message.
Staff Applications
  • Positive feedback was given in regards to us taking out some of the harsh reasons to DQ someone from an application. Ex: DQ for applicant to ask about updates, sending application to a staff member who isn’t an alpha
  • Discussed and clarified about application trackers. We want to give members reassurance that there is no problem with being concerned with updates, asking questions, etc.
  • Qualities members want to see from staff members ; friendly, outgoing, approachable, compassionate, empathetic, open-minded, engaging with members, listeners,
    effective at problem solving and de-escalating, and
    no more admins with known history of abusing power/harassment/etc
Town Hall re-vamp
  • Town hall to be a group made up of selected members to help with policies/procedures and represent the memberbase
  • Discussed about a possible re-naming that is asked to members via poll
  • “People that are approachable that are willing to speak on the behalf of and amplify voices of others”

  • Agreed that it was easy to interpret.
March 18th, 2023
Spoiler! :
Summary of March 18th, 2023
  • Brought back the talking points from the March 17th meeting in case anyone wasn’t present
  • Concerns were brought up to point out that staff members that attended last night meetings should have been brought back to the next day meeting for consistency .
  • Members would like topic points to aid in discussions, instead of us coming to them for more talking points then we initially started with.
  • Some members thought it would be beneficial to bring Master List onto discord, as well as our big projects in the form of a separate channel.
  • Members would like to see the CoC as a talking point for a next meeting

  • Topics for discussion will be added in as we receive them & organized to help the meeting flow (Please DM any one on the Admin Team OR you can catch us while on chat!).
  • We would like to keep meetings as streamlined as possible. Please look over the talking points as we add them or before the meeting to help stay on topic so we don't bounce around and throw in a new subject before the current conversation is over (Note: I like to have a note pad next to me incase I think of something that doesn't go along with our current topic of discussion!). Meetings run until all points are addressed in full and a conclusion is reached. I will make sure to add extra points, set aside from the logs, with key points explaining the decisions made during the meeting.
  • When meeting logs are posted, we understand that those who where not able to attend may have some added insight to a talk point. Please do not hesitant to reach out to an Admin or post a topic in the "Questions for the Administration" board! *Please keep in mind that once these topics are discussed and have reached a conclusion, they will be moved to lessen the clutter under that board.
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Sat Feb 25, 2023 4:34 pm

Hello all!

We would like to host a Community Meeting to discuss any and all questions or concerns that you may have regarding the new and future changes.

Since we have a smaller user base, we will be holding the meeting on chat with a designated room, which will be disclosed when we have a date & time set. To get an idea of how many would like to partake, we are asking that you RSVP by PM'ing or catching an Admin on chat. Although I'd like to hold this on chat, if the amount of people who RSVP exceeds the room limit (20), we will hold the meeting on the Wolfhome discord.

We are seeking those who will help us continue having productive conversations about Wolfhome’s changes, and to help bring this site back.

We encourage any one to compile a reasonable list of matters you would like to be discussed that are not on the current list, and to send them any Wolfhome Admin.
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Grandmaster - One of but a few.
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Sat Mar 11, 2023 8:05 am

OFFICIAL dates have been added!
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Mon Mar 20, 2023 3:03 pm

March 17th, 2023
Spoiler! :
Ghrimelda: viewtopic.php?f=8&p=3935214#p3935214
Ghrimelda: OKAY! thank you guys for joining and wanting to be APART of this holy c r a p
Herb: yes, thank you all for attending! <3
Herb: feel free to stay, you are not obligated to chime in. listeners are welcome too!
Ghrimelda: with the first point being about our recent Project Tranquility, im not sure how many of you are aware of it? there were a lot of ideas being brought back from previous times that came off as being something new to implement, concerns about wrongful actions taken against members around and during the shutdown, re-working the rules so they weren't a
Ghrimelda: *weren't as harsh, the staffs transparency regarding issues, and staff activity in general

DachshundLegend: i'm not familair too much with PQ
DachshundLegend: other tha maybe the name change of wolfhome/wolfhome 2.0
DachshundLegend: PT
DachshundLegend: not PQ
Kiche: ngl I've only been back on chatlands for like 2 or 3 weeks so I barely know current events
Ghrimelda: i think most of you guys stay to the chat, but we'd like to know how we are doing regarding those things
xenomorph: first i'm currently hearing of it but i haven't been active on the forums as of lately, was project tranquility posted there first?
Karma: yall are doing amazing
Karma: you guys helped me out countless oftimes
Murdoc: yes, it was posted there ages ago
xenomorph: ah. whoops on my part
Karma: and are always a pleasure to converse with
DachshundLegend: i think you guys are trying your best, despite differences within community
Herb: it was released, January 1st on the forums!
Ghrimelda: yes, the project was posted and is a big read, but an important one -
TechnoPhantom: I feel safer here recently after the changes started being made. For awhile i felt i was being extremely targeted before i left for the B site
DachshundLegend: I dont think any chatlands site is better than another, but it feels like it sometimes?
Karma: i dont know what happened before but
Ghrimelda: im really happy to hear that karma, i try my best as well as the others on the staff to make sure we are helping when and where we can
Karma: i feel safe here
Murdoc: My opinions on WH remain unchanged compared to what they were a year ago or longer. Not a good opinion, of course, but here I am anyways.
TechnoPhantom: after how ive been treated on multiple sites, its definitely about who owns/runs the site
Karma: its honestly not just that, its also how sweet you all are
DachshundLegend: i'm still bitter but i come on and on and on lol
Karma: like i dont feel scared or intimidated to ask for help or ask questions
Herb: it is completely valid that you have those feelings toward WH, murdoc. nonetheless, i am very thankful you are here and that kaz is willing to take apart in it as well.
Herb: happy to hear, karma! very much taken to the heart <3
Kiche: oh wow. I didn't know WH shut down again other than I think maybe hearing through the grapevine that it became invite only for a bit
Murdoc: He said he trusts me to help convey some of his points where I can. I'm no expert and he's far more passionate than I am, though.
