Guide to Being a Newb (redux)

This section is filled to the brim with helpful resources for Wolfhome, including FAQ's, Tutorial's & Guidelines.
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FIRST THINGS FIRST - Remember that you Agreed to the Rules of Wolfhome, when you signed up on this site, Make sure above all else, follow the rules! "I Didn't Know" is NEVER an Excuse.

Step 1. Get a Forum Account.
If you don't already have one. Click HERE

DO-Wait patiently for your account to be accepted. You will NOT get a forum e-mail. Within a day or two you should be able to play around on the Wolfhome Forum.
DO -Make sure you read the Forum Rules before making your post.
DO-When your forum account gets accepted, make yourself an Introduction post! Then you can post a lot in the Games section. Beat users Avani and Bressa in their posts.

DO NOT-Bug Forum Admins to accept your account. This may make it take longer.
DO NOT-Stare at the forum all day waiting for your account to be accepted. You'll be bored.

Step 2. Buy Deltas.
Okay but what are Deltas? Deltas are a local currency that you can use to have a subscription to the site, pay for art, and trade for gifts in your sniff!

Q - Why do I need to buy Deltas?
A - You don't need to. However. Some things aren't free. To get poses, you need to have a paid account, which requires deltas to function - Like monsters eating people. Need food to survive.
Q - What do I do with them?
A - They are Wolfhome's currency. You can buy things with them, raise your subscription, and get more access to more sets.
Q - How come Wolfhome isn't free?
A - It costs a lot to run this site, nothing in life is free. Look on the bright side, in the "old days" you didn't even get to choose your colors other than 4 standard colors (yellow, gray, brown and black). Though, I heard on Howloween, you get a free account for a little bit!

Easy enough right? Well. There's 2 ways to buy deltas.
Image 1. You can simply buy them from the Wolfhome website by clicking on the Map, then click My Account, then click Buy Deltas.
Image 2. Lurk on the Forum. Some people have great deals for Deltas for half the price. Better for you. Better for the Artists you buy them from. Insert something about Wolfhome economy at any moment.
Image 3. If you can't buy your own deltas - see below.

DO-Read the FAQ to Deltas, by clicking HERE because I'm too lazy to type it all out for you.

DO NOT-Steal your mother's or father's or brother's or sister's or guardian's or some stranger's credit card. They will find out and you will be in trouble. No joke. Don't do it.
DO NOT-Beg people for Deltas. We are cheap. Users don't like giving their funds up.


But what do I do if I'm broke?

You are not alone! Here's what you can do! You can earn deltas. It's a harder process, but it can be done!

Image 1. Try Coloring poses for other users! (See Step 3)
Image 2. Draw your own poses for users!
Image 3. Enter contests by users or Wolfhome, keep an eye on the Bulletin Board!
Image 4. Expand your art skillz to FurrAffinity or DeviantArt by selling your work!
Image 5. Keep an eye out on chat! You'll never know when an admin, Fayette (the Wolfhome Fairy), or Celeste may be asking trivia questions and giving away deltas.

DO-Practice Practice Practice. Don't give up your art skills. Don't listen to anyone that tells you that you suck or are horrible. They are just jealous of your talents.
Do-Advertise on the proper forum topics or in chat for your artistry skillz.
Do-Turn in Suspected Art Theft to the nearest Admin as soon as possible.
DO NOT-Beg for Money. Like said above. Most of us are broke.
DO NOT-Steal Art. If you can't Pay the Time, Don't do the Crime. It's an insult to you, the Artist and the rest of the Community.

Step 3. What to Do if You're Broke.

You are not alone! Here's what you can do! You can earn deltas or money to buy deltas! It can be difficult to make money but keep trying!

You can make money by making a PayPal! If allowed of course! Using this you can have real currency to help with buying deltas or another art.

Image Step A. Try to color poses for other users! (Step 4)
Image Step B. Draw your own poses for users!
Image Step C. Creating/Coloring character for users.
Image Step D. Enter contests by other users or Event Committee Events
Image Step E. Expand your art skills to DeviantArt or Furr Affinity by selling your work!

DO - Keep Practicing! Don't give up!
DO - Keep advertising your art!
DO - Turn in suspected art theft. Contact administration ASAP.
DO NOT - Beg for money
DO NOT - Steal art. This is highly against the rules, also hurts other who work hard on their art.

Step 4. How to Identify Yourself.


You may see different species, colors and "markings" around chat lands. You may also see others using custom poses. You are probably wondering, "how do I get cool poses like that? what can I do to stand out?". Well, we have created a small guide for beginner wolfhomies to help them settle into their coats!

