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Hello Wolfhome! This simple tutorial is intended to show you around the forum's newest feature: mChat!

The most common complaints that people have for mChat are:
  • The chat should be at the bottom!
  • The chat should be at the top!
  • The chat messages should be listed newest to oldest!
  • The chat messages should be listed oldest to newest!
  • The chat box should make an alert sound!
  • The chat box shouldn't make an alert sound!
  • The chat box should never display on the main page!
  • The chat box should always display on the main page!
Fortunately, you are all right! And terribly, terribly wrong! So let's fix things up to exactly how we want them.

The settings panel of mChat can be found in your User Control Panel (UCP):



But what does it mean??

Display on the index page
If you select "no" you can just imagine those pesky teenagers never showed up on your lawn in the first place.

Display Who is chatting below the chat
Out of all the weirdo lurkers in the "Who's Online" box, these guys are the ones who are actually chatting it up, nice and convenient.

Display Who is chatting in the stats section
Also displays active chatters with the rest of the forum stats, if you'd like.

Location on the index page
Do you want the chat to appear at the top of the bottom of the forum index?

Location of new chat messages
Select "top" for messages to be listed from newest to oldest, vertically. Yeah, we rebels.

Capital first letter in your messages
Maintain an air of formality with no effort on your part!

Enable sound
Hear a weird helpful booping sound when someone leaves a chat message.

Display avatars
Display a user's avatar next to their chat message?

Input type:
With our current forum theme, this one actually doesn't do that much. You got me!

Display number of characters when typing a message
Display how many characters you are using of the limit when composing a chat message.

Date format
Select the date format you prefer.

Display relative time for new messages
Displays “just now”, “1 minute ago” and so on for each message. Set to No to always display the full date.
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