Karma: i appreciate you all<3
TechnoPhantom: it was dark during that time, i personally wasnt a fan
Ghrimelda: kaz has definitely been a welcomed source of light
CorvidTeeth: I wasnt on during that time,
Karma: me neither
TechnoPhantom: be glad you missed it
Karma: i have no idea what happened
Karma: i was on cpi or baetyl
TechnoPhantom: baetyl opened after the shutdown (?)
Murdoc: Consodering the shutdown was in response to drama, yeah. It was a big ordeal that should have never happened, but a lot of that also falls on Underdog, who is not present and likely will have no impact on this
Kiche: I mean yeah thats p much what both previous shutdowns were about too. That makes sense
Karma: i maybe popped on wh here and there but i have no idea what occured
Murdoc: eyup
Rhea: Yes, I believe Baetyl opened after the shutdown. @Techno
Karma: ^ i was on cpi during that time i think
Kiche: So wait did WH change hands again?
Murdoc: i hadny even heard og baetyl until relatively recently lmao
TechnoPhantom: yeah, cause i was one of the first people on there and was put on the ART
Ghrimelda: unfortunately, a lot of those who were deep in that are not here and ill be honest here and say i am unsure of how to make their actions right, or make up for those actions
Murdoc: UD said he'd be more "hands off" and that's all I know, personally
LucanWolf: This site has been through its share of dramas shutdowwns.
Ghrimelda: all i know how right now, is to change what they had implemented and make sure that those dont happen again
TechnoPhantom: its very hard when you have to put trust into people
CorvidTeeth: Personally I dont think its your job to make up for the mis actions of others, but i dont know the whole story exactly
TechnoPhantom: and people put on false faces
Ghrimelda: wolfhome is still UDs
Murdoc: I believe it's the duty of the people running the same website to work to make ammends because igoring what's happened and pretending the community will just roll with it sucks
Kiche: I gotcha. Was there a huge admin team cleanout/turnover again?
TechnoPhantom: yes there was >
Murdoc: Yes
Ghrimelda: ohh yes
Kiche: Ahhhhh okay now its starting to make some sense
Murdoc: Almost the entire team is different nowadays
Ghrimelda: yeah
TechnoPhantom: thank god *pray hands*
Herb: thoughts exactly, murdoc! i believe it is our duty to make those ammends. ignoring those things that happened is what can cause these events to transpire time after time again.
CorvidTeeth: From what I have seen, with PT thats what they were trying to do but then got backlash.
TechnoPhantom: yes i was following along with that
Shaxx: The whole WH team as of right now ---> <33333
Kiche: If it was anywhere near as dramatic as the one I'm thinking of like 10years ago.. I'm so very sorry WH went through that a second time x_o
Murdoc: PT came from a good place, but it's not what WH needs right now per se
Karma: agreed
Ghrimelda: i agree with that
CorvidTeeth: what would you say WH needs then , Murdoc?
TechnoPhantom: it has potential, i feel like it was rushed out though because of the situation
CorvidTeeth: That feels accurate , Techno.
Murdoc: Unfortunately that is not something I can sum up so quickly, especially compared to what I have already contributed on other platforms as well in DMs to admins here
Ghrimelda: to boil it down to its simplest form
TechnoPhantom: I think there should be small focuses first before we pump out a while project
Ghrimelda: we are looking to re-work a lot of things
TechnoPhantom: whole*
Murdoc: I do like that admin training lately is being taken more seriously. IE: people being demoted for not passing their training
Ghrimelda: rank duties, qualifications for being promoted, APPLICATIONS!, wording of the rules and how the protocols to handle those are
Murdoc: Or at least it appears that way to me
TechnoPhantom: yes @murdoc, i have been seeing that too. Before the shutdown it felt like they were letting people in all willy nilly. I had never been whispered by higher ranks so much before that
Murdoc: Enforcing these things (activity requirements, fulfillment of duties, etc) across the board sets a good example
TechnoPhantom: (which is why i felt like i was being targeted)
Murdoc: Yeah, instead of just letting folks sit (barring that many admins here are currently on hiatuses)
Herb: Yep! Applications and even the mentor process is getting a ton of love and re-work put into it!
CorvidTeeth: There is also an excess of admins to users though, so its not really necessary that all of them are active imo
Herb: Upholding our duties here is taken seriously, it's important to show that work. Not just continuously say you want this or that to happen.
Murdoc: I agree
Kiche: Was this a bigger issue on chat or forum or kind of just everywhere?
Murdoc: The downside to looking for new, active admins is that there are inactive admins that can return at any time, which increases excess and raises the admin to user ratio quite a bit
Murdoc: Everywhere. It was an encompassing thing that had to do with leadership
TechnoPhantom: all the rest of the sites were kinda empty
Kiche: I gotcha. Makes sense
Kiche: Question: is there a time limit on how long admins can be on hiatus?
Ghrimelda: YES
Kiche: I remember back when I was an admin here we had a pretty strict limit on that because there were getting to be way too many on leave
Ghrimelda: if you are going on a "hiatus" we ask that it be UP TO one month. if you need longer is when we ask that you step down
Kiche: Oh good, 1 month is even shorter than it used to be. And that makes sense
Herb: We have our numbers for the work we are doing, to balance those projects between all of us. So not one or two gets burntout. Believe me, if I could, I would work on everything. I know that isn't realistic. Also yes, we cannot promise your rank if you are not showing that work or being active, up to 1 month is what we ask for hiatuses. As Ghrimelda
Herb: said
Murdoc: Loki has been on hiatus for at least two months. No knock against him personally, but will he be stepping down?
Murdoc: He's also my easiest example (gomen)
Karma: whats considered a hiatus?
Karma: like no on at all for a month or
Shaxx: Like when a user goes on "leave"
Kiche: Good question, what are the admin activity requirements to be considered 'active status'?
Karma: whats a leave though
TechnoPhantom: Loki has been active on the forums on and off
Karma: like is popping on and off active?
