Revision of Wolfhome Rules, Ban Ladder, Refresh Rates, FAQ & Terms of Use - Read!

This section is filled to the brim with helpful resources for Wolfhome, including FAQ's, Tutorial's & Guidelines.
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Wed Mar 02, 2022 7:12 pm

Hello Wolfhome,

The Wolfhome Rules, Wolfhome FAQ and Wolfhome Terms of Use have been officially updated! The Administration has been diligently going through the Chat Rules and Ban Ladder to bring back some older roots as well as new changes. The original Ban Ladder was brought back along with Rule changes due to the recent events over the the holiday season and we wanted a more clear cut and dry system.

These changes are not intended to change anything about the spirit of Wolfhome, but rather to keep things better organized and to hopefully speed up discussions pertaining to offenses. Our feeling was that the new system was too drawn out, probationary periods were being abused, and it created a lot of hassle in the end. For those reasons, we have now updated everything.

Wolfhome Rules
Wolfhome FAQ
Wolfhome Terms of Use

We have the following Ban Ladder now in effect:
Reminder -> Warning (NG) -> 12 Hour Ban -> 3 Day Ban -> 1 Week Ban -> 2 Week Ban -> 1 Month Ban -> Permanent Ban
As you may notice you will only receive one Reminder now before action is taken against your account. So please be sure to familiarize yourself with the Rules. However, any offense that would result in a NG or Ban does not get a Reminder and instead skips rungs in the ladder.

We have the following Refresh Rates/Probationary Periods now in effect:
  • Reminders, NG, 12 hours, 3 days, 1 week - 4 months
  • 2 weeks, 1 month, Perm - 6 months
Please see the above links for more information on the recent changes that have gone into effect.
As a reminder, by agreeing to abide by these Rules upon Registration, you are responsible for also abiding by any changes made to the Rules. This also includes abiding by the Wolfhome Forum Rules.

- The Wolfhome Administration
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