Markings are a key part of your design. Your uniqueness designated to you and your character(s). You may have as many characters as you want. There is no limit, nor is there a species limit. Being different is amazing and encouraged within the community always.

Image Step A. Finding Your Name - If you aren't satisfied with your username, try changing it to a unique name with little to no numbers in it. It can be anything (appropriate), so get creative with it. There are endless possibilities. Of course, the ultimate decision is up to you! And worry not, you can change your username after 30 days of creating it!
Image Step B. Color Identity - Identify with colors that represent YOU. You will be staring at them all the time, so, choose something that you like. (can always be changed!)
Image Step C. Picking a Species - Most users have characters of their favorite species. Create your own if you wish. There are many different kinds of species. Chances are, you'll find at least one that you like.
Image Step D. Bringing the Design Together - Pick a pattern with your chosen colors on your chosen species. Take time to really pick what you want! If you're uncreative, you can always buy a premade character in the Character Market on the forums!


Page of FREE References for use Here.

Ref by Kesame
Ref by Silence

DO - Be creative and happy with your character. It will represent you, and many will identify you with it as such!
DO - Ask if you are unsure if a character design is too similar to others.
DO NOT - Steal someone else's characters. People don't like copycats, and it can be considered art theft. Create a character from your own mind!

Step 5. How to Find Poses.

Did you want custom poses or color premade of your newly found characters?
Bulletgutz has written a lovely extensive guide to figure out what kind of poses you want by clicking Here

Where can you get these mysterious poses?
Image Step A. Browse the forums! The Wolfhome Market is a great way to find what you want. You may also try the Freebie Emporium!
Image Step B. There is also buying poses from Wolfhome Artists. These users usual create Premades and/or Customs that you may purchase.

DO - Use Wolfhome Poses Posted from Wolfhome Forums or Posepro with proper permissions.
DO - Save all proof of pose permissions/ transactions (if you buy one), as well as the link to where your pose is. (See Step 6)
DO NOT - Use Photobucket except for any links posted above. Most Photobuckets are not trustworthy.

Step 6. How to Get Poses and Use Them.

Awesome! You got your first pose. It looks a little grey. Looks nothing like you. It's sitting on your computer. Now what? Well, what you're going to want to do, is color it and upload it for your own use.

Image Step A. Lets starting with picking a coloring program. Gimp, Pixlr and Adobe Photoshop are common favorites.
Note - Gimp and Pixlr are Free. Photoshop you have to buy.

Links here! Gimp and Pixlr

Image Step B. Use some Coloring Tutorials to Help you out. Click Here for some Tutorials.

Image Step C. Make sure your Pose follows the Art Rules before uploading it.

Image Step D. A step by step guide on how to use the Uploader - Pose Uploader FAQ

And congrats, you now get to experience the joy of poses! Note - You will get notice if your poses are accepted. You may not get a notice when your pose is rejected.

DO - Wait patiently. Poses should take minutes to a few days to be accepted.
DO - Have fun while waiting for your pose, make friends, and chat comfortably!
DO - Ask any Administrator questions regarding ART or anything else at any time!
DO NOT - Beg an Administrator to accept your pose.
DO NOT - Get upset if your pose is rejected. Instead, fix the reason given of your pose rejection or ask how to fix it!

Step 7. How to Behave Properly in Chat.

Now you got a new look! Its now time to know how not to act like a newb. Maturity is knowing when you need be mature. We can play and act "immature" every once in a while, its okay. We just need to be aware when there is a time and place for it!

Image Step A Mates, Pups and RP - Keep in mind, that Wolfhome is not a full roleplay site. Users however, like to roleplay, and are required to keep it only in Roleplay Rooms/Private RP Rooms. Most Wolfhome users DO NOT want to be your mate or puppy or roleplay with you. Don't be sad if they don't want to. Just find a roleplay room to enjoy yourself in instead.
Note - Seen the word instamates? These are users who meet for a small amount of time and fall in love. While this in undesirable for some user, please be nice to them.
Note - Administration wont ban anyone for "mate" problems. Unless something serious really happens.

Image Step B The Forbidden Growl Pose - You MAY use the Growl Pose in any room. It is NOT designated to Roleplay rooms. However, it is best to use it there. DO NOT use the growl pose to harass or annoy users. Abuse of the growl pose is what gets users in trouble. Feel free to growl at the wall, or at the clown in Kindergarten.