Ghrimelda: we are working with loki due to it being serious health concerns
TechnoPhantom: yes i was just about to type
Ghrimelda: we are hoping to finalize things within the coming week
Murdoc: He hasn't been lately unless it's been in hidden boards. I'm active on WHF on a daily basis
LucanWolf: Hrm. Reminds me of an unpleasant experience back in the day when an alpha came back from an extended hiatus then decided to throw their weight around.
Ghrimelda: as of right now, we do not have a "lead" or "head" alpha
Ghrimelda: wolfhomes "heads" are our alphas right now
Ghrimelda: loki, sylvah, and i work together as a team
Kiche: Honestly, I think that's a way better idea than having one head alpha
Karma: agreed
Murdoc: I agree that there shouldn't ever be a singular head
LucanWolf: The head alpha concept was a bad idea from .
Ghrimelda: i see other questions, so ill scroll up in a sec
LucanWolf: from the get go.
Kiche: We absolutely ran into multiple issues with the "head alpha, head beta, head gamma" thing in the past
TechnoPhantom: its like that check and balance system in the government system
Murdoc: Nothing wrong with good leadership, but things always go wrong when one person is the pivot and they fall through.
TechnoPhantom: Loki has been very ill for the past 2 months
Murdoc: hes been on hiatus for like 2 months
Ghrimelda: for activity requirements there is a good list that we make sure to keep on top of
Rhea: I'd like to place this here for you all, our current administration availability, thus us touching base on this. viewtopic.php?f=8&t=204170 Would you consider this beneficial for us to update this thread (moving forward) if/when we need to take a hiatus or move down to semi-avail, etc. with a expected return date?
TechnoPhantom: that is very good Rhea, I think that can be very beneficial to keep updated
CorvidTeeth: Yes I like that being updated!
Kiche: Actually yeah, that's definitely not a bad idea. That makes it easier to know which admins to go to if you need something resolved quickly
Devaska: Having an expected return date would give us a more clear picture of when the admins would be returning, I like that idea Rhea
Kiche: vs DMs sitting unanswered for weeks, etc
Murdoc: For the sake of basic transparency, yes. Having a basic list of who is and who isnt available is the smartest decision
DachshundLegend: not bad, i like that it's kept up to date
Murdoc: Or Ideal, I should say
Rhea: We can most certainly start updating that thread for you all, keep everyone in the loop!
Kiche: Yeah especially if it's something being viewed as necessary for transparency. Then I'd say absolutely keep it updated
DachshundLegend: can i bring up something for the new homepage? if it's gonna be up soon?
TechnoPhantom: We're asking questions faster then erby can type
Herb: Regarding our activity requirements, I will get back to that in a minute.
Ghrimelda: whispers we are working on homepafe
Ghrimelda: age
LucanWolf: Ideally, it would be to have dynamic list built into the chat itself whereby pertinent information could all be accessed through a single channel. Forums are clunky and Discord isn't much better.
TechnoPhantom: im watching the user go from italics to normal to italics again LOL
Murdoc: Smart
Ghrimelda: mm yes i like that
Devaska: ooo yes!
DachshundLegend: yea i was gonna suggest a list on the homepage, something easily updated??
Murdoc: Lucan has a good idea. Some folks still don't have forums accounts anyways
LucanWolf: Even within the chat itself.
Adits: That is a good idea.. For a lot of us we don't stay on the forums as much as chat
LucanWolf: Forums are outdated imho.
Kiche: I've literally only been on the forums to search for old pose permissions so yeah I definitely agree with that
Ghrimelda: you aren't wrong there my friend
TechnoPhantom: The wolfhome forum is very overwhelming as it is, i know theres been work on it but it still feels like- cramped
DachshundLegend: i know we have site updates, but i think that could be vamped up better
Ghrimelda: oh okay lemme ask you guys this then
Ghrimelda: for site updates

Kiche: I'd hope there are age requirements for admins lmao
TechnoPhantom: there should be @karma
TechnoPhantom: i think u gotta be an adult
TechnoPhantom: 18+
Kiche: That's a legal thing I believe
LucanWolf: The admins could have access to a master list that can be updated on the fly to reflect any changes that occur.
Murdoc: I believe the age requirement is 18+ now due to handling sensitive information and also for not allowing children to run a website
TechnoPhantom: yes
DachshundLegend: last i knew t was 16 with perms, but i think it's back to 18
Ghrimelda: which is easiest for you guys? a chat message, spot on the homepage, or maybe a newsletter?
Ghrimelda: HOW do you want your wolfhouse news?

Murdoc: I remember pitching in on that ordeal, whew
DachshundLegend: I'd like ot see homepage and chat messege
TechnoPhantom: a newsletter like sent to our emails?
Kiche: I'd say definitely a spot on the homepage and link it in a chat message when it updates?
LucanWolf: Homepage and chat message.
CorvidTeeth: I like the ideal of the chat message, id see that more than a newletter i think
TechnoPhantom: or on the WH message board
DachshundLegend: i loved the messeges when i logged in
Karma: wym chat message?
DachshundLegend: i have a few archived
LucanWolf: Same, Wendi.
Kiche: The messages you get when you login, karma
Ghrimelda: more messages, got it
Herb: Yes Karma, administrator age requirement is 18+
Rhea: Yes, it's 18+ for administration.
Karma: ohhhh
Murdoc: They're pretty in your face
Ghrimelda: we want a lil funny? all serious no party?
Kiche: But yeah I'd make it a relatively obvious spot on the homepage too
Karma: funny
TechnoPhantom: depends on the situation <
Ghrimelda: nods
TechnoPhantom: if you can be funny, be funny
Karma: what worm says
TechnoPhantom: is worm
Devaska: mix some funny in when you can
Kiche: For what, the news?
