Tutorial for Reporting to Administrators on Wolfhome v2.0

This section is filled to the brim with helpful resources for Wolfhome, including FAQ's, Tutorial's & Guidelines.
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Greetings, Wolfhome Community!

We have made a new and updated version for reporting to Administrators on Wolfhome.

Are you just starting out on Wolfhome and you're new? Welcome aboard! We love seeing new faces around here. Wolfhome is a great place to hangout and meet new friends! Although inevitably, you will probably encounter some problems, whether it be with other users, bugs, or anything of the sort! For this purpose, we have made a new and updated version on how to report to an Administrator on Wolfhome. Below is a tutorial, step by step, that you should follow if you ever happen to stumble across something that needs to be brought to the Administrations attention.

PLEASE NOTE: It's encouraged to report anything as long as it's not a false report. As an example, if another user is making you feel uncomfortable or if you have a concern, please bring it to our attention. It's better to ask and make sure, rather than not speak up about something. We will not tolerate faked logs, and if that were to occur, you would be held accountable.

Below will be a series of screenshots, (step by step tutorial), that you can use to help you when you need to report.

STEP 1: While you're on chat you will see down in the bottom left hand corner of your screen, the chat box. Please click the "Report" button as seen below.


This button will enable you to chose from a list of the current online administrators that are on chat, the sort of "police" of Wolfhome. These users can help you sort out any issues or questions you may have. All you have to do is click on one of the names, and a separate tab will open up in your chat box, enabling you to have a one-on-one conversation with the administrator. Nifty, huh?



Now, you may run into confrontations with other users, or maybe you're just a bystander witnessing someone misbehaving. In these situations, we ask that you please step back, call an administrator to help, and try to ignore the troublemaker as much as possible. Remember, getting involved may only make things worse for yourself in the long run. It is best to be left to the administrators!

One very important tool for administrators when it comes to handling situations like these, are chat logs. You probably already noticed the big black box on the bottom of your screen that shows everything people type. These are your chat logs. Administrators may ask you for copies of the logs, so they can see what happened before they entered. These are invaluable, and you can greatly help the administrators by providing these for us!

STEP 2: Let's turn off the scroll. This way, the scroll won't snap back to the bottom when people chat.
Click the little tiny scroll button, located to the bottom right of where you type. It's a little white box with a red arrow on it as seen below.


Great! Now that you've paused the logs, you can take the time to scroll up until you reach the portion that you would like to copy and send to the administrator.

STEP 3: Copy your logs! Once you've found the starting point of what you'd like to send, click and hold your mouse, and move it down. This will highlight parts of the scroll.
You can either move your mouse up and down to select, or, if you have it, use the scroll button located in the middle of your mouse. Do this until you have the entire section you want to send highlighted as seen below OR If you're using a laptop/something without a mouse, you can also select one line, hold shift and use the arrow keys to select more.


Now you're ready to copy and paste. Right click inside your selected text, and press "Copy". You can also simply press Ctrl + C, or if you're on a Mac, Command + C.
You've now copied the text, and are ready to paste it into a new message!

STEP 4: Hop over to http://www.wolfhome.com/message to open up a new private message. It should bring you to this page seen below. Go ahead and type in the name of the administrator you're sending the logs to. Now, right click inside the white space, and click "Paste". You may also press Ctrl - V, or for Macs, Command + V. This will place all your copied text into the message.


STEP 5: Now you're almost ready to hit send! In place of the word "Admin" on top, type in the name of the Wolfhome Administrator that you are sending to.
Then at the bottom, you type in your username or email, and your account password, and click send. You've successfully helped out the Wolfhome Administration! Thank you!

Please remember to unlock your scroll when you're done!

Please keep in mind that administrators will NEVER ask you for your password. If any user asks for your password, please report them immediately.
Furthermore, Wolfhome will not ask for your password in emails. If you get an email posing as an official Wolfhome email, please ignore it.

We encourage everyone to take a look at our "Admin Contact Offsite Guideline". That way if something happens and there are no online Administrators available - you have something to reference.

We also have, "Problem Solving Strategies for Wolfhome" written by Underdog at the BOTTOM of The Rules of Wolfhome. Use this to your advantage and give it a read!
It may help you diffuse some situations before it gets out of hand. Thank you!

Very Best Regards,
The Wolfhome Administration
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Ooooo short, sweet, and easy. I like it! Wonderful job Admiral!
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