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This section is filled to the brim with helpful resources for Wolfhome, including FAQ's, Tutorial's & Guidelines.
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Returning Staff Members

If a staff member decides to step down or resign, they must wait until staff applications are open again to request a return to the team. Similarly to an Admin Application, they will need to fill out a Staff Return Application and send it to an available Alpha.

Please remember that submitting a Staff Return Application does not guarantee a return to the team and there are a few additional stipulations in place that must be followed.


We consider multiple factors such as activity on the chat and forum, profile, community & team standing, and how involved individuals are in current events, reworks, and other happenings of the community.

Minimum Activity
You must be consistently active for at least 2 months on our chat/forum. We expect to see you logging into the chat at least twice per week, spending at least 15 hours in chat per month. In addition to this, we would like to see at least two posts per week on the forum. The community's level of activity in general may affect this requirement and differ at times. Even so, it is crucial to demonstrate your presence and make an authentic effort to connect with fellow members positively. This entails staying active on chat and forums, engaging in regular conversations, and prioritizing the community's interests. This allows our members to become familiar and comfortable with you over time.

Community Participation
It's important that you actively participate in recent community events and contribute to the community as a whole during your 2 months of required activity. This includes publicly commenting on and contributing to any rule changes, recent announcements, forum discussions, and other important events. We expect all staff members to continue this activity even after returning to the team. Remaining idle for long periods in chat or only contributing to game topics will not count towards community participation. We highly recommend joining community teams that align with your interests to showcase your passion and enthusiasm. While not required, it can make a positive impact on your presence within the community.

Your sniff/profile and any linked content from either of these must follow our rules & be appropriate for a staff member to possess.

Community Standing
If we have reason to believe that you have caused distress to others in the past, or if we consider the situation to be too sensitive or detrimental for you to return to the team, we may ask you to submit a request to return at a later date after resolving any issues with other community members or if we feel enough time has passed since then. As representatives of Wolfhome and its team as a whole, all of our staff members must maintain a respectful, friendly, helpful, and approachable demeanor toward everyone at all times.

Team Standing
To return to the team, the manner in which you left may play a part in the decision. We will evaluate important factors including your team participation, how well you communicated with your teammates and the community, as well as the circumstances surrounding your departure. Additionally, we will investigate whether your departure was due to inactivity and examine your level of involvement in staff responsibilities prior to leaving.


Unfortunately, certain actions can disqualify you from rejoining the team. These actions include but are not limited to:
  • being reported for misconduct or breaking rules during your absence
  • attempting to gain unauthorized access to application or administrative information during your time away
  • causing conflict with the community or other members, especially due to your previously held position on the team

Returning Staff & Departments

When promoted to Gamma, you are eligible to join a single department after 1 week if you have successfully eased into your Gamma role. After another week of settling into your new department, you may request to join another department, and so on.

Returning Staff Promotions

All members forfeit their previous rank when resigning and will begin as an Apprentice upon their return. This consists of a refresh/recap of 1 week at minimum, after which you will be promoted to Gamma. After one month, you may be eligible to be promoted to Beta based on your conduct, activity, and overall performance as a Gamma and if you had previously been one before you resigned. Returning to an Alpha position is still considered rare and only happens when necessary and if the current Alphas agree on this together.
Upon Returning
You will be assigned to the Apprentice role.

Apprentice to Gamma
Minimum of 1 week retraining/recap/refresher period. Promoted to Gamma after understanding new policies/feeling comfy back on the team.

Gamma to Beta
Minimum of 1 month of steady activity, etc., and working on projects before moving up to Beta if you've been at this rank previously.

Beta to Alpha
You must wait for an open position to return to Alpha.

The Process
  • The Staff Return Application should be submitted with detailed answers to each question.
  • We will review your application as a team, which may take 1 - 2 weeks.
  • After careful consideration, the team will decide whether to approve your return. If approved, you will be granted the Apprentice rank and assigned a mentor to help you settle back in.
  • Upon rejoining the team, you will be considered for promotion to the Gamma role after 1 week depending on how well you adjust. After 1 - 2 weeks of settling into the Gamma role, you may then be eligible to join a department.
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