Murdoc: comedic timing is important
xenomorph: i feel like right now in a meeting probably wouldn't be the best place for humor atm
TechnoPhantom: i dont wanna open a news letter that sounds like a youtube 3AM ouiji board challenger
Ghrimelda: news, updates
Devaska: in the updates
xenomorph: oh. Whoops
Kiche: Okay so I think that if you're too serious all the time it's gonna come across as cold and unfriendly
Kiche: But at the same time, if it's a serious or sensitive topic, be mindful of that and don't make jokes that might open a wound that isn't healed yet yk
TechnoPhantom: "User just died! We must SUMMON them at 3 AM is coyote messa!"
Kiche: Like don't make it seem like a topic of contention is being brushed off as comedic.
Murdoc: AKA: please, for the love of whatever you may worship, read the room before writing something from a leadership position
Kiche: Yeah, exactly Murdoc
Herb: Truly important! I agree there! Comedic timing is important and just anything you say is important to be mindful of.
TechnoPhantom: if we get a chance, there would be some things that i picked up from my time over on the Baetyl that concerned me that i just wanna mention to keep them in mind here
Ghrimelda: id rather you bring that to someone on the staff rather than address that here ):
Kiche: I have a genuine question as to why if that's okay?
Ghrimelda: depending on what those concerns are, i'd like to not expose anyone
Kiche: Since we're on the topic of transparency. If Techno's concerns are mentioned generally (IE: no names are being dropped or obvious direct implications made) would that be okay?
Ghrimelda: if this is concerns you've notice that are similar to what someone is doing here, id like to know about it
Kiche: I'm guessing- yeah so as to not be talking down on another chat/administration team
Ghrimelda: exactly
TechnoPhantom: it has to go on how admins will discuss and make descions on reports made by other users
Murdoc: Unfortunately I think that falls on the individuals running the chats
Murdoc: Can't expect everyone to operate under good pretenses
Kiche: You're right, unfortunately. Although that is the entire actual point of an admin :/
Murdoc: It is, but history hasn't been kind on the image of admins on any platform for far too many reasons
Murdoc: It's another reason why it's so important to listen to the userbase
Ghrimelda: we as admins are supposed to be fair in all aspects, i am un-ware of how baetyl choses to run itself but i can help navigate how wolfhome is
TechnoPhantom: I just want to avoid the biases and false reports against users
Kiche: Oh indeed. Being an effective admin requires a great deal of empathy and fairness. @murdoc
Murdoc: Otherwise you reach a point like this one: years after yet another shutdown, trying to hold a meeting with roughly 20 people on a website that used to have the traffic of 200-300 users on the daily
Ghrimelda: i understand, and if you see similarities in those behaviors with us id like to know about it after this meeting
TechnoPhantom: I used to before the shut down but i have not seen anything like it on Wolfhome since after that. I just have a sour taste in my mouth for it.
Murdoc: fair
Ghrimelda: with that being said, id like to move onto staff applications
Ghrimelda: a lot of what we have re-worked is the process itself
Ghrimelda: but id like to ask you guys how you feel about the removal of some of the harsher reasons to DQ someone?

Murdoc: What do you consider the harsher reasons?
Ghrimelda: we have removed the reason for DQ if you ask/ follow up about your application and have added "application trackers"n
Ghrimelda: we have also removed the reason for DQ if you send to someone on the staff who is not an alpha
Murdoc: People used to be disqualified if they asked about their application status?
Ghrimelda: yes ):
Murdoc: Yeah sorry but those reasons are fuckin stupid
Devaska: disqualify
LucanWolf: Ah.
Herb: chiming in here to say absolutely agreed, this is why we removed them.
Shaxx: The application tracker will assist with decreasing the amount of inquiries regarding application status
Herb: no one should be opted out of a chance just because of those reasons. it was just not a good way to go about things.
Kiche: Wow. Yeah I'm glad you guys removed those.
Ghrimelda: you can ask your tracker what ever you want about the process, how your application is doing, what stage it is in
TechnoPhantom: i agree, they are not good reasons to DQ someone. As long as its like every once in awhile going "hey whats up, havent heard anything for awhile"
LucanWolf: Indeed.
Devaska: It is a good change
Kiche: I mean we're literally taught to pursue contacting management when applying for actual jobs so I can see why that was happening a lot.
Ghrimelda: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=213539
Kiche: It shows interest.
LucanWolf: Yeah. There's a fine line between showing interest and being a pest.
Kiche: Oh absolutely Luc. But even so
TechnoPhantom: yeah, we're taught that but literally jobs hate that
Murdoc: I feel like in the past with higher traffic administration treated inqueries as annoyances (unprofessional at its lightest, entitlement at its worse)
DachshundLegend: oh yea..sending an app to another admin besides an alpha, that is a bit harsh, or was, scuse me
LucanWolf: But there's no harm in asking as far as I'm concerned.
Ghrimelda: especially if its been a month with no word
Rhea: We don't want those applying to feel worried about asking for a update or feared of being disqualified which is another reason to why we felt it needed to go. ):
Kiche: Right like if a reasonable amount of time has passed, no big deal. If you're asking every single day, well.
LucanWolf: Back in the day, even broaching the desire was enough to ... here it comes... DQ someone from getting promoted.
TechnoPhantom: or if youre rejected and want to know what made you seem like not a good fit
Ghrimelda: yeah nah
Kiche: Lmao I remember that Luc. You couldn't ever say out loud that you wanted to be an admin or they'd auto DQ you from being considered. That was so ridiculous
TechnoPhantom: thats one of the things that i like. I want to know why i was rejected so i can grow and change
Herb: are you really serious, kiche?
Ghrimelda: i want to take time to nurture and really teach people if they are active and passionate enough to even want to be on the staff
Kiche: Granted that was before apps were a thing too.
Kiche: Oh yeah absolutely
Ghrimelda: yeah that was 2010 at least
Kiche: Admins were promoted from within. Nominated by the admin team and eventually by users
LucanWolf: But then things were nepotistic af.
Murdoc: ah yes. the era of "wow i hope they pick me!"
Ghrimelda: next question i have
Herb: that was a thing? thats appalling honestly. like ghrimelda said, we really want to help those who express interest. the things we have been working on for the training process will aid in that.
Ghrimelda: what type of qualities do you guys want to see in new people joining the staff?
