Wolfhome Rules, Administrator CoC, & Pose Requirements Overhaul

This section is for updates or Announcements made in regards to Wolfhome! Any Announcements or updates to Wolfhome and the community will be posted here by an Administrator.
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Fri Aug 18, 2023 11:11 pm

Hello everyone!

With so much discussion happening regarding Chatlands, Wolfhome's staff members have decided to revise our system regulations and are requesting your help in doing so. To implement these policies appropriately, we believe it is vital to involve our community every step of the way.

In order, we will be reviewing:
Here is how we intend to proceed:
Staff Review & Draft — Up to 2 days

Each rule or policy will undergo a reviewal process started by our staff members. We will revise, draft, and present changes publicly.

Public Input Regarding our Drafts — Up to 3 days

After drafting, the new rule will be posted publicly for feedback and improvements from the community before being finalized.

Final Draft & Implementation — Up to 3 days

Taking all input into consideration, the new rule will be finalized and posted for community approval.
If we receive little feedback regarding a particular subject, we may choose to proceed to ensure a timely completion. Please note that even if we have moved on, any input regarding previous topics is still appreciated and will be considered before officially publicizing any new rules.

During this process, we ask that any comments or suggestions remain relevant and constructive. Any hostile, negative, or unrelated feedback is discouraged. If you have any concerns or would like to bring something else up for discussion, we ask that you do so in a separate topic in Questions for the Administration or Suggestions for Wolfhome where we will respond and discuss accordingly.

Please don't hesitate to suggest any other ideas or proposals that you think should be taken into consideration, and let us know if you think our plan could be improved in any way. We look forward to hearing from you!

As a reminder, we have an anonymous feedback form that all members are welcome to utilize at any time. We value all constructive criticism and use it to improve upon our conduct as individuals as well as members of the Wolfhome staff.

In Progress

Public discussions can be found here.

Staff Review & Draft — Introduction of The Laws of Wolfhome & 1.) Inappropriate Content
Public Input — Introduction of The Laws of Wolfhome & 1.) Inappropriate Content
Staff Review & Draft — 2.) Spam
Public Input — 2.) Spam
Staff Review & Draft — 3.) Disturbing the Peace
Public Input — 3.) Disturbing the Peace
Staff Review & Draft — 4.) Trolling
Public Input — 4.) Trolling
Staff Review & Draft — 5.) Harassment
Public Input — 5.) Harassment
Staff Review & Draft — 6.) Administrator Harassment
Public Input — 6.) Staff Member Harassment
Staff Review & Draft — 7.) False Reports & Mini-Modding
Public Input — 7.) False Reports & Mini-Modding
Staff Review & Draft — 9.) Multiple Accounts
Public Input — 9.) Multiple Accounts
Staff Review & Draft — 10.) Safety Threats
Public Input — 10.) Threats & Sensitive Topics
Staff Review & Draft — 11.) Hacking & Virus Threats, 12.) Propositioning Minors, 14.) Scamming Others

Current Staff Discussions

8.) Mature 18+ Rooms

Current Public Discussions

11.) Hacking & Virus Threats
12.) Propositioning Minors
13.) Art Theft was very recently updated here.
14.) Scamming Others

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