Regarding Trigger Warnings: Important

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The Wolfhome Administration has noticed an increase in posts/topics being reported for not including proper Trigger Warnings. Trigger Warnings are deemed to be a courtesy, but they are also now officially required as stated in our Forum Rules. A more detailed explanation of what is acceptable & unacceptable regarding Trigger Warnings is quoted below. If any posts or topics that are posted or created that violate these regulations, please report it to a Forum Moderator or Forum Administrator.

Image: Used to alert people when an internet post, book, article, picture, video, audio clip, or any other media that could potentially cause extremely negative reactions (such as post-traumatic flashbacks or self-harm) due to its content. It also alerts others about content that may be upsetting or disturbing in nature. Sometimes abbreviated as "TW."
(We will immediately remove if Posted)
  • Suicide or Self-harm
  • Detailed Sexual Assault
  • Talk of Substance Abuse or Alcoholism
  • Animal Harm or Mistreatment
  • Body or Gender Dysphoria, Disassociation, & Depersonalization
  • Eating Disorders
  • Depression, Symptoms or Episodes of Mental Anguish/Illness
  • Violence, Physical or Emotional Abuse
  • Pregnancy and/or Related Issues - (while pregnancy is natural, this is a real trigger for some called tokophobia)
  • Injuries & Body Trauma
  • Military Combat
When posting a sensitive topic with a Trigger Warning, it is mandatory to specify what it is above the spoiler.
Example: Trigger Warning: (What it is here); followed by the spoilered content.
We all have different experiences through life and it is impossible to censor everything to appease everyone.
As always, we ask that everyone is conscious of what they post and takes a little time to think through what they are saying prior.
If you are hesitant about what you're going to post & unsure if it would be acceptable or not, please don't be shy & reach out to an Administrator to clarify.

The Wolfhome Administration Team
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