DachshundLegend: yea it felt like a secret society in the olden days
DachshundLegend: friendly and outgoing, always willing to listen
Shaxx: feels "approachable" is a big one
TechnoPhantom: compassion, empathy
LucanWolf: Regardless if one had ethics or brains.
CorvidTeeth: Open minded
TechnoPhantom: able to hear sides out
Greed: o-o A proper sense of maturity when it comes to problem solving if there is any issues
TechnoPhantom: serious when needed
TechnoPhantom: but able to laugh and joke
TechnoPhantom: i dont want to feel like im talking to a robot who doesnt understand human emotions
Murdoc: I definitely would love to see more admins listen to the users and engage with them and discussions. To add onto that, though, is that I'd like to see them really listen and contribute instead of parroting eachother.
Murdoc: Too many times sitting through forums discussions for 3 different admins to say the exact same thing while also glossing over an entire discussion
Ghrimelda: i definitely want more meetings like this
Ghrimelda: or similar to this
Ghrimelda: meetings, or rather check ins
CorvidTeeth: me too
Ghrimelda: OKAY now my favorite
TechnoPhantom: I definitely want to feel like i can approach an admin with any and every problem frfr
Ghrimelda: thoughts on re-vamp of town-hall to be more like.. a townhall
Kiche: Yeah, an admin should be approachable. Effective at problem solving and de-escalating
Murdoc: No more admins with known history of abusing power/harrassment/etc etc
LucanWolf: Something else to consider: checking out a candidate's social media (e.g. twitter, tumblr, etc.) to see how they interact. Are they decent or come across as complete *holes.
DachshundLegend: no ideas on thew town hall thing, since i'm still huh now? bout it
Ghrimelda: not an "admin" team but a group of people to help with policies/procedures
Murdoc: Kaz has always insisted: NO ADMINISTRATORS LEAD/FORM TOWN HALL
Ghrimelda: i still have kazs' dms
Ghrimelda: he still awake? o:
DachshundLegend: town hall feels like congress....
DachshundLegend: i dunno i never got a feel for the town hall
Shaxx: I was thinking the same thing Wendi
Murdoc: No, fortunately. He spent the last hour saying he was going to sleep and kept sending me memes from bed instead
Adits: Maybe rework the name?
Kiche: That's the vibe I got from that statement too
Murdoc: It's meant to be a collective of people that help represent the userbase
Kiche: Like bringing up things they'd like to see?
Kiche: Kind of like what we're doing in this meeting rn, except an actual group?
Ghrimelda: yes!
DachshundLegend: peace keepers?
LucanWolf: One of the things I noticed is that a lot of people who frequently post on the forums rarely go onto the chat itself.
Murdoc: They can be people that are approachable that are willing to speak on the behalf of and amplify voices of others
TechnoPhantom: Peace keepers are good
Ghrimelda: not really peace keepers? they wouldnt have "authority"
DachshundLegend: ah okie
Shaxx: Agreed
Murdoc: peacekeepers just reminds me of serenity hooo
Ghrimelda: i think louloudia also had them
TechnoPhantom: i definitely feel like the name of Town Hall, as Walmart would say, "unapproachable"
Ghrimelda: "Murdoc: They can be people that are approachable that are willing to speak on the behalf of and amplify voices of others"
Ghrimelda: love love love
Murdoc: Some people aren't comfortable speaking for themselves
Rhea: We definitely don't want it to sound like congress, for sure.
DachshundLegend: the townies
TechnoPhantom: THE TOWNIES
Shaxx: What about "speakers"?
Kiche: omfg what is the WORD i am trying to think of
CorvidTeeth: call them organization 13
xenomorph: user's union
Ghrimelda: we'll have to come up with a better name for it then
Murdoc: I'll ask kaz about his ideas on renaming the town hall, too
Ghrimelda: please
TechnoPhantom: make a poll on it with some different names
Adits: Do you have qualifications to be on the "town hall"?
Ghrimelda: so right now, no
Ghrimelda: the town-hall thats currently up is the previous version which is no longer active
DachshundLegend: is town hall like a forum thing or would it move onto chat?
Kiche: Wait idea
Murdoc: Kaz probably has so much more workshopped on this
Ghrimelda: i wanted to ask you guys how you felt about a re-vamp, if we should or not
Ghrimelda: HE LOST THE DOC
Kiche: Why don't you make a forum thread asking the userbase to suggest new names, and see which ones are the faves from the list. Then make a poll of the favorites for the final decision
Ghrimelda: i think it is on both
Herb: I like that idea kiche!
LucanWolf: @Kiche Excellent idea!
Murdoc: that's a good idea @kiche
Rhea: That's a great idea!
Ghrimelda: like,d document on the forum but can have discussions on chat/discord
DachshundLegend: nice idea
Herb: definitely can make that happen :>
LucanWolf: have like scheduled meeting times.
Kiche: That way it's totally a userbase decision
Herb: exactly
LucanWolf: Kinda like what we are doing now.
LucanWolf: Yup.
LucanWolf: Represents the fairest cross-section of the site.
Ghrimelda: though something i just thought of
Kiche: If you really wanna get fancy with it, link to the forum thread in a chat message
Ghrimelda: and this might just be me playing devils advocate here
Ghrimelda: but would that add to the "gap" or disconnect between staff and member?
Kiche: would what add to it?
Ghrimelda: if a member can just go to a townhall member, who would then bring it up to the staff
Ghrimelda: instead of having that staff x member relationship
Murdoc: Consider: it's still being brought up to staff
Murdoc: Some people are afraid of admins
Kiche: Well that depends on what the actual purpose of the town hall is.
LucanWolf: It's another avenue.
TechnoPhantom: I know i am
Adits: There are some users who are too timid to go directly to staff
Karma: i used to be
Greed: I used to be
Ghrimelda: isnt that what we'd like to change though? not continue to foster?
