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This section is filled to the brim with helpful resources for Wolfhome, including FAQ's, Tutorial's & Guidelines.
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This Masterlist was designed to keep the community aware of usernames that the Staff has deemed unusable on both the chat AND forums due to:
an inappropriate history with the userbase AND/OR it being an inappropriate term

No information other than what is listed below will be provided publicly:
• The username
• General reason (i.e. COPPA Violation)

This thread will be updated accordingly by the Wolfhome Staff. If there is an issue with a name listed (or not listed) here, please contact a Staff member so we can discuss it.

Ariel - Safety Concerns

Bloodiath - COPPA Violations

Sp00k (+ username with oo's) - Ethnic slur, Safety Concerns

SkyAngelina - COPPA Violation

Sharkhound - Extreme DTP / Admin Harassment

Queenofpokemon - Disturbing Inappropriate Content

Witchcraft - COPPA Violations

Yesenia - COPPA Violations

Tashklar and Kjao - Extreme DTP

Morpheus - Safety Threats

Jonathan - Extreme trolling

Hammerd and Smokie - COPPA Violations

Below and Ophelia - Extreme DTP

To emphasize, these are usernames that are NOT allowed to be released, regardless of how long ago the ban was placed. This is not to be used as a platform to bash users that you do not like. This list is intended to be used to make the community aware of dangerous individuals and why we, the Staff, do not feel like it would be appropriate for these usernames to be allowed back on the site.

We would also like to note that while we do wish for everyone to be made aware of these situations, we will only be providing official evidence of the following individuals below UPON REQUEST to those 18 and over.

Any evidence that may contain images of real life individuals will be excluded in these documents to maintain their confidentiality. Thank you for understanding.

Evidence involving these cases may contain triggering and/or sensitive material that may not always be suitable for a general audience and should therefore only be viewed by adult members. To request a document to be sent, please reach out to any one of our Alpha, Beta or Gamma staff members.

If users have access to the documents below and would like to share them publicly with other users, we ask that it is done so in an educational manner, and no graphic discussions take place. While we would like to try and limit these discussions/links to 18+ rooms, we understand it is important to keep minors safe. We request that you take caution and share this link with those who are prepared to handle its content.

Evidence List:
Bloodiath TW: Grooming & Abuse

Last updated: 10/19/23
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