Image Step C The Cry Pose - Everyone uses this pose. Wolfies get sad. It's okay to be sad. But keep in mind, users don't hate you. If you think they do, they don't. Wolfies don't like other sad wolfies and are avoidant. INSTEAD, try joining a pleasant conversation, or creating a pleasant conversation for others to join in on. Happy wolfies = more happy wolfies. Win/Win situation.

Image Step D Ignore Feature - Wolfhome does have a feature called the Ignore Feature. If you and another user just can't seem to get along we suggest using this feature. You can do this by clicking their avatar and hitting ignore, or by typing !ignore username. We put this in place since we know not everyone will like each other. This also can create a safe environment for everyone. Though, if the situation can't be disputed with the Ignore Feature, feel free to call an Administrator to help handle the situation.

Image Step E Personal Space - Users like their personal space in the room. You may be asked to move over because you could be "to" close. There are all sorts of people on Wolfhome. Some user get nervous or panic if someone they don't know is close. Please respect these users. You can do this by asking if you are being to close or once asked to move, to do so.

Image Step F Private Room Etiquette - You look through the Myst and see some friends in a private room? If you don't know the owner of the room, please ask before entering the room or ask once entering. Some rooms before going in it will saying Everyone Welcome or Welcome All. That is okay to not ask. If you enter a private room please respect the rooms rules. Private rooms are for users control unless an Administrator needs to get involved.

Image Step G Personal Information - Big rule of thumb on the internet! Don't give out any personal information. This can cause someone to take your identity/money/other things. If you feel uncomfortable or suspect something strange happening, never hesitate to call an Administrator. For more information please check out The Wolfhome Internet Safety Guide

Image Step F tRy NoT tO tYpE LIKE THIS. It can be irritating. Try typing with as correct spelling as you can handle and full sentences. There is always those moments messing with friends or playing around but make sure the other users aren't annoyed around you.

DO - While roleplaying respect those around you . If users ask you to not roleplay in a non-roleplay room please take it to whisper, private rooms, and roleplay rooms.
DO - Give Healthy Conversation!
DO - Call an Administrator for help anytime. (also see Step 8)
DO NOT - Troll or Harass someone. Can cause a ban on your account.
DO NOT - Handle situations with your own personal sense of being a vigilante.

Step 8. Roleplay, Mates, Packs and Pups.


First be forewarned that WOLFHOME IS NOT A ROLEPLAY SITE This being true, Chatlands has a strong user base who use Wolfhome as a place to roleplay. So please be sure to keep all roleplay to the designated rooms and private pack rooms.

Image Mates are generally discouraged, as it brings out a whole bunch of unnecessary drama. However, the plus side is, you can generally create strong friendships through these types of behaviors. Please keep in mind to not be an "Instamate."

Image WTF is an Instamate? An Instamate is a slang term for someone that desperately seeks out mates and will date whoever comes their way and will declare they love them within 30 seconds or less. It's usually derogatory.

Image Pups are generally discouraged as well, due to babymama/babydaddy drama. Not to mention, do you really want to "take care" of a person pretending to be a pup that could realistically be twice your age? Awkward.

Image Packs you may not realize, but Wolfhome is considered as one giant pack. Individual packs seem amusing and fun, but try not to get it out of hand.

Step 9. How to get help and send logs to Administrator


Do you need help with something? Something not feeling right? Someone causing drama?
Time to howl! This would cause for some Admin help!

WTF if an admin? - See step 10.

To See a complete VISUAL of the following Steps click Here
Image Step A - Click Report and Select the Administrator of Choice. And Ask for their help and why.
Image Step B - Once you call the Administrator of your choice, don't leave the room! Calmly explain to the Administrator the problem you are having.
Image Step C - Copy all of your Scroll Logs of the incident. This can be found on the bottom right hand corner of your screen with all the text.
Image Step D - Send that Scroll Log to Wolfhome Messages, addressed to your called Administrator.
Image Step E - Let the Administrator handle the rest. =)

Note- IF THERE IS NO ADMINISTRATOR AVAILABLE - You may still send your logs to an Administrator by using Step D OR send in a Problem Ticket. Please check the Admin Contact Offsite Guideline as well.

DO - Ask for help whenever you need it. Never be afraid to ask for help.
Do - Report things you find suspicious, or makes you uneasy.
DO - Advise the user politely if you feel uncomfortable with something
DO NOT - Retaliate if the other user is offending and harmful to you. You can get in trouble yourself.
DO NOT - Try and help the admin by controlling the situation or making it worse.
DO NOT - Ever be scared of an Administrator. They are here to help and should never be feared.

Step 10. What is an Administrator?