Murdoc: People that want to speak directly to admins won't stop and shouldnt be discouraged by town hall to do so, either
Kiche: I wouldn't suggest people going to townhall members for user complaints or anything like that for sure
Kiche: lol "wolfhome ambassadors"
TechnoPhantom: maybe the townhall being used as kind of a middle man, to help encourage the conversation
TechnoPhantom: to be support for the user
Murdoc: It's a way to bridge the gap. At least that's what it's intended to be
Kiche: Yeah it could be a good middle man. Because honestly there will always be some users that are just. Afraid of the admin team. Be that for past reasons or just general anxiety with authority figures
LucanWolf: One thing to that might be helpful is to include community relation meetings with admins in the TH.
TechnoPhantom: "How about we talk to ADMIN together"
LucanWolf: Sorta like, "get to know the admins" in real time.
TechnoPhantom: Some people just need a push out of the nest
Kiche: There is that minority group you just probably will never get around. So like. Having a middle man would absolutely help that particular section of the userbase to be heard. Honestly
Ghrimelda: that makes sense
Ghrimelda: okay last thing before i turn you all loose
TechnoPhantom: Especially for people who still have a lack in trust for admins due to past events, its definitely going to take awhile for that to be healed.
Kiche: And really, if you (as the admin team) acknowledge that you realize that is a thing, and the town hall is there to help alleviate that. You could gain a LOT of trust with said group of userbase
TechnoPhantom: unlike the chatland code, you cant just slap a bandaid on it lololol
Ghrimelda: is this bad boi easy to read/interoperate? viewtopic.php?f=8&t=212062
TechnoPhantom: oh god ur making us read-
Kiche: No, you can't. But that would definitely help to bridge that gap and get more voices heard without the "fear of punishment" yk
Adits: Its easy for me to read, but again, we used that a lot when I was EC, so I am used to reading tings like that
Ghrimelda: i think done correctly, it could bridge the gap
TechnoPhantom: and yes Ghrim i think the list is understandable
Ghrimelda: that all i had for tonight guys
Herb: Does anyone have any further questions, concerns or anything to add/suggest on both things that were mentioned or not mentioned?
Ghrimelda: im going to update the talking points for tomorrows meeting with what we've talked about tonight
Shaxx: Not really, more like Thank yall for doing what you do <3
DachshundLegend: thank you guys for the meeting
Ghrimelda: thank YOU ALL for joining !
TechnoPhantom: yes thank you for trying to mend
LucanWolf: Yes. Thanks for all that you folks hav done.
LucanWolf: have*
March 18th, 2023
Spoiler! :
[8:04pm] Rhea: We'll go ahead and get started. First, I want to apologize for the delay in starting this meeting tonight as there were a few who weren't able to attend due to outside wolfhome urgencies. Thus, we appreciate you all and are grateful to have you here this evening!
[8:04pm] MrLaPlaguea: :D
[8:04pm] Shaxx: <3
[8:04pm] Justamoose420: just entered
[8:04pm] Bressa: Hihi
[8:04pm] DachshundLegend: ello
[8:04pm] Justamoose420: hi
[8:04pm] ravens: hii
[8:04pm] Bressa: Welcome everyone!
[8:05pm] Rhea: Hello!
[8:05pm] Justamoose420: just left
[8:08pm] Rhea: Last night we had touched base on Project Tranquility, in regard to bringing back older ideas, being the first topic. Was there anything further anyone would like to discuss more in depth to this topic?
[8:09pm] Shaxx: I dont believe so
[8:13pm] Rhea: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=213673&sid=a2b75d08 ... a3d956aaee Just for everyone to refer back to the topic we are talking about! I'll give it a bit to let others reply as well. <3
[8:13pm] DachshundLegend: i got nothing
[8:14pm] Shaxx: I just think yall are absolutely on the right path here, as this is something a lot of folks will really appreciate overall.
[8:15pm] Maximo: just entered
[8:15pm] Bressa: hihi
[8:15pm] Shaxx: Welcome
[8:15pm] MrLaPlaguea: Hello
[8:15pm] DachshundLegend: hi
[8:15pm] Maximo: hey
[8:16pm] Rhea: Hello!
[8:16pm] Maximo: just left
[8:16pm] Shaxx: Bye
[8:16pm] Rhea: Thank you Shaxx!
[8:18pm] ravens: in regards to that topic i would just like to say that the amount of care and devotion thats being put into this project makes me very happy and im super excited to see it all come together!
[8:18pm] Bressa: thank you so much Shaxx, we are really trying to move in the right direction.
[8:18pm] Shaxx: I second that Raves
[8:19pm] MrLaPlaguea: I just hope our admins don't take things too seriously, so that they can best maintain their own mental health. I've been noticing stress in some of them, and I hope that's not why
[8:19pm] MrLaPlaguea: It's a more casual website, so I wouldn't want our admins to feel too much pressure for it's progress and establishment. :<
[8:20pm] MrLaPlaguea: That's just something I've noticed
[8:20pm] MrLaPlaguea: I love this website, and am excited to see it's next generation
[8:20pm] ravens: oh youre absolutely right.
[8:20pm] MrLaPlaguea: :3
[8:20pm] Murdoc: ok
[8:20pm] DachshundLegend: i'm getting tired, y'll have agood meeting and night
[8:20pm] Shaxx: Take care wendi
[8:20pm] DachshundLegend: tc
[8:21pm] ravens: yall godda be takin good care of yourselves !
[8:21pm] MrLaPlaguea: Tc<3
[8:21pm] ravens: <3
[8:21pm] ravens: tcc
[8:21pm] DachshundLegend: just left
[8:21pm] Rhea: Mental health is indeed very important and something for everyone (just not us admins) to keep in mind! ^^
[8:21pm] Murdoc: i closed the notif, is the meeting starting in about half an hour or was it supposed to have already started
[8:22pm] Shaxx: In progress ^^
[8:22pm] Murdoc: oof
[8:22pm] Murdoc: Was hoping Herb and.or Ghrim would be here like last night
[8:22pm] Murdoc: for consistency's sake at bare minimum
[8:23pm] MrLaPlaguea: Consistency's sake?
