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Tue Jun 12, 2018 9:11 am

Admin Contact Offsite Guideline:

Good day to all!

The team would like to let it be known that there has been an increase of chat reports being sent offsite to administrators who are off duty, sometimes despite there being the presence of on duty administrators. Because of this, the team has decided to create this guideline to help you know when it is appropriate to contact an off-duty administrator offsite.
Why should we not contact off-duty administrators about these reports?
- Off-duty administrators are off duty for a reason! Aside from being peacekeepers of Wolfhome, they also have their real lives to worry about. Work, family, friends--these things are also part of the lives of admins and as administrating can be tiring, they need some breathing room as well and time away from the work!

When can I contact off-duty administrators OFFSITE (via discord, skype, sms, etc.)?
- Safety Threats (self harm, suicide*, death threats, threats of injury to others etc.)
  • Suicide threats need to be reported ASAP so appropriate action can be taken
- Proposition of minors
- Hacking Threats or Attempts
- Extreme Trolling Cases
- Any other high-risk situations like those above

When do I NOT contact off-duty administrators?

- Minor offenses such as spamming, multi-accounting
- ART questions/concerns
- When there are on duty administrators present
- Anything that is not a high-risk situation

What should I do instead?

- IF an admin is on duty on the chat, please contact them FIRST.

IF there is no admin on duty and you need to report something that is NOT urgent:

- Copy/Paste logs, screenshots, and any pertinent to an admin via WH message or forum PM (Not discord, skype, etc.)
- Send in a Problem Ticket:

What if there's an active administrator on the forum, but not the chat?

There is a high possibility that they are mobile & not near their computer, and may not be able to help you with a current situation on chat.
- If there is an issue on the forums that needs to be reported/handled, you can report it to an on-duty admin on chat, OR use the report button feature on the forums.
- To clarify, you can contact on-duty administrators on chat if there is a situation on the forums that needs attention.
We appreciate your continued support. Thank you for helping make Wolfhome a safer place to be.
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Sun Jul 03, 2022 6:07 pm

Bump- due to an increase in admins receiving offsite contact we are having to remind people that this is still unacceptable.
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