This is a good question! There is a group of volunteer users who work on the chats to keep it running! They are called Administrators!
These users are moderators of the chat. You are free to call them with important questions and concerns, as well as reporting to them of naughty users.

Administrators may also have specialized duties, including but not limited to Art Review Team and Forum Team.

There are 4 Ranks of Administrators - Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Apprentice.

Current List of Administrators

Step 11. How to Become an Administrator

Would you like to be more involved in the community? Want to be a moderator on chats? Just remember this isn't always fun and games. With great power becomes responsibility! This is not a thing everyone is cut out to do!

If you still want to become an Administrator then we will have to let you know the two ways to become an Admin.
1) Check if Admin Applications are open.
2) Nominations from users.

Please don't bother your friends to put in nominations for you to become one. We want those to nominate those who would truly be a good match. Also don't be a fake friend to an admin thinking by doing this will be a golden ticket to being an admin. Just follow the rules, be kind to others, and join other community events or groups!

Step 12. How to Make Friends and Not Be Lame


Awesome! You have poses NOW! You learned the rules and know how to report if needed.
Now is time to make some friends! Its not needed but makes being on Chatlands a little more fun!
You do NOT need to have custom or premade poses to be one of the "cool kids." But it sure makes you look spiffy.

So. How do you actually become known? Well, the best thing to do, is simply chat with other users. Look for friends. Look for common interests.

But OMG everyone is in little groups! WHAT DO?! - That's okay. Social cliques are quite common. Simply come around often, and chat often. Who knows, you may end up part of a group yet, and make lots of friends!

What kind of topics are a good way to make friends? - How about trying friendly ice breaker questions? Favorite movies, favorite music, favorite foods? Very common and friendly basic conversations to get you started. There's thousands of topics to choose from!

There is also Events that you can join! The Event Committee create on and off site Events you can JOIN! These Events can create friendships and new people to talk to!

Step 13. How to Become a Forum Junkie

It's not hard to be a Forum Junkie. With how often the forum is realistically used, it's hard not to get sucked in.

ImageStep A- Read the Forum Topics. Read what you want. There's many to choose from, it's a great source of information.
ImageStep B- Post wanted feedback on others' art. People enjoy friendly bouts of encouragement on their art, or possible positive criticisms, though note that not all artists wish for commentary. Use carefully.
ImageStep C- Become involved. If you find something funny, or have questions, post about it in the proper forums.
ImageStep D- Play in the games! The Games Board is very interactive and usually require the help of other users to play along.
ImageStep E- In no time, you will reach so many posts that you may beat Takatia one day at being the Ultimate Forum Junkie. Good luck!

DO- Make sure you post in the proper forum and follow the Wolfhome Forum Rules and FAQs.
DO- Join Contests and Wolfhome Events, the prizes can be amazing!
DO NOT- Post journal posts or unwanted posts based on the Forum Rules.

Step 14. How to Get A Title In Your Sniff.

So, you want to have a neato snazzy title for some reason? Awesome! These titles go at the bottom of your sniff and you can relatively have it say whatever you want (as long as it's appropriate). All you have to do, is politely ask a wonderful Administrator for a title. And just state what you want the title to say. PRESTO CHANGEO you have a title.

Enjoy. =)

Note - Did you know that Sessgo's title is 'Coffee Queen'?
Note - Watch out for Grim, her title is 'Jerk'!

Wanna learn how to edit your sniff with awesome fonts, colors, and pictures? Look HERE
Also you can use Carrd to create a sniff!

Step 15. How to Ignore.


There are 3 ways to do this.

ImageOption 1 Manually Click Your Foe, Click Ignore. POOF. Gone.
ImageOption 2 Type !ignore username(insert Foe's name here)
ImageOption 3. Go to the main Map. Click on My Account. Click on Edit Profile. Click Ignored Users. Type in Foe's Name. POOF. Gone.

There. Now they're gone forevers!

Note No. You can't ignore Administrators.

Step 16. Fun Commands.
Want to learn some helpful commands? These commands are ones to help you move around chats easier!

Kei made a Guide to help users with these commands.
Please click here for the Official Wolfhome Chat Resources

Step 17. How to Win at Wolfhome.

Now that you have read this Guide on how to not be a newb! You are ready!
Please remember being yourself is also key to being a successful Wolfhome user!
Congratulations, you are now surviving from becoming a "Noob" to becoming a regular user. Well done!

Hopefully this Guide has taught you some important and vital information that is a key to your survival at enjoying this site. Remember - have fun, be safe, and enjoy, after all, this is a Chatsite. =)

Original guide made by Azriel, updated by Bressa
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