[8:23pm] Murdoc: has anything important been brought up?
[8:24pm] Rhea: Unfortunately they weren't able to make it tonight. ): Ghrim had something come up outside of Wolfhome.
[8:24pm] Murdoc: It's easier to host a social forum with the same people otherwise things get lost in translation or needlessly repeated
[8:25pm] Murdoc: Unfortunate, I wanted to deliver to her directly Kaz's disappointment that his town hall idea was publicly frowned upon after the effort he put into it
[8:26pm] Murdoc: By her during her "devils advocate"thing last night
[8:26pm] Murdoc: You may copypaste what I say to her
[8:27pm] Murdoc: He's insulted that she'd claim to take and work on his idea and I'm irate because that would be pulled on him, especially while he wasn't able to attend last night's meeting and speak on his own behalf
[8:27pm] Murdoc: I know everyone else was more or less for it, but that she'd privately tell Kaz she loved the idea and then turn around and say something different leaves a sour taste in our mouths
[8:29pm] Murdoc: Please also make her aware that Kaz will likely not be comtributing towards WH's growth for the forseeable future.
[8:29pm] Murdoc: I'll likely continue watching how things develop on my own, but you guys lost probably one of the most important contributors from the userbase just by that alone.
[8:30pm] Rhea: Oh dear. We don't want to make anyone feel that way ): I am unaware of any private dms between Kaz and Ghrim, but I will make note to let her know.
[8:30pm] MrLaPlaguea: Maybe they should reconsider leaving entirely on behalf of one admin alone? That's my personal opinion, apologies
[8:30pm] Murdoc: Kaz/Scrimshaw has lots of reasons to drop this site like a rock.
[8:30pm] Murdoc: Surprised it took him til now honestly
[8:30pm] MrLaPlaguea: Well, that's for them to say
[8:30pm] MrLaPlaguea: Not my business
[8:30pm] Murdoc: Nope
[8:31pm] Murdoc: If you've kept up with literally anything regarding this on the forums you would've already seen his contributions there
[8:32pm] Rhea: I'm a bit confused though, per our discussion with Town Hall during last night's meeting I had figured we were all on a good stepping stone towards improving? By all means, please correct me if I am wrong.
[8:33pm] Murdoc: I would hope so. I discussed what was talked about last night with Kaz and when told him she personally didn't like it he took it as a slap to the face. She personally told him she loved his idea. ike dude....
[8:34pm] Murdoc: This is the kind of thing that's been driving people out. That's a shot in the foot if I've ever seen one.
[8:35pm] Murdoc: I'm glad you will be moving forward with developing the town hall and I do hope discussion from last night may have changed her opinion on it, but if you guys want to make amends to your userbase you can't be doing shit like that
[8:36pm] MrLaPlaguea: Erm, you waited to fan this out at the community meeting? Why?
[8:36pm] Murdoc: This is what was discussed last night for the community meeting
[8:36pm] MrLaPlaguea: Why not handle this privately, despite what apparently happened to have been public
[8:36pm] MrLaPlaguea: Oh, well
[8:37pm] Murdoc: I didn't contribute to that for a solid what, 2 hours? just to have to come back and deliver this. fuckin sucks
[8:37pm] Rhea: I am very sorry to hear this. I wish I had more knowledge to what went down in between dms, thus on my end I can take this information to try to bring to a positive light to help prevent this from happening. I am very sorry Kaz feels this way as I don't wish anyone to feel dishearted to say at least.. ):
[8:38pm] Murdoc: Do you guys have any sort of new topics you want to address tonight or would this just be going over what was discussed last night?
[8:42pm] Rhea: Mostly just a recap of what was discussed last night, as well as discuss any further new ideas or discussions that weren't brought up more in depth from last night. Since we had discussed and went over quite a lot we wanted to make sure no points were missed if we needed to discuss a topic further.
[8:45pm] Murdoc: Mk. I don't really have anything else of merit to contribute without being given a topic of discussion per se. I know Kaz's opinions and effort are valued and I wanted to deliver his disappointment in all this. Ghrim should reach out to him if she feels like what she said was misconveyed or otherwise. I am but a messenger, on both ends.
[8:48pm] Murdoc: Aight, I'mma head out and watch anime with Kaz n our roommate.
[8:48pm] Bressa: We will definitely get that over to Ghrim and Kaz opinions and efforts are very valid.
[8:48pm] Murdoc: Good luck with the rest of your meeting.
[8:48pm] Bressa: Take care!
[8:48pm] Murdoc: just left
[8:48pm] Rhea: I definitely appreciate the information, and I am sorry again to Kaz as we have always appreciated his contributions to the site.
[8:52pm] Rhea: In regards to Town Hall, yesterday we had discussed revamping it; did anyone else have any further input or discussion they would like talk more about?
[8:53pm] Shaxx: I don't think so. I see it being a potentially benefiting part of Wolfhome. Perhaps some more planning is in order to place that into effect.
[8:55pm] Rhea: Oh, yes! Do you have any suggestions? ;o We want to ensure we hear from you guys!
[8:58pm] Shaxx: I know there was a little bit of pushback on the name of the group, but I cant see that being a serious issue honestly
[8:59pm] Shaxx: Its supposed to be fun, not political
[9:00pm] Rhea: From what I'm gathering, we had a good idea given to us to allow the community to pick the name, which I think is overall a really fun, great idea! What do you guys think?
[9:03pm] Shaxx: I love it. I humbly suggest taking the top 5-ish names and put it to a poll
[9:03pm] Bressa: That sounds like a great idea so everyone has a day before taking it to a poll!
[9:03pm] ravens: ooo i do like the poll idea
[9:03pm] Bressa: say****
[9:04pm] Rhea: The poll idea sounds wonderful!
[9:05pm] Shaxx: I would personally lean towards a name related to Wolfhome/Lore?
[9:05pm] Shaxx: Could be fun
[9:06pm] Bressa: yes! would be a better fit something that connects it all!
[9:07pm] Rhea: Going to move onto our next topic- Do you guys find our Masterlist easy to read? For who's workin on what/what's being implemented? Is there anything we could improve on to make it better?
[9:07pm] Rhea: Masterlist link: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=212062
[9:09pm] Shaxx: I personally love how yall have it. Simple, easy to read, easy on the eyes and color-coordinated
[9:09pm] Shaxx: I have no recommendations at this time <3
[9:10pm] ravens: i was gonna say i love the color coordinating and the bullet point meanings too
[9:10pm] ravens: do you guys include a masterlist on the wh discord or just the forums?
[9:10pm] Rhea: I am glad to hear it's easy for you guys to navigate through! We do not want to confusion anyone thats for sure!
[9:11pm] Rhea: For this Masterlist, we have it on the forums. Would something on discord as well be beneficial?
[9:11pm] MrLaPlaguea: Yes
[9:11pm] ravens: personally for me, i dont think i would have stumbled across it mainly because im not too great at navigating wh forums
[9:11pm] ravens: i do think it would be nice to have it on the disc!
[9:12pm] ravens: maybe a masterlist channel?
[9:12pm] Rhea: We can certainly work towards adding that for you guys!<3 I love the channel idea!
[9:12pm] Bressa: thats sounds like a great idea to add to the discord!!
[9:13pm] Rhea: Another topic I wanted to touch base on, this falls under applications that was discussed last night as well.
[9:14pm] ravens: maybe one other suggestion would be a project tranquility channel in the future just for it to be more of a run down on what it actually is, do you guys think it would help others be more aware of what's goin on ?
[9:15pm] Rhea: That's a good idea, ravens! It would help those a swell who don't use or navigate the forums as much to keep up to date.
[9:15pm] Rhea: as well*
[9:15pm] Bressa: I know some users only use discord, so I can see it very beneficial to those who don't! love it!!!
[9:18pm] Rhea: In regards to applications, not only including administration applications, this diverts to community apps as well! In regards to responses to apps, how do we feel about the current responses we give now?
[9:19pm] Rhea: Would you all like a more genuine response? What I'm trying to get at here, we don't want to sound like a robot.

[9:21pm] Shaxx: I feel like a little more genuine response is OK, but even though this is still a volunteer position, a "work force" style response should still be acceptable no matter what
[9:21pm] Shaxx: Simple and straight to the point never hurt anyone
[9:21pm] Shaxx: And if they want to message an alpha about why their app was rejected, they can do so
[9:22pm] Shaxx: Additionally, we used the application tracker and it was extremely helpful with keeping everyone updated
[9:22pm] Shaxx: I encourage you all to use it as well! <3
[9:24pm] Bressa: I know recently we did revamp our Application trackers to update the applicants more.
[9:25pm] Shaxx: Make sure to add a disclaimer of some sort about "If you apply, you agree to be added to a live app tracker for the public to see."
[9:25pm] Shaxx: Suggestion, rather <3
[9:27pm] Rhea: I dont think we have a live application tracker in place, but more so a application tracker per each applicant to update them about their applications status, answer questions, etc.
[9:27pm] Shaxx: Ohh Im understanding now
[9:28pm] Shaxx: So it's more private then?
[9:28pm] Shaxx: Or does the public still have access to see it
[9:29pm] ravens: is it updated by an admin daily ?
[9:29pm] Shaxx: [7:18pm] Rhea: In regards to applications, not only including administration applications, this diverts to community apps as well! In regards to responses to apps, how do we feel about the current responses we give now?
[9:29pm] Herb: and ravens what are you referring to?
[9:30pm] Herb: sorry just trying to catch up
[9:30pm] ravens: oh sorry- i meant the application tracker i believe,
[9:30pm] Rhea: So each applicant is assigned a application tracker. It is in sense more private for both the applicant and the applicant tracker. (This is in place for admins apps.)
[9:30pm] ravens: since its not live i was just wondering if that meant it was just updated by admins instead, i might just be confused lolol
[9:30pm] ravens: i dont know too much about application processing and that stuffs
[9:30pm] Shaxx: Ahhh okay im following you now
[9:31pm] ravens: ohh that makes sense
[9:31pm] Herb: Yes so when you apply you are allowed to personally DM/private message your tracker at anytime you would like updates following your application. Like Rhea said, it is private so you don't have to worry about being afraid to ask or have something clarified about process or duties of an admin.
[9:32pm] Herb: The application tracker is for administration so far.
[9:33pm] Shaxx: Sounds great Herb
[9:40pm] Rhea: Was there anything you guys feel like we should discuss more before closing out for tonight? Consider all topics from last night and tonight, any further suggestions, ideas? <3
[9:41pm] MrLaPlaguea: just left
[9:41pm] Shaxx: I don't think I have anything else. The only final comment I have is that I would humbly suggest just making sure all future administration personnel are very understanding of the CoC.
[9:42pm] Karma: coc?
[9:42pm] ravens: code of conduct
[9:42pm] Ghrimelda: how DOES the CoC look to you guys?
[9:43pm] Ghrimelda: should we take a look at it again? is it okay to leave?
[9:43pm] Shaxx: I will make sure to look over the current CoC and provide any feedback that may come to mind later on <3
[9:43pm] ravens: same. if i have any other opinions going forward i'll be more than happy to share it with you lovely folks !
[9:46pm] Rhea: We're always open to suggestions and feedback. <3 Ya'll are warming my heart.
[9:47pm] Bressa: I can say for the rest of the admin team but my DM's and all are always open if you guys have any suggestions or think of anything else we should/need to do!
[9:48pm] Shaxx: I certainly appreciate it
[9:48pm] Shaxx: And I know the others do as well
[9:48pm] ravens: yes<3
[9:48pm] Shaxx: You guys are doing fantastic. Just remember to rest and take things in strides. Don't over work yourselves!
[9:49pm] Bressa: We are taking what you guys suggest/ want into considerations! we truly want to make a change and make this a safe space for everyone! Yes! i just don't wanna speak for everyone on that hehe!
[9:49pm] Shaxx: